Getting Started: The Environment


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Session by Mohamed Safwat ( in WordCamp Egypt 2009, discussing the environment WordPress is to be installed on.

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Getting Started: The Environment

  1. 1. Getting Started The Environment Mohammed Safwat 2nd year Comm.& Elecs. Dept.
  2. 2. Goals Why is it important to listen to me? ➢ ➢ Our development environment. ➢ Configuring this environment.
  3. 3. A Developer? Working with a CMS like WordPress needs to attain a deep understanding of how to build and administrate your development environment.
  4. 4. Our Development Environment PHP Apache Web Server MySQL database management system
  5. 5. What's a Web Server? A computer program that is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from clients and serving them HTTP responses .
  6. 6. What's a Web Server? Path Translation HTTP 1.1 request: GET /file.html HTTP/1.1 Host:
  7. 7. What's a Web Server? Web server will append path to its root directory /var/www/file.html
  8. 8. What's a Web Server? HTTP responses contain optional data contents, like web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects (images, etc.).
  9. 9. What's a Web Server? Some Common Features - HTTP & HTTPS support. - Logging info about client requests and server responses. - Authentication. - Static and Dynamic Contents.
  10. 10. What's a Web Server? Static Contents if they come from an existing file lying on the server's filesystem.
  11. 11. What's a Web Server? Dynamic Contents if they are generated by a script or (API) called by the web server. is Our Scripting Language..
  12. 12. About PHP PHP is a scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages.
  13. 13. About PHP PHP was originally created by Rasmus ➢ Lerdorf in 1995. ➢PHP is free software released under the PHP License. ➢It is incompatible with the GNU General Public License (GPL). ➢
  14. 14. About PHP PHP is especially suited for web ➢ development & can be embedded into HTML. It generally runs on a web server, ➢ taking PHP code as its input and creating web pages as output. ➢
  15. 15. About PHP It can be deployed on almost every ➢ operating system. PHP is installed on more than 20 ➢ million websites and 1 million web servers. ➢
  16. 16. About PHP PHP originally stood for “Personal ➢ Home Page”. ➢Itbegan in 1994 as a set of Common Gateway Interface binaries written in C by Rasmus Lerdorf.
  17. 17. About PHP PHP now stands for “PHP ➢ Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP focuses on server side ➢ scripting.
  18. 18. About PHP <html> <head><title>WordCamp</title></head> <body> <?php echo ' WordCamp' ; ?> </body> </html>
  19. 19. About MySQL ➢MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). ➢MySQL was released on 23 May 1995 under GNU GPL. ➢It is written in C and C++.
  20. 20. About MySQL You Can Administrate MySQL using: Command-line tools :”mysql & ➢ mysqladmin”. ➢ GUI tools:” MySQL administrator & PHPMyAdmin”.
  21. 21. About MySQL MySQL acts as the database ➢ component of the LAMP, BAMP, MAMP, SAMP, and WAMP platforms. It's the database component for open- ➢ source bug tracking tools like Bugzilla.
  22. 22. About MySQL These High traffic websites use ➢ MySQL:
  23. 23. Next Session Know more about using your web environment ..
  24. 24. Questions? Thanks!