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Themed restaurant

types of restaurants

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Themed restaurant

  1. 1.  Theme restaurants are restaurantsin which the concept of the restauranttakes priority over everything else.The restaurant is built around anidea, usually emphasizing fun andfantasy, glamour and romance. Fore.g. Hard Rock Café is themed onmusicians and music artists. The theme of the restaurant usuallyrevolves aroundmovies, characters, celebrities, sports and fantasies andwild imaginations.The concept influences thearchitecture, food, music and the
  2. 2. These restaurants attract customers solely on the premise of the themeitselfTheme restaurants have an instantly recognizable, easily articulable conceptthat can be summed up in a few words.It is usually located at major tourist hot spots.These type of restaurantsrequire a lot of investment and alot of costs are also involved tomaintain such establishments.Some examples of famousthemed restaurants include:Hard rock café, PlanetHollywood, RainforestCafé, Medieval Times, ESPNzone, The Hellfire.
  3. 3.  First theme restaurants were developedby Paris cafés and cabarets which openedin Montmartre in the later nineteenthcentury.They were built around a concept andcreated an environment which appeared to besomething other than a mere eating anddrinking place.Café du Bagne (Café of the Penitentiary) ) established in 1885 by MaximeLisbonne replicated a prison eating hall and hailed Commune heroes.Waiters were dressed as real convicts The Chateau d’If’ of the 1880s was also designed to resemble the prisonby the same name in Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo.
  4. 4. The L’Abbaye de Thélème, with a medieval theme, dressed its servers asmonks and nuns. Many of the Montmartre cafés decorated their cafes with paintings anddecor whose subjects included infanticide, crucifixion, and assassination, butin 1894 The Café of Death opened, furnished with coffins serving as tables.In U.S.A. early theme restaurants were inspired by Paris cafés. Someof the famous ones were beefsteak dungeon in New York the Pirate’s Den.Pirate’s Den Dungeon Restaurant 1920
  5. 5. Brussels-Based Dinner in the Sky:-
  6. 6. This concept first came in Brussels, Belgium. You can dine over beautifully city like New York or Las Vegas atnight, above a landmark like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or by the ocean atsunset from a seat that can rotate 180 feet. To hire the suspended restaurant for 8 hours you have to spend $11,000and it does not include catering costs!!!! The apparatus, which was built in Belgium, is suspended 50 feet in theair from a 200 ton crane. The center can hold a waiter, a chef and anentertainer. The host can hire a second platform to exhibit something orbring a band or live show along. The company, which also does weddings and business meetings in thesky, is looking to expand to suspending diners over natural landscapes likeThe Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls.
  7. 7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives:- The worlds first underwater restaurant is located on the ConradMaldives Rangali Island.The restaurant is an acrylic tunnel with a 270-degree view of the sea thatis accessed through a spiral staircase at the end of a jetty. You can enjoy a variety of seafood and enjoy full view of marine life. A meal under the sea will cost around$120 to $150, it can also be converted intoa guest room at special request for about$11,710. The 175-ton restaurant was built inSingapore before being shipped over toMaldives. It was sunk with 85 tons ofsand and secured into the sea floor steelpiles and concrete.
  8. 8. Hard Rock Café:- It was founded in 1971 byAmericans Peter Morton andIsaac Tigrett in London. The theme of hard rock café is basedon celebrities who have gained fame inthe rock and roll inducstry. Hard rock café’s can be identified bya huge guitar near or on theestablishment. Hard Rock initially had an eclectic decor but In 1979, the cafe begancovering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia. The food here is alsonamed after rock stars. Hard Rock Café has chains all over the world. The largest Hard Rock isin Orlando and currently, there are 150 Hard Rock locations in 53 countries.
  9. 9. Jekyll And Hyde Club:-The name and theme derive from Scottishauthor Robert Louis Stevensons 1886 Victoriangothic novel The Strange Case Of Dr. JekyllAnd Mr. Hyde. The restaurants theme is spooky horror with anemphasis on English Gothic Themes, with detaileddecorations, set pieces, and actors who roam therestaurant and entertain patrons.In addition to the live characters, there are anumber of audio animatronic props, sounds,and special effects which contribute to the overallatmosphere of the club.
  10. 10. Rainforest Café:- As the name itself suggests itis themed around rainforest andecology. Each Rainforest Caférestaurant is designed to depictsome features of a rainforest,including plant growth, mist,waterfalls, animatronic robotsof animals and insects.The restaurants are partitionedinto several rooms by means ofrain curtains that fall into basinsrunning along the tops ofpartition walls and booths.The Rainforest Cafe serves food ranging from seafood, beef, and chickento pastas and pizzas.The staff of Rainforest Cafe are named in accordance with the safaritheme. This restaurant targets children and tourists as their customers so it isoften located in theme parks and fun world.
  11. 11. Some Of TheUnusual ThemeRestaurants.
  12. 12. Cannibalistic Sushi – Tokyo, Japan:-
  13. 13.  The idea of this restaurant in Tokyo, Japan came from ‘Nyotaimori’, an extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of awoman, typically naked.‘Nyotaimori’ in Japanese literally means ‘female body plate’. In this restaurant patrons do not eat whats on the body, but rather, thebody itself !!!Patrons are presented with a "human body" made from dough on ahospital gurney which is placed upon a table. Red sauce has been added for life like bleeding and the internal organsare accurately reproduced with sushi and sashimi. You can also choose between male or female bodies.
  14. 14. Graveyard Restaurant – Ahmadabad, India:- The main attraction of New LuckyRestaurant in Ahmedabad, India istombs in a graveyard , literally.The restaurant is built around theancient tombs. It has 22 tombs nestledbetween wooden tables and chairs. It serves Indian cuisine to over 300customers daily. The restaurant offersabout 90 vegetarian food items and ismost popular for its tea and white buttermaska buns. While some customers may find theconcept eerie and odd some consider thetombs to be lucky for them. One tomb issaid to contain a 16th century Sufi saintfrom Mughal era.
  15. 15. Modern Toilet – Taipei, Taiwan. It is perhaps the best-known strangely themed restaurant, Modern Toiletin Taipei, Taiwan. Here the customers take aseat on Western-style commodesand enjoy shaped chocolate softserved in toilet bowls. Toilet rolls are hung over thetables for use as napkins, anddrinks come in miniature urinals. The theme of this restauranthas been copied by many otherrestaurants.
  16. 16.  At Buns and Guns in Beirut,Lebanon, everything is militarythemed – from the décor and namesof the menu items to the helicoptersounds that play constantly in thebackground.The theme reflects the mood of thecity during Lebanon’s 2006 war withIsrael. While some of the customers mayfind it disturbing most find the theme of the restaurant amusing.. You can order yourself an M16 Carbine meat sandwich, a Mortar burgeror a Terrorist meal.
  17. 17. Dining in the Dark at Unsicht-Bar in Germany:- Fine dining in the dark is a trend thatwas started in Zurich and has sincespread all over Europe and the world. The idea is to give your eyes a breakfrom staring at computer screens and relyon your other senses to enjoy food. After choosing your meal and beveragein a well-lit foyer, your waiter takes youinto the pitch black dining room.All of the food is pre-cut so eatingis not messy and dangerous.No light of any kind is allowed in thedining room and if a guest needs to go tothe bathroom, the waiter escorts themback into the lit rooms.
  18. 18.  Theme restaurants have a short life cycle.Even though theme restaurants may be popular and famous in thebeginning due to its uniqueness and attractiveness later on more unique andnew theme restaurants are opened thus making them out of fashion. Many famous and known theme restaurants have been closed or wentout of business. For e.g. Planet Hollywood was very popular in its timebut later on it was forced to shut down.