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Moebio - Design Health Barcelona


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MOEBIO is a disruptive talent development initiative of Biocat where life sciences, health, business and technology meet in a new level to accelerate entrepreneurship in healthcare. It is an integral, new educational program focused on solving society's great problems and challenges by creating the future generation of innovators in healthcare.
Design Health Barcelona is the flagship of MOEBIO. A Higher Education Program inspired in the prestigious Stanford University's Biodesign Fellowship.

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Moebio - Design Health Barcelona

  1. 1. An initiative ofaccelerating healthcareentrepreneurshipINTRODUCINGDESIGN HEALTHBARCELONAA program to developchangemakers and future leadersin healthcare innovation2013
  2. 2. 01what is moebio? The Inspiration: As in MOEBIO’s strip, we are building a unique pathway to follow both sides of the ribbon. In MOEBIO we merge different disciplines in singular programs to boost sound entrepreneurs’ teams and innovative projects.MOEBIO is a disruptive talentdevelopment initiative of Biocatwhere life sciences, healthcare,business and technology meet.MOEBIO shapes a new generation The focus:of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to solve LEARNING IN THE INTERFACESstill unmet needs.MOEBIO gives talented professionals both theknowledge and the skills to boost the transitionfrom ideas to products.MOEBIO fosters the creation of innovativeproducts and services in healthcare through newbusiness models.
  3. 3. 02WHY DOES BIOCAT IGNITE BioRegionTHIS INITIATIVE? of CataloniaBiocat is the organization that 500 biotech, pharma,promotes life sciences in Catalonia medtech and related services companiesby coordinating all the playersin the INDUSTRY, from researchto market. 54 research centersBiocat’s aim is to promote innovation in the healthcaresystem by fostering technology transfer, entrepreneurship andbusiness growth, as well as advising decision-makers how to 20 science &design better policies and sectorial plans. technology parksCurrent needs in healthcare systems demand disruptivesolutions. Biocat works for innovative talent to meet real needs. 15 hospitalsMOEBIO is the disruptive talent initiative of Biocat where lifesciences, healthcare, business and technology meet at a newlevel to accelerate healthcare entrepreneurship. 10 universities (out of 12) offering studies in life sciences
  4. 4. 03what does moebio offer?Moebio offers programs covering all the spectrum of possibilities NEEDS-DRIVEN DISCOVERY - DRIVEN Healthcare providers ICT Medical Technologies Life Sciences d·HEALTH BARCELONA Fellows (22-35 years) Full Time Program SHORT-FOCUSED PROGRAMS Working professionals 1-3 days Programs
  5. 5. 04d·HEALTH BARCELONA:A PROGRAM TO ACCELERATE HEALTHCARE ENTREPRENEURSHIP d·Health Barcelona is a Higher Education Program that seeks to train a team of fellows in the process of biodesign to produce innovative healthcare technologies. d·Health Barcelona process takes fellows’ teams from the real needs detection to the implementation of disruptive technologies. d·Health Barcelona program puts fellows in contact with a wide range of challengers and gives each person tools to develop its creativity and entrepreneurial skills. NEEDS-DRIVEN Healthcare providers ICT Medical Technologies d·HEALTH BARCELONA 8 months full time program
  6. 6. 05WHAT IS d·HEALTH BARCELONA?_the flagship program OF MOEBIOA Higher Education Program to accelerate healthcare entrepreneurshipinspired and modeled in the prestigious Stanford University’sBiodesign Fellowship._A NEW EDUCaTIONAL MODEL FORENTREPRENEURSHIPIt takes the initiative to solve real, global, major challenges in the 8 months Full Time Programhealthcare and medical technologies industries setting up innovativeproducts, services and business models. starting date: September 2013_a fabric of future leadersd·Health Barcelona guides participants beyond their boundaries. PROFILES: Graduates and PhDsThe program teaches them how to identify new opportunities and in Health, Bio, Tech, Business, Engineering and Designdevelop the advancing technologies that will set the future of medicalpractice and will positively impact people’s lives._acts as a catalyst across fieldsIt brings together top students, leading researchers, brilliantentrepreneurs, great investors and innovative organizationsand acts as an igniter to make things happen.
  7. 7. 06d·HEALTH BARCELONA: OBJECTIVESThe purpose of d·HEALTH BARCELONA isto develop an innovative ecosystemto address SIGNIFICANT UNMET CLINICALCHALLENGES.OUR GOALS ARE: Change the face of education, Accelerate startups & training innovators in boost entrepreneurs the healthcare industry Develop solutions to overcome Incorporate new products and real, unmet clinical needs services into the health system
  8. 8. 07KEY ELEMENTS OF d·HEALTH BARCELONA On-location learning New pedagogical Intensive clinical immersion at methodologies Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Workshops & group dynamics, Institut Guttmann. talk-shops, peer-to-peer dialogues and debates. Mutidisciplinary teams Flip the classroom (MOOCs) 4-people teams with different Work at home on open access knowledge and complementary skills. online courses and discuss about them later at the classroom. Lectures External activities A combination of world-class faculty Take advantage of the vibrant from the most renowned universities & Barcelona’s scientific and business schools (Stanford University, entrepreneurial agenda. Singularity University, Kaos Pilots) and experienced practitioners and entrepreneurs.
  9. 9. 08d·HEALTH barcelona’s learning processInspired by the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship Program 1 2 3 4 5the Phase I: Phase II: Phase III:process Bootcamp Identify Invent Implement Investors’ Unmet Disruptive Viable Day Clinical Needs Technology Business - Team Building Hospital immersion: - Concept selection - Business - Pitching to -Introduction to - Hospital Clínic - Proof of concept model design a panel of business, medicine, Barcelona - Lean LaunchPad investors - Prototyping engineering & design - Hospital Sant Joan - Intensive de Déu introduction to - Institut Guttmann the clinical field 5 weeks 8 weeks 7 weeks 7 weeks 1 weekthelecturesprogram science business x-thinking
  10. 10. 09d·HEALTH barcelona’s program 1 BootcampDates: 16/09/2013 – 22/10/20135 weeks intensive module, aiming to foster team building as well as provide abroad introduction to the terms and basic concepts of each discipline, allowingparticipants to communicate with a common and professional language at theclinical settings.The following concepts will be covered:WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5“TEAM BUILDING” “SCIENCE & “BUSINESS “SKILLS “GETTING READYWEEK BUSINESS” WEEK MODELS” WEEK BUILDING” WEEK FOR CLINICAL IMMERSION” WEEKTeamwork and networking Medicine Management tools Creative Leadership Creativity methodsskills/dynamics for Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (Block I): The Creative and tools and Innovators FoundationTeam building exercises Process and Norms for Business Innovationto prevent and resolve Breakthroughs in Medicine Well-Performing Teams Presentation skillsconflict and Healthcare Project Management Business Model Design The Healthcare Industry: People Management Overview & Fundamentals - Life Sciences, Pharma and Biotech - Providers and services - Medical devices - IT & Digital Health
  11. 11. 10d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S PROGRAM2 Phase I. Identify: clinical immersionDates: 28/10/2013 -20/12/20138 weeks of clinical immersion at a leading hospital, with the goal of identifying unmetclinical needs in the chosen specialty area. The clinical rotation at specific hospitals isdesigned to teach the fellows how to identify and validate unmet clinical needs.Each team observes directly on an environment with interaction with doctors,nurses and patients, and develops a list of unmet clinical needs.This involves lectures on the single clinical area, review of surgery, interaction with allcaregivers and patients. Each fellow must understand the clinical problems posed andtake each through an extensive validation process before choosing a project to work onduring the rest of the program.Hospital Clínic Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Institut Guttmann
  12. 12. 11d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S PROGRAM3 Phase II. Invent: Disruptive TechnologyDates: 13/01/2014 – 28/02/20147 weeks of characterization of the unmet needs into possible solutions. Duringthe process of building multiple prototypes and proofs of concept, fellowsinteract with physicians, industry representatives and faculty to validate the clinicaland commercial impact of their inventions.BUSINESS SCIENCE X-THINKINGNaming & Branding Concept Generation (Ideation & Screening) Creative Leadership (Block II): + Concept Screening The Creative TeamMain mistakes of the entrepreneur Health EconomicsLegal & IP Basics Thinking tools: Health Technology AssessmentRegulatory Affairs: FDA, CE, etc. — Design Thinking Global HealthReimbursement Basics — Integrative Thinking Clinical Trial Design — Strategic Thinking Prototyping: Early R&D — Creative Thinking Medical Device Prototyping — Critical & Logical Thinking — Systems Thinking — TOC Thinking processes — Visual Thinking — Quantitative Thinking — Biomimicry
  13. 13. 12d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S PROGRAM4 Phase III. IMPLEMENT: A VIABLE BUSINESSDates: 3/03/2014 – 25/04/20147 weeks in which fellows are trained in business concepts that are key to successin medical technologies, including intellectual property, medical device regulation,reimbursement, and business plan development. Fellows engage with experts inindustry through a series of lectures and reviews that prepare them for translation oftheir innovations to the market.d·Health Barcelona’s program benefits from close collaboration with regulatory andreimbursement professionals in government and industry who provide guidance andmentoring to the teams. Fellows will participate on lectures and discussions about:BUSINESS SCIENCE X-THINKINGFinance for Entrepreneurs: Getting between Technology Transfer Creative Leadership (Block III): The Creativethe Balance Sheet OutcomeFunding for EntrepreneursBusiness Models: from design to execution(Lean LaunchPad)
  14. 14. 13d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S PROGRAM5 Investors’ DayDates: 5/05/2014 – 9/05/2014Fellows make a series of presentations to panels of advisors and mentorsfrom inside and outside the industry, culminating in the Investors’ Daypresentations before an audience of peers and experienced investors.The goal of this last part of the process is to help the teams to make progress withtheir fundraising conversations and customer relationships.Through this opportunity, many will secure new customers, further refine theirproduct/service offering and/or identify interest from angel and VC investors.
  15. 15. 14X-THINKING, A SINGULAR APPROACH to TEACHingSKILLS & COMPETENCIESX - Thinking is a combination oftools and methodologies forinnovation which can be applied toproduct, service and business design.d·Health Barcelona fellows will learn how to producecreative solutions to tackle any complex challenge. d·HEALTH SCIENCE BUSINESS x-thinking BARCELONA UNIQUENESS
  16. 16. 15d·HEALTH Barcelona: X-Thinking toolsX – Thinking is a set of 10 tools needed to TACKLE ANY COMPLEX CHALLENGE:_Design Thinking _Systems ThinkingApproach challenges with creativity, empathy and Understand how ideas interact and influence each other.effectiveness by combining reasoning and intuition. _TOC Thinking Processes_Integrative Thinking Find out the system constraints and how to manageBuild a holistic view to integrate any challenge. them to achieve your goals._Strategic Thinking _Visual ThinkingDiscover the methods, tools and rules of good strategy Develop the emotional and creative part of your brainmaking and outmaneuver any rival. and become a picture thinker._Creative Thinking _QUANTITATIVE Thinking Interpret and effectively convey quantitativeBecome more creative. Coming up with new ideas is information. A must in a data-driven world.not a gift, only some of us are born with. _Biomimicry_ CRITICAL & LOGICAL Thinking Observe nature’s models to solve human problems.Learn the principles and mental mechanisms involvedin problem solving.
  17. 17. 16d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S FACULTYthe challengers john collins manel del castillo Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Director Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Technology Implementation, CIMIT (Boston) Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) dan E. azagury ignasi costas Physician and Stanford Biodesign 2011-12 Grube Founding Partner and Head of Innovation Fellow. Co-Founder, Ciel Medical, Inc (Geneve) and Life Sciences, Rousaud Costas Duran (Barcelona) alfons cornella chia hwu Founder and President, Infonomia Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Qubop and Co-Society (Barcelona) (Silicon Valley) yossi bahagon CLAUDE ALLARY Physician and Founder e-Health wing, Consultant and Executive Coach Clalit Health Services (Jerusalem) in Life Sciences (Paris) shirley giorini-slifen marc lite Vice President Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Strategy Rainbow Medical (Tel Aviv) Director, FIRMA (Barcelona)
  18. 18. 17d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S FACULTYthe challengers genís roca mario lópez de ávila Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Founder, Nodos and UEIA (Madrid) RocaSalvatella (Barcelona) antoni flores lekshmy parameswaran Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Loop Business Founding Partner, Fuelfor Innovation (Barcelona) (Barcelona – Singapore) pep torres joan cortés Founder and Director, miba (Barcelona) Partner and Director, LTC (Barcelona) rafael martínez anton pinyol Director Corporate Strategy, Telefonica Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Creative (Madrid) Director, FIRMA (Barcelona) raúl martínez-ruiz joan plans Investment Director, Ysios Capital Co-Founder, Directa CDO (Barcelona) Partners (Barcelona)
  19. 19. 17d·HEALTH BARCELONA’S FACULTYthe challengers JAVIER MEGÍAS PERE ESTUPINYÀ Strategy and Business Model Expert Knight Science Journalism Tracker, (Valencia) MIT (New York) LLUÍS RUIZ -ÁVILA CLAUDI ALSINA Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mathematics Popularizer and Professor, (CEO), Janus Development (Barcelona) Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) MARIA ÁNGELES QUESADA XAVIER CARNÉ Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Professor of Pharmacology, University (CEO), Equánima (Madrid) of Barcelona (Barcelona) FRANCISCO LÓPEZ HUMBERTO MATAS Managing Partner, FraLucca (Barcelona) Founder and Managing Partner, Designit (Madrid) XAVIER LURIA DAVID MALTZ Senior Consultant Drug Development Director of Device Technology and Head (Barcelona - London) of Device Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Co. (Silicon Valley)
  20. 20. 18WHO IS d·HEALTH BARCELONA LOOKING FOR?d·HEALTH BARCELONA seeksPEOPLE ABLE TO BECOME CHANGE-MAKERS, CATALYST ACROSSFIELDS AND FUTURE LEADERS INHEALTHCARE INNOVATION. RESTLESS AND CURIOUS People who love to work people with any of the in multidisciplinary teams following requirements and have An undergraduate degree in Medicine/ An explorative mindset, purpose and passion. Life Sciences, Business/Economics, Engineering/IT or Design. International experience studying or working outside home country. A postgraduate degree such as a Masters degree in Science, a PhD or a post-doctorate Proficiency in English. training. A “can do-will do” attitude and commitment to The will to make a turn in their explore and take risks to anticipate where things are professional careers and pursue heading in healthcare industry. innovation in healthcare. Strong interpersonal skills.
  21. 21. 19d·HEALTH BARCELONA:disrupting the educational model Disrupting what from to teaching subjects teaching the process MANAGEMENT MARKETING IDENTIFY MEDIA invent DESIGN & STRATEGY Entrepreneurship implement
  22. 22. 20d·HEALTH BARCELONA:disrupting the educational model Disrupting HOW from to Lectures Flipping & Seminars the classroom
  23. 23. 21d·HEALTH BARCELONA:disrupting the educational model Disrupting who from to you as YOU AS PART an individual OF A TEAM
  24. 24. 21d·HEALTH BARCELONA:disrupting the educational model Disrupting WHERE from to A LIBRARY REAL LIFE OF CASE STUDIES SCENARIOS
  25. 25. 22WHY IN BARCELONA?One of the most cosmopolitan, modern, dynamicand stylish capitals in the world.The 6th best urban area for business in Europe1.A major economic hub and a centre of talent, creativityand entrepreneurship in Europe.A hub of connections which encourages the exchangeof ideas and teamwork between people, companies,knowledge centres and institutions.Mobile World Capital: a living lab to create andspread the latest mobile technologies to society.The 5th best city in Europe in terms of scientificproduction2.Leading city in the development of a globalknowledge-based economy.The European city with the highest quality of life1.1 European Cities Monitor, Cushman & Wakefield2 Barcelona Data Sheet 2012
  26. 26. want to know more? BIOCAT, Passeig de Gràcia, 103 3rd floor 08008 Barcelona, Spain Phone: + 34 93 310 33 30an initiative of: Inspired by: With the support of: Collaborators: