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Overview dol cccbc taa grant ccp13


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Leveraging Federal Funding... the TAA CCCBC

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Overview dol cccbc taa grant ccp13

  1. 1. US DOL TAACCCT Round 2 GrantStarts: October 1, 2012Ends: September 30, 2016
  2. 2. Trade Adjustment Assistance CommunityCollege and Career Training• Grants are the second installment ($500 million) of a $2billion, four-year initiative• Funds to expand and improve delivery of education andcareer training programs- completed in two years or less• Suited for workers who are eligible for training under theTAA for Workers program• Prepare program participants for employment in high-wage, high-skill occupations
  3. 3. Need for the Biosciences Consortium• No national program for the acquisition of anassociated with• Public workforce systems are not geared towardwith previous trainingand industry experience
  4. 4. What are the Goals?1. Improve preparation for workplace training:2. Introduce portable industry recognized credentials into training:3. Accelerate completion time in programs through:4. Build CC capacity for education that meets employer needs:
  5. 5. Recipients : 12 colleges, 8 statesGrant Value: $ 14, 998, 474Hubs by colorLab SkillsMedical DevicesBiomanufacturingLearning
  6. 6. Ivy Tech CCSt. Petersburg CCSalt Lake CCMontgomeryCounty CCBucks County CCLA Valley CCCity College ofSan FranciscoMadison AreaTechnical CollegeAustin CCForsyth Tech CCRowan-CabarrusCCAlamance CCTAA Lead InstitutionForsyth Technical Community College
  7. 7. New SkillStandardsTailoredCredentialsRevised &Validated SkillStandardsTailoredCredentialsRevised &Validated SkillStandardsTailoredCredentialsContextual &ModularizedLearning ProgramTailoredCredentialsIncreased CapacityWorkforce Assessments & TrainingHarmonized Core Skill StandardsNTERArticulations
  8. 8. Moving forward with Technician Trainingwill be developed inthe Bioscienceswith game like applications for training bioscienceworkerswill be available forBiomanufacturing and Lab Skillswill be created in BiomedicalDeviceswill becreated
  9. 9. PA BIOSoCalBIONCBCBayBioMass BIOCSBICSBABioNetworkCookBoston ScientificBaxterPfizerMerckGrifolsOcular SystemsLampire Biological LabsBioo ScientificCon MedCel AnalyticalProsetta AntiviralTexas WorkforceCommissionFlorida Department ofEconomic OpportunityNorthwest PiedmontWorkforce Dev. BoardLos Angeles WIBMontgomery County WIBNational Partners:Bio-Link: NSF ATENBC2: NSF ATEPHRMA: National Pharma Org.MDMA: National Medical Device Org.BIO: National Industry OrganizationNCBW: DOL Initiated National CenterNAM/NI
  10. 10. What is in it for Companies?• The improved assessment ofpotential employees from aworkforce prospective• An increased source of qualifiedemployees• An Industry Recognized harmonizedcore of skill standards & credentials