What Bing Ads is Doing to Increase ROI


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Ping Jen, Product Manager at Bing Ads, joins ClickZ Academy in presenting "What Bing Ads is Doing to Increase ROI of Your Time and Your Campaigns" during a webinar on 5/16/2013.

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What Bing Ads is Doing to Increase ROI

  1. 1. What you will learn today: Overview of the Consumer Purchase Journey How to be a close companion of your customers’purchase journey to cultivate lifetime customer value Insights from emerging mobile search traffic How to engage with mobile search traffic Preview of Bing Ads’ new products to increase ROIof your time and your campaigns
  2. 2. Consumer Purchase JourneyAWARENESSRESEARCHCONFIRMATIONSHOPPINGConsumers become aware and are interested in aproduct/offer/brand. Good user experience is acritical factor in this phase.Consumers research their interested subject tocollect more references. Relevance is the criticalfactor in this phase.Consumers decide whether to pursue the specificproduct/offer/brand.Consumers compare the offers to make apurchase decision.Consumers trust the brands and purchaseproducts.PURCHASEIndustry research indicates, in general, the customer’s purchase journey has 5 phases andcome across more than 10 different sites before making the purchase. 46% of purchasejourneys last longer than a week.
  3. 3. Consumer Purchase Journey ExampleAWARENESSRESEARCHCONFIRMATIONSHOPPINGPURCHASEMy recent purchase journey of a golf vacation at Bandon Oregon
  4. 4. Consumer Purchase Journey + Context= Deeper InsightsUnderstand who are your potential customers,how they start the journey, where and whenthey search for the information, and with whatdevices and keywords is a critical task for everyadvertiser.• Adjust your content to address differentlevels of intent during different phases of thejourney.• Targeted audiences can have differentcontext during different phases of thejourney - adjust your content for differentcontexts to enrich user experiences.• Present a consistent value propositionthroughout your customers’ purchasejourney.AWARENESSRESEARCHCONFIRMATIONSHOPPINGPURCHASEThe interrelated conditions inwhich something exists or occurs
  5. 5. Consumer Purchase Journey + Context ExampleAWARENESSRESEARCHCONFIRMATIONSHOPPINGPURCHASELet’s add the context to my recent purchase journey of a golfvacation at Bandon OregonAt home in the eveningDuring the day time on the go or watching golf programsDuring the day time on the go or watching golf programsWeekend and eveningLast Sunday after watching 2013 PGA The Players Championship
  6. 6. • Mobile Path-to-Purchase Studyo 46% of searchers use mobile devices exclusively as their primaryresearch tool.o 50% of mobile searchers use mobile devices to start the searchprocess.• RKG Digital Marketing Report (Q1 2013)o Consumers used mobile devices to complete 25% of their onlinesearches.o Consumers have shifted their searches to tablets andsmartphones- total click growth remained robust at 15%.• Constant Contact’s Studyo 92% of consumers have searched for a restaurant through a webbrowser in the last six months.o 80% of consumers think it’s important to see a menu before theydine at a restaurant.o 75% of consumers say they often choose a restaurant to dine atbased on those search results.Mobile Devices are Playing a Bigger Role in theConsumer Purchase Journey
  7. 7. What Bing Ads Has FoundMore and more search users treat mobile devices as their dictionary,receipt book, tour guide, etc. Bing Ads has noticed an increase of searchterms with stop words, such as:a about an and at byfor from how in is ofon or the to what withExamples of English stop words:“What is consumer purchase journey”“How to cook salmon”“Where to play golf”“Japanese restaurants in Seattle Chinatown”
  8. 8. How Bing Ads is Increasing your ROITraditionally, stop words presented a challenge for search engines to effectivelymatch search queries and bidded keywords. To help advertisers closely engage withsearch users’ intents, Bing Ads has started preserving stop words in the Search Termcolumn within your Search Query Report. Advertisers can use them to developkeywords and negative keywords.BeforeSearch Term Keyword DeliveredMatch TypeImpr. Clicks CTR AvgCPCJapanese Restaurants Seattle Chinatown Seattle Japanese Restaurant Broad 100 25 0.25% $0.50EnhancedSearch Term Keyword DeliveredMatch TypeImpr. Clicks CTR AvgCPCJapanese Restaurants by Seattle Chinatown Seattle Japanese Restaurant Broad 60 15 0.25% $0.50Japanese Restaurants in Seattle Chinatown Seattle Japanese Restaurant Broad 30 8 0.27% $0.60Japanese Restaurants Seattle Chinatown Seattle Japanese Restaurant Broad 10 2 0.20% $0.10Enhanced Search Query Report
  9. 9. How Bing Ads is Increasing your ROISearch Terms Report(in Beta with an ETA of June 2013) Search Terms Report is an evolution of theSearch Query Report. Users can access theirSearch Terms Report directly from Web UI anduse it to:• Sort/filter search terms triggered clicks.• Generate bidded keywords and specify theirbids to drive traffic volume and ROI.• Generate negative keywords to screen low-value traffic.
  10. 10. How Bing Ads is Increasing your ROIImproved Campaign Import Function(Coming Soon)Continually Support Advanced Targeting OptionsBesides creating campaigns and adding keywords directly into Bing Ads, many are using theCampaign Import function to leverage their established campaigns.Bing Ads is updating the CampaignImport function to better helpadvertisers maintain a holistic searchmarketing campaign.Bing Ads will continually supportadvertisers to approach targetaudiences with different contexts tomaximize the your campaign’sperformance and ROI.
  11. 11. How Bing Ads is Increasing your ROIAs you optimize your campaigns with more context, Bing Ads is developing an advanced diagnostics toolto help you validate whether your ads are showing for a specific audience under different contexts andidentify associated optimization opportunities.Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool(in Beta with an ETA of June 2013)• Identify which keyword(s) couldengage with a search queryunder different contexto Languageo Publisher Domaino Locationo Device• Assess comprehensive no-showreason(s)o Campaign Qualityo Campaign Settings• Receive optimization insightso Quality Scoreo Bid Recommendationo Budget Recommendation
  12. 12. AWARENESSRESEARCHKey Takeaways fromthe Customer Purchase Journey• Study your customers’ purchasejourney and provide relevant contentalong the way to build trust.• Reference your customers’ contextbehind each phase of their purchasejourney while developing yourcampaigns to drive the best userexperience.• Leverage Bing Ads’ Advanced AdPreview and Diagnostics Tool tooptimize your campaigns for differentcontexts.Increase ROI by helping your customers throughout their purchase journey.PURCHASESHOPPINGCONFIRMATION
  13. 13. Key Takeaways fromthe Emerging Mobile TrafficIncrease ROI by analyzing search intents and building mobile searchfriendly web sites.• More and more consumers are usingmobile devices to search and makepurchase decisions directly• Mobile devices shorten the length of thepurchase journey, mobile friendlywebsites are a must have to seize thesmaller window of opportunities• Mobile search traffic has a higher densityof stop words - use the Search QueryReport or Search Terms Report to analyzesearch intents and manage themaccordingly
  14. 14. Ping Jen @mcse977554