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The Evolution and Future of Search Advertising


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A look a back at where the search advertising industry has been and where it might be headed.

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The Evolution and Future of Search Advertising

  1. Evolution and Future of Search Advertising by Bing Ads
  2. “Study the past if you would define the future” Confucius
  3. 1994 The modern Web is born
  4. 1997 Portals and directories begin to monetize through CPM banner ads
  5. 1999 Google has <1% market share
  6. 1999 files patent for pay-perclick search ads
  7. 2000 Google launches AdWords
  8. 2002 Google introduces CPC bidding, calling it “AdWords Select”
  9. 2005 Microsoft announces MSN adCenter
  10. 2007 eMarketer declares “The Search Wars Are Going Mobile”
  11. 2010 Microsoft and Yahoo join forces
  12. 2012 adCenter rebrands to Bing Ads
  13. 2012 Facebook launches sponsored search results
  14. 2013 Google launches “Enhanced Campaigns”
  15. The Future
  16. Facebook web search ads could lead to considerably more volume
  17. Evolving inputs, such as image search, could create new mobile opportunities
  18. Trajectory aware ads could know where you’re heading for targeting
  19. Integration of social and search could expand behavioral targeting
  20. Wearable devices open a whole new device category
  21. Connected devices could lead to broad convergence of display and search ads
  22. “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” Elbert Hubbard