Buffet Andrea Stultiens The Alps


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Buffet Andrea Stultiens The Alps

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Buffet Andrea Stultiens The Alps

  1. 1. BLOG DURCHSUCHEN BLOG MELDEN Nächstes Blog» TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2008 THE BUFFET IS OPEN......... Andrea Stultiens - The Alps Buffet is a collection of special editions, book + print sets, artist's books, print/book trades and various interesting ways in which photographers are packaging and selling their work. Some are sold through galleries and publishers, some by the artists. The only ones I am selling directly are my own. I'm not a dealer (more of a junkie) so I am not getting a cut of these sales, I am just a photographer interested in work which is in my price range. Andrew Phelps
  2. 2. Andrew Phelps THE ARCHIVE... Andrea Stultiens (1) Andrew Phelps (5) André Lützen (1) Ari Marcopoulos (1) Bert Danckaert (1) book + print (22) Coley Brown (1) Fotohof (6) free stuff (1) Gerhard Klocker (1) Horses Think (1) Jeffrey Ladd (1) Jessica Backhaus (1) John Divola (1) just books (11) just prints (6) Kevin Miyazaki (1) Markus Dorfmüller (1) Marten Lange (2) Michael Lundgren (1) Michaela Moscouw (1) miscellanea (1) Nigel Shafran (2) Patrik O'Hare (1) Paul Kranzler (2) Peter Bialobrzeski (1) Peter Dressler (1) Peter Granser (1)
  3. 3. Philippe Gerlach (1) Piece of Cake (6) Ricarda Roggan (1) Rob Hornstra (1) Sean Davey (1) Sonja Thomson (1) Thekla Ehling (1) Trinidad Carillo (1) Valie Export (1) Wolfgang Thaler (1) Wolfgang Zurborn (1) Zubin Shroff (1) THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT ME, THANKS! Bildschöne Bücher Dashwood Books Deichtorhalle Bookshop Galerie Fotohof Galerie Robert Morat Galerie Simone Feichtner Kehrer Publising Photo Eye Piece of Cake Schaden Books SUBSCRIBE TO BUFFET Posts Comments BLOGS 2point8 40 watt 5B4 A Photo Editor AMERICANSUBURB X Amy Stein | Blog Amy.Elkins.Photo ben huff . words &
  4. 4. ben huff . words & photographs Bint photoBooks on INTernet cigarettesandpurity Conscientious DARIUS HIMES Flak Photo Ground Glass Have You Seen My Dynamite | Timothy Briner The Alps. Komm, mein Mädchen, in die Berge Horses Think Andrea Stultiens - Limited edition book with box and slide, 2008. Kevin J. Miyazaki Blog lens culture Liz Kuball | Blog I just got back from the book fair in Frankfurt. Each year, nofound (I've only been twice) has been overwhelming as far as the sheer number of books that are released into the wold each (Notes on) Politics, year. Rows upon rows, along floor after floor, within building Theory & Photography after building, absolutely impossible to get your head photography in print around, but here is a very nice one. SHANE LAVALETTE / JOURNAL Andrea Stultiens, the Dutch photographer who also The Sonic Blog - published the first book of In Almost Every Picture with Erik künstlerische Fotografie Kessels from KesselsKramer has just released a new & mehr - art collection of found imagery with Bildschöne Bücher in Berlin. photography & more Two Way Lens This is the story of D and G. A couple who spent several wan.der.lust.ag.ra.phy decades climbing and hiking in the alps, always with a camera. Whether they photographed the scenery is a whats the jackanory ? mystery but what we know for sure is they always seemed to celebrate the day with a "Gipfel portrait" from the top. LINKS There are 42 images selected from an archive of hundreds and printed in what feels to be chronological order. A real 25 Schöne Bücher design treat is that the images on the right side are the Alec Soth negative of the image which follows on the next page; the Bert Danckaert illusion is that of looking at slides against the light, that one Dashwood Books angle where they feel almost like Daguerreotypes. This is Farewell Books fitting as the original archive was a collection of 35 mm FOTODOK slides. Galerie Fotohof Galerie Simone Feichnter At some point they must have fallen in love - first with each other and then with the mountains. We see a couple slowly Günter Standl becoming old over a period of at least thirty years. Through their Jessica Backhaus double portraits, taken with a self-timer, we are allowed to participate in what is arguably their greatest passion: their Joakim Eskildsen holidays in the Alps. Selected from a vast bequest of slides, Michael Danner Andrea Stultiens presents the fascinating love story of D and G,
  5. 5. Michael Danner Andrea Stultiens presents the fascinating love story of D and G, about whom we know very little, other than that they loved Paul Kranzler travel and photography. (publisher) Peter Miller Peter Neusser Photo Eye The interesting part of the special edition is that the box Photography Now comes with one of the 42 original slides mounted in the top Piece Of Cake of the clamshell box. The "image" that you get, numbered 1- Ralf Meyer 42, is the original slide, mounted in a glass frame. Richard Renaldi Rob Hornstra This Collector´s Editon contains an original slide of the series. Rudolf Strobl Each Edtion is unique. Find out about the slides available by clicking the blue button below. First come-first serve. The book Schaden Books is signed and numbered by the artist. (publisher) Shawn Records Todd Deutsch Todd Hido The book is 96 pages with 45 color images, German and Wolfgang Thaler english. 18- Euro The special edition is the book in a black box with an original slide mounted in the top. each is numbered and signed. 200,- Euro Get them directily at Bildschöne Bücher and be sure to check back from time to time for their helpful short-list of top 25 books. P O ST E D BY B U F F ET A T 1 3 : 52 L AB EL S : A N D RE A S T U L TI E N S , B O O K + PR I N T 0 COMMENTS: Post a Comment LINKS TO THIS POST Create a Link Newer Post Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)