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2019 Biocat Presentation


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Biocat is the organization that champions the Healthcare and Life Sciences ecosystem in Catalonia, the leading BioRegion in Spain and one of the top five in Europe. MANDATE ADVICE NEEDS/DEMANDS PROGRAMS/RESOURCES SCOUTING OPPORTUNITIES INTERNATIONAL BRANDING/POSITIONING Biocat is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia born in 2006 with the mission of boosting science and technology-driven innovation to grow economy and make social impact.
Biocat focuses its strategy on different key points:

Raising awareness and promoting the ecosystem, creating tools and strategies for improving the knowledge of the Catalan healthcare sector and increasing its projection both at home and abroad, with the aim of positioning the BioRegion as an international reference.
Providing innovative training and developing talent, by designing and executing programs and initiatives to improve talent and entrepreneurship considered essential factors for the growth of the sector.
Accelerating technology transfer and business growth by supporting and carrying out activities for increasing the value of the sector, placing special emphasis on the added value of research, knowledge and technology transfer, internationalization and access to capital.
Set up in 2006 as a public/private foundation, Biocat - along with the government - also drives strategic wide-range policies and projects aimed towards contributing the competiveness of the sector.

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2019 Biocat Presentation

  1. 1. Doing now what the BioRegion needs next
  2. 2. Biocat is the organization that champions the Healthcare and Life Sciences ecosystem in Catalonia, the leading BioRegion in Spain and one of the top five in Europe. MANDATE ADVICE NEEDS/DEMANDS PROGRAMS/RESOURCES SCOUTING OPPORTUNITIES INTERNATIONAL BRANDING/POSITIONING Biocat is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia born in 2006 with the mission of boosting science and technology-driven innovation to grow economy and make social impact. WHAT IS BIOCAT?
  3. 3. WHO IS BEHIND? Biocat brings together the healthcare innovation community of Catalonia. Its Board of Trustees gathers representatives of the Administration, companies, research centers, hospitals, universities and other key support bodies. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Government of Catalonia • Presidency • Health Department • Economy and Knowledge Department • Enterprise & Labor Department • Agriculture Department Barcelona City Council • Economy & Promotion Area PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS PRIVATE SECTOR ACUP Catalan Association of Universities ACER Catalan Association of Research Centers HOSP Catalan Hospitals Network XPCAT Catalan Science Park Network (5) FARMAINDUSTRIA Spanish Association of Pharma companies (3) CATALONIABIO & HEALTHTECH Catalan Association of Biomedicine and Health Companies (2) FENIN Spanish Platform for Innovation in Technology Healthcare (1) COMB Official Medical College of Barcelona +2 PRIVATE COMPANIES
  4. 4. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES POSITION THE BIOREGION INTERNATIONALLY Promote and showcase the BioRegion of Catalonia brand to be globally renowned for its excellence in science and healthcare innovation, increasing the opportunities to attract investment and talent. Place the BioRegion among the top 3 leading European innovation’s hubs. DEVELOP TALENT AND BOOST KNOWLEDGE Providing innovative training and programs that empower researchers and entrepreneurs with the mindset, skills and the network to bring healthcare solutions to the market. GROW INNOVATION & ACCELERATE BUSINESSES Providing life sciences and healthtech companies/projects with tailored programs at every stage of their growth, with special emphasis on the knowledge and technology transfer, commercialization, building teams and access to capital, from start-up to scale-up.
  5. 5. B·Debate Government (Health, Industry, Knowledge ) International Networks (EIT Health, CEBR …) Associations (CataloniaBio & HealthTech, Barcelona Tech City, FENIN, Farmaindustria, Asebio, ITEMAS…) Accelerators & Incubators Claus per Bioemprendre Talent & Knowledge Key metric: trained people International Positioning Key metric: impacts in reports/media Key liasions: Innovation & Acceleration Key metric: accelerated projects/companies MARKETPLACES Short Programs d·HEALTH Barcelona Report BioRegion Catalan Lifesciences Platform Fairs & Missions Attraction Strategic Partnerships Communications & Promotion CRAASH Barcelona Investment Readiness Open Innovation Forum Health & Bio TeamDating Here Comes Your Lead Technology Showcase Business Intelligence Innovation Advisory European Funds/Tools Job Listing Network & Connections Support Activities & Resources:
  6. 6. BIOCAT Talent & Knowledge #BioRegionCatalonia @biocat_es@biocat_cat
  7. 7. A postgraduate program to develop entrepreneurs and future leaders in healthcare innovation • 6 editions • 50 fellows • 12 clinical areas • 5 hospitals involved • +4,600 unmet clinical needs detected • 5 ongoing projects · 4 new companies created • €2,6 M raised • Periodic events and meeting with partners developing Biodesign programs in Europe Educational programs of maximum 20 hours covering key aspects in healthcare, innovation, management and entrepreneurship 6 programs: TALENT & KNOWLEDGE Understanding Healthcare Systems Update on the Life Sciences Industry Medical Devices I: Product Development Medical Devices II: Market Acces Entrepreneurship and Management Trends in Digital Health
  8. 8. Top-notch international scientific debate to foster dialogue and exchange of ideas • 87 scientific debate • +1,900 speakers (60% international) • +14,500 attendees • +390 partners • 3 sessions of 3 hours • Covering the role of entrepreneurship in biotechnology; first steps, rounds of funding and the phases that make up the life cycle of a biotechnology company Sponsored by:In collaboration with: An introductory course to share the personal experiences of top bioentrepreneurs in Catalonia with students and researchers TALENT & KNOWLEDGE
  9. 9. BIOCAT Innovation & Acceleration @biocat_cat #BioRegionCatalonia @biocat_es
  10. 10. 12-week intensive program geared towards top- notch researchers in healthtech (diagnostics, devices and e-/digital health) • One-to-one mentoring from CIMIT, the most experienced accelerator in the world, based in Boston • Market validation and solution market fit with the top healthcare and life science experts in the US (Boston) and Europe (Barcelona, Paris, Delft) • EIT Health Community, the largest healthcare network in Europe • Equity-free program + €10,000/team to cover travel and accommodations Impacts & Outcomes • 2 editions (2018, 2019) • 100 applications (56% international from 21 countries) • 54 participants • 18 accelerated technologies • 14 international mentors • 2 new companies and 5 new jobs created • +900 interviews with stakeholders • + €800K funds raised INNOVATION & ACCELERATION
  11. 11. A program that allows companies to share their innovation challenges and get proposals from research groups and centers Focused on: food, healthcare, medical technology, chemistry and materials • Companies and stakeholders that are interested in participating send the proposals through the end of 2019. Innovation challenges are received all year long. • In 2019, several events will be held so that companies and problem-solvers can meet face-to-face. The speed dating program is aimed to researchers and CEOs/business developers • 4 editions • 195 attendees • 527 meetings • 6 agreements The initiative brings together scientists and research groups working in the life sciences field with business people to generate new business synergies and start-ups INNOVATION & ACCELERATION
  12. 12. A program to bring early-stages of drug discovery in therapeutics into target validation and hit to lead or lead optimization • International platforms, CROs and big pharma review the proposals and choose the ones that best fit their needs and interests to schedule a private meeting • +36 research projects with: target identification or validation and hit-to-lead development needs • +150 expected meaningful interactions A program to increase the number of health research projects ready to be commercialized in the BioRegion A meeting place for researchers with early stage health projects and relevant partners willing to identify outstanding projects and to participate in their development. The initiative has different editions, depending on the focus (therapies, medtech) or the investor’s country (UK, France). • The Investment Readiness Series Therapies • The Investment Readiness Series UK • The Investment Readiness Series France • The Investment Readiness Series Medtech With the support of:Partners: Evotec (UK) LifeArc (UK) FutureRx (IL) Inkemia Plataforma CRG INNOVATION & ACCELERATION * With the support of the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge and the co-financing of the ESF
  13. 13. BIOCAT International Positioning #BioRegionCatalonia @biocat_es@biocat_cat
  14. 14. Catalan Life Sciences Platform • 5 editions (biennal, from 2009) • Digital born / Cutting-edge design • 3 languages • Next edition comming soon (2019) Report on the BioRegion of Catalonia The study provides a set of indicators, analyze trends, identify challenges and put in value the BioRegion strengths. 2017 edition included an ambitious Vision for the sector, as well as a series of recommendations to consolidate the scale-up of the BioRegion over the coming years. An accurate database aimed to feature the companies and organizations that work in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry in Catalonia The directory includes information of +1,200 organizations with several possibilities of search information. Each profile features a brief description, category, subsector, pipeline and funding details, among others. It is the result of an agreement between Biocat and Venture Valuation, which owns the international Biotechgate database. www.catalanlifesciences.comThe Public presentations of the Report counted on the President of the Government of Catalonia and brought together more than 300 professionals from the industry, science and academy fields. The Global Outlook Report on the state of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry in Catalonia INTERNATIONAL POSITIONING
  15. 15. Fairs attraction +1,400 entities and companies have participated in international events attracted or promoted by Biocat in the last 10 years. Missions In&Out Strategic Partnerships Since 2013, Biocat has been a key partner in the attraction of international events to Barcelona: • BIO-Europe Spring (3 editions) • Health 2.0 • CPHI • Bio€quity 2019 Biocat also promotes the Catalan participation to the main international partnering events of the industry (BIO International Convention, BIO-Europe, Biotech Showcase, etc). Together with ACCIÓ or within European framework projects, Biocat organizes outgoing missions to potential markets (US, Japan, China, etc.) as well as receives incoming missions to share knowledge and experience. FAIRS ATTRACTION & MISSIONS
  16. 16. BIOCAT Support Activities & Resources #BioRegionCatalonia @biocat_es@biocat_cat
  17. 17. Biocat communications and marketing activities are key tools for supporting the exposure of the BioRegion players within the community and internationally (Biocat media impact, 2018). Press Press Releases 21 Impacts on online media 337 Impacts on media press 74 Impacts on radio 3 Impacts on TV 3 Monthly visits 20,582 Most visited pages: Job listing and News Newsletters Subscribers 11,735 Sent Newsletters 194 Web (+15%) with regards to 2017 (+16.8%) with regards to 2017 Social Media 19,810 Followers 10,947 Followers (+58.9%) with regards to 2017 30,757 Followers (+28.2%) with regards to 2017 4,641,586 Impressions Attendees 17 Organized events 30 +2,500 25 External events with active participation of Biocat External events with the collaboration of Biocat Events COMMUNICATIONS & PROMOTIONS
  18. 18. Business Intelligence • Biocat is part of a selected European consortiums or projects that focus on supporting business growth and internationalization of life sciences companies. The majority of the partnerships include access to European funds calls, vouchers for travelling or advisory or gateways to international markets or networks. Access to European funds/tools • An exhaustive CRM and the Catalan Life Sciences platform (directory) are the main tools used to collect, analyze and convert data into knowledge. Both solutions allow Biocat to provide the sector with information and actionable insights for the industry. Job Listing • Biocat Job listing site is one of the most useful resources for recruiters in the BioRegion. Job offers in the health, biotech, medtech and digital health are daily posted, both from companies and research organizations. • An average of 50-100 specialized posts are published per month. • +1,700 jobs have been published so far. Network & Connections • Biocat organizes and actively promotes networking events that enable professionals to interact and exchange experiences, with the aim of meet their business needs and create value connections. SUPPORT ACTIVITIES & RESOURCES
  19. 19. BIOCAT Key Liaisons & Stakeholders #BioRegionCatalonia @biocat_es@biocat_cat
  20. 20. BIOCAT INTERACTION WITH OTHER AGENTS OR STAKEHOLDERS • DG Industry • ACCIÓ • FENIN • FarmaIndustria • Pharma Companies • PIMEC/FEMCAT • Chambers of Commerce • Investors • Start-Ups • Entrepreneurs • Mentors • CataloniaBio & HealthTech • Accelerators • Barcelona TechCity • Barcelona Health Hub • DGRIS • Hospitals • CatSalut • ICS • AQUAS / CIMTI • PERIS • TIC-SALUT • DG Recerca • PN@SC • CERCA • CSIC • Research Institutes • Hospitals • BIST • Universities • FCRi • AGAUR • SG Ext / Govt. Delegations • CAT Trade&Investment Offices • EIT Health • SciTechDiploHub • European Consortia • Clusters / CEBR • International Agents • Media • Investors • Government / Administration • La Caixa / Sabadell • Barcelona City Council • Barcelona Global • Media • Patients Associations
  21. 21. EIT HEALTH Associate The RIS3CAT Communities are sector consortiums formed by companies, technology centers, universities and R&D agents aimed at developing translational projects that have great potential impact for the Catalan economy, over a period of three years. RIS3CAT NEXTHEALTH Community Coordinator Multidisciplinary solutions for the coming challengesA network of best-in-class health innovators backed in EU Biocat has a relevant role on three of EIT Health pillars (education, business creation and innovation). EIT Health is a key partner of Biocat in two of its programs: d·HEALTH Barcelona and CRAASH Barcelona. EIT Health is a network of more than 140 leading healthcare organizations and academic institutions that leverages the expertise of its members to translate ideas into actions and commercialise patient-focused solutions. Established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), the cross-border network is committed to fostering the development of innovative digital health solutions that move beyond conventional approaches to treatment, prevention and healthy lifestyles and enable European citizens to live longer, better lives. The NEXTHEALTH Community, coordinated by Biocat, includes 5 projects: • ADVANCECAT: Accelerator to develop advanced therapies in Catalonia, led by Universitat de Barcelona • HL4.0: Liquid Hospital 4.0, led by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu • NEXTCARE: Personalized care for chronic patients in a digital healthcare framework, led by EURECAT • AMMIC: Platform to develop new therapeutic strategies for minority (rare) diseases, led by Institut Universitari de Ciència i Tecnologia (IUCT) • INNOBRAIN: New technologies for innovation in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation, led by Institut Guttmann KEY LIAISONS & STAKEHOLDERS
  22. 22.