Version 2 presentation to host qut assessment format


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Version 2 presentation to host qut assessment format

  1. 1. QUT Professional Placement Hue College of Medicine & Pharmacy Natasha, Hana & Nicole
  2. 2. Objectives 1. To engage in cultural exchange between Hue university staff & students & QUT students 2. To gain an understanding of the Vietnamese health care system 3. To gain experience and skills in culturally diverse qualitative research both one- on-one interviewing and focus groups 4. To analyse the differences between the Australian and Vietnamese Public Health tertiary education system 5. To analyse the mental health profession and health care in Vietnam 6. Gain an insight into the critique of the ACE-IQ tool and it’s relevance to Vietnamese children
  3. 3. Methods • One-on-one interviews with heads of health facilities and academics • Observations of health facilities • Focus group with 2nd year public health students • Cultural exchange between public health students at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and QUT • General discussions between staff at the QUT Collaborative Centre for Community Health Research and QUT public health students
  4. 4. Findings
  5. 5. Health care system findings • Noted differences between health care systems • Home visits • Mental health care • Resources • Shortages of staff – Psychiatrists, District Dr’s • Public health and health education • Family care • Continual education of health workers
  6. 6. Interviewing skills • Conscious of wording when using an interpreter - different words have different meanings across cultures • Creating a conversation like environment
  7. 7. Comparison of Vietnamese & Australian Health Systems • Communicable vs non-communicable disease Dengue fever vs Australia Obesity epidemic - 62% of men and 45% of women were overweight or obese. • Public vs Private – Hospitals – General Practiioners – Allied health
  8. 8. Comparison of Vietnamese & Australian Health Systems • Community health (home visits) vs clinical settings • Continual education • Standards of qualifications, procedures (patient care & sign- offs).
  9. 9. Reflective Practice • Improved confidence in interviewing skills • Amending guiding interview questions to be easily translated and culturally appropriate – and future health promotion work • The versatility of health care as it can be adapted to work with a limited amount of resources
  10. 10. Phu Hoi Health Station
  11. 11. Some fun stuff… Hana’s first motorbike ride…
  12. 12. Fun stuff…. Cyclo trip to the citadel & markets
  13. 13. Fun Stuff… Inside the Citadel
  14. 14. Thank-You!! On behalf of us students at QUT, we would like to thank you so much for your kindness, valuable time, and providing us with a great experience. We will never forget!