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Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes presentation 11 18_13


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Lori Lindburg from BayBio talked about CSBI, a Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes

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Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes presentation 11 18_13

  1. 1. Lori Lindburg c3bc Lab Skill HUB Meeting November 18, 2013 SRI Menlo Park
  2. 2. Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes Mission To ensure America’s leadership in bioscience innovation by delivering industry-led life science education, workforce development and entrepreneurship programs through a nationally coordinated effort
  3. 3. 2012-2013 Goals Increase industry awareness, value and participation in education, workforce development and entrepreneur programming 2. Increase the reach and effectiveness of education, workforce and entrepreneur programming by scaling up local programming utilizing the National CSBI network. 3. Develop recommended public policies that will further America’s leadership in life science education, workforce and entrepreneurship programs, and educate the industry and public on such polices. The CSBI will not advocate for specific legislative measures nor urge others to do so. 1.
  4. 4. Value Proposition  Shared and scaled successful program/practices across      states that benefit our industry Help other affiliates to develop such programs A national leadership & unified voice Leveraged opportunities for national funding Talent pool – better educated and prepared workers Ongoing innovation - through support for early-stage companies
  5. 5. Launched BIO June 2012 Formed 4 Working Committees:  Education Committee  Entrepreneurship Committee  Workforce Development Committee  CSBI Clearinghouse/Website Committee Held first CSBI Elections November 2012  Chair (2-year term): L. Lindburg, BayBio Institute  Vice Chair (2-year term): L. Hartford, MassBioEd Foundation  Executive Committee (2-year term) Administrative Org: Biotechnology Institute CSBA Liaisons: Gail Maderis, BayBio; Dave Miller, iBIO
  6. 6. CSBI MEMBERS STATE 501 (c)(3) Organization Name STATE 501 (abbr) (c)(3) Organization Name Bio Alabama Arizona Biotechnology Association AL AZ MS Mississippi Biotechnology Association MT Montana Bioscience Alliance CA x BayBio Institute NE Bio Nebraska Life Sciences Association CA x BIOCOM Institute NJ BioNJ CA SoCalBio NM New Mexico Biotechnology & Biomedical Association CO Colorado Bioscience Association NV Nevada Biotechnology & Science Consortium DC Biotechnology Institute NY New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) DE Delaware Bioscience Association NY New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) BioFlorida Institute OH BioOhio GA Georgia Bio OK Oklahoma Bioscience Institute ID Idaho Technology Council OR Oregon Bioscience Association iBIO Institute PA Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association IN Indiana Health Industry Forum PA IA Iowa Biotechnology Association PR INDUNIV Research Consortium KS Kansas Bioscience Organization RI Rhode Island BioGroup – Tech Collective MA Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation SD South Dakota Biotech Association x Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation TN Life Science Tennessee TX Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute x MassBio MdBio Foundation, Inc. UT ME Bioscience Association of Maine VA MI MichBio Institute WA MN LifeScience Alley WI MO Missouri Institute for Biotechnology and Innovation WV FL IL MA x x MA MD x x Pennsylvania Life Sciences Institute (PLSI) BioUtah Virginia Bioscience Foundation Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association BioForward Bioscience Association of West Virginia
  7. 7. CSBI EDUCATION COMMITTEE STATE Organization Name Members CO Colorado Bioscience Association April Giles DC Biotechnology Institute Janelle Curtis GA Georgia BIO Melissa Nikolic IA Iowa Bio IL iBIO Institute Melissa Darling Ann Reed IL iBIO Institute Karen Lindebrekke KS Angela Kreps MA MD MT Kansas Bio Massachusetts Biotechnology Ed Foundation MdBio Foundation Montana Bio NJ NM Bio New Jersey New Mexico Bio Vicki Gaddy Andrew Salazar Shannon Sheehan OH BioOhio PR RI Rachel Hurley Lance Hartford Jen Colvin Sharon Peterson Bill Tacon INDUNIV Research Consortium Ivan Lugo INDUNIV Research Consortium Carlos A. Tollinche Rhode Island BioGroup JoAnn Johnson  Identify best practice programs for teachers and students to increase student achievement and awareness of careers in biotechnology and STEM fields  Support adoption of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  8. 8. CSBI ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMMITTEE STATE Organization Name Members AZ Arizona Biotechnology Association Joan Koerber-Walker CA BayBio Institute Lori Lindburg CO Colorado Bioscience Association April Giles IL iBIO Institute IN Indiana Health Industry Forum Barbara Goodman Kristin Jones KS Kansas Bioscience Organization Angela Kreps MI MichBio Institute Stephen Rapundalo NJ Bio New Jersey Vickie Gaddy Andrew Salazar NM New Mexico Bio BioOhio Institute PR INDUNIV Research Consortium WA WBBA  BayBio FAST program  Chicago Innovation Mentors  MassBio CONNECT Shannon Sheehan Bill Tacon OH Scale successful team-based mentoring programs for entrepreneurs, based on best practice programs: Scott Osborne Ivan Lugo Carlos A. Tollinche Christiana DelloRusso Develop webinar series for early stage companies
  9. 9. CSBI Workforce Development Committee STATE AL CA Organization Name Bio Alabama BayBio Institute BIOCOM Institute Members Kathy Nugent Lori Lindburg CO Colorado Bioscience Association Kristie Grover April Giles DC Biotechnology Institute Janelle Curtis  Analysis of Industry’s most pressing workforce needs  Current / Projected Charles Craig  National / Regional  Skill Sets GA MA Georgia BIO MassBio Ed Foundation Melissa Nikolic Lance Hartford MI MichBio Institute Stephen Rapundalo NJ Bio New Jersey Vicki Gaddy NM New Mexico Bio Andrew Salazar Rhode Island BioGroup Kathie Shields RI  Establish CSBI National Bioscience Credentials
  10. 10. Thank you on behalf of the CSBI Lori Lindburg Executive Director BayBio Institute (650) 871-3253