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Fernando Conesa / Initiative RedTransfer


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Presentation given by Fernando Javier Conesa from Polytechnic University of Valencia in the framework of the Emergence Forum Barcelona

Biocat organized the Barcelona Emergence Forum (April 10-11th, 2014, Congress Palace, Montjuïc) supported by the TRANSBIO SUDOE, a translational cooperation project dedicated to innovation in life sciences in South-West Europe. The Barcelona Emergence Forum contributed to bringing together Academics, Companies, Investment Entities, Technology Platforms and Technology Transfer Offices from Spain, France and Portugal to set up collaborative projects on Human Health & Agro-food Innovation.
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Fernando Conesa / Initiative RedTransfer

  1. 1. Fernando Conesa President of Redtransfer Barcelona 11th April, 2014 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS
  2. 2. Redtransfer “An association of professionals engaged in research administration, knowledge transfer and innovation management, both in public and private domains”
  3. 3. RedOTRI experience Need for a broader professional environment KT mission advocacy RedTransfer, an association of individuals Successful references in AUTM, ASTP Background
  4. 4. Strengthen the impact of academic research on society and economy by enhancing the knowledge transfer profession Mission
  5. 5.  Networking events and platform  Professional development: seminars, workshops, courses  Employment opportunities  Staff exchange  Publications: Journal, Newsletter  Collaborative projects  Working papers  International links Activities
  6. 6. Origin
  7. 7. Governance • Assembly of members • Executive Committee • President Membership • Founders • Full members • Honour members • + Colaborators Organization
  8. 8. Membership 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Oct. Nov. Dic. Ene Feb Mar
  9. 9. A good start
  10. 10. Comming soon