Maximizing Value from Bing Ads


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Mobile, Features, & More from PPC Hero Conference 2014

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Maximizing Value from Bing Ads

  1. 1. Getting more value with Bing Ads Thursday, May 01, 2014 Paul Corkery (Cork) Sr. Program Manager Microsoft - Bing Ads @C0rk @BingAds #BingHero
  2. 2. | #BingHero Today’s Agenda  Microsoft’s multi-device ecosystem and opportunities of scale  Tenacity of the Yahoo Bing Network  Mobile SearchAdvertising with Bing Ads  Latest Bing Ads Features  Bing Ads 2014 Strategy and Roadmap  Pilots  Questions & Answers
  3. 3. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Microsoft enables you to reach consumers across devices With Microsoft’s vast ecosystem and insights, advertisers are enabled to deliver ads that enhance consumers’ lives. Unique ads that are delivered at scale and across channels - integrated into experiences reaching over one billion users looking for information. Microsoft’s Multi-Device Ecosystem
  4. 4. Millions of users looking for information | 100 million copies sold | 30 million subscribers, 60 million console sales | One billion use office | 700 million registered users | 5.6 billion searches per month | #BingHero
  5. 5. | #BingHero *Bing (+partnerships) Only Yahoo Bing Network Markets USA Canada Mexico Argentina Peru Colombia Venezuela Chile Brazil UK Ireland France Germany Spain Italy Netherlands Norway Belgium Finland Sweden Denmark Austria Switzerland Europe The Americas India Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore Taiwan Hong Kong Thailand Vietnam Australia* New Zealand* China* Asia Active in 35 Markets
  6. 6. 1. The Yahoo! Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo! Core Search sites in the U.S. 2. comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), December 2013 Yahoo Bing Searchers Spend More | #BingHero
  7. 7. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Substantial share of paid clicks across categories that support your business Source:comScoreUSCategoriesSearchReport(custom),March 2013. 32% Telecommunications 31% Financial Services 28% Retail – Toys 34% Auto – Manufacturer 27% Home Furnishings 29% Education – Info 26% Travel – Hotels/resorts 29% Lifestyles - Food | #BingHero
  8. 8. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Source: comScore US Plan Metrix, April 2013. Comparison applies to listed financial products or stated behaviors only. And are more valuable to your business When compared to Google… Our audience is +41% more likely to have applied for an education loan online in the past 6 months Our audience is +16% more likely to have spent $7500 to $9,999 in online travel spending in the past 6 months Our audience is +19% more likely to have searched online for information on an initial home mortgage Our audience is 17% more likely to have applied online for a brokerage account
  9. 9. | #BingHero Garnering industry evangelism and support “ Q4 2013 Report ” Spending on Bing Ads, which includes Yahoo, grew 43% Y/Y in Q4. The platform continues to better monetize its traffic through more expansive ad matching logic. The Yahoo Bing Network continues to grow at a solid pace with year-over- year spending up 23%, with a modest 6% gain quarter over quarter. “ ”Q4 2013 Report
  10. 10. | #BingHero Mobile Search & The Consumer Decision Journey
  11. 11. “Microsoft is a mobile-first, cloud-first company.” ~Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO
  12. 12. Bing is powering next gen Mobile search experiences Cortana Siri @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  13. 13. Billions of monthly mobile search queries on Bing Ads @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  14. 14. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Bing Ads on Mobile continues to reach across the Yahoo Bing Network Bing Ads serve in top position across Yahoo! Mobile & on Bing Mobile: driving vast majority of clicks Majority of clicks from across the YBN mobile network come from top position Bing Ads serve in top position across YBN Mobile network
  15. 15. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero 6% 33% [VALUE] [VALUE] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Source: Marin Software “Mobile Search Advertising Around the Globe: 2014 Annual Report” Search is quickly shifting to mobile Smartphone search share as % of total search queries in US
  16. 16. 70% The same % of conversions from PC search happen within weeks Source: Microsoft Research, Telemetric Mobile Path to Purchase Mobile Search is closer to transactions Mobile conversions (phone call, store visit, purchase) happen within 5 hours of mobile search @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  17. 17. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Smartphone conversion rates >70% of PC* Smartphone CPC’s ~70% of PC CPCs* Smartphone conversion rates are increasing With lower smartphone CPCs, mobile search provides compelling value to advertisers Marin Software: “Mobile Search Advertising Around The Globe” 2014 Annual Report 5.3% 4.4% 5.5% 2013 Average Conversion Rate by Device Computers Smartphones Tablets $.83 $.58 $.76 2013 Average CPC by Device Computers Smartphones Tablets
  18. 18. Phone Calls PurchaseStore Visits App Installs Mobile Search drives multiple types of conversions Include cross-channel conversions when calculating mobile ROI @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  19. 19. | #BingHero Bing Ads Mobile Ad Products
  20. 20. Microsoft Confidential Mobile first Our focus is to launch new capabilities on devices – a core tenant for search. Accelerate delivery of richer ad creative and products globally – with the ability to measure, report and optimize ROI.
  21. 21. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Bing Ads Mobile Product Portfolio Mobile Site Links Call Extensions Location extensions
  22. 22. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Mobile Site Links drive higher engagement & ease of conversions 20% higher ad CTR from Mobile Site Links Locate DetailsSave JoinOffers
  23. 23. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Sitelink Extensions – Highlights Drive more traffic to your website by promoting specific pages on your search ads Display up to six sitelink extensions on your ad or four sitelinks on mobile search ads. Tailor the text for each sitelink extension. Manage sitelink extensions through Bing Ads UI, Bing Ads Editor or API. Get performance details with sitelink level reporting. Manage sitelink extensions at the ad group or campaign level.
  24. 24. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Sitelink Extensions – Why Invest Drive more traffic to your website by promoting specific pages on your search ads Up to 23% higher click-through-rate on average for searches with sitelinks extensions implemented. - Internal Bing & Yahoo data, US, June 2013 A few days after launching Sitelink Extensions for the Xbox account, Performics saw a 60% increase in traffic and a 51% increase in the click-through-rate. - Performics / Xbox joint case study, Jan 2014
  25. 25. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Call Extensions Drive Higher User Engagement & Leads With Click-2 Call Without Click-2 Call Ads with Call extensions gets user attention 15%-30% higher CTR with mobile call extensions
  26. 26. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Click to Call is critical for driving conversions 70% of those surveyed have used the “Call” button in mobile search results1 Consumers who call are 10x more likely to purchase than those who don’t2 1Search Engine Land, Study: 61 Percent Of Mobile Callers Ready To Convert, Sep 24, 2013 2BIA/Kelsey: Call-Based Ads: Eliminating the Unknown From Advertising
  27. 27. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Call Extensions - Overview Get more phone calls to your business by showing your business’ phone number on search ads Smartphones Make it easy for customers on the go to reach your business. Skype on PC or tablet Make it easy for customers to connect with you on a PC or tablet directly with phone calls via Skype. Increased Conversions Phone calls are 10x more likely to drive a sale than a click. - BIA/Kelsey Study
  28. 28. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Call Extensions – Highlights Get more phone calls to your business by showing your business’ phone number on search ads World’s first search engine with in-browser calling through Skype. Full call tracking in Bing Ads with Call Metering (free phone and local prefix numbers). Integrated from Location Extensions. Cost the same as a click on your ad or only pay for completed calls when a customer manually dials. *nocharge forcallsunder 10seconds
  29. 29. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Call Extensions – Why Invest - Internal Bing & Yahoo data Get more phone calls to your business by showing your business’ phone number on search ads Up to 47% higher click-through-rate on average for searches with call extensions implemented for mobile search ads.
  30. 30. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Location Extensions drives in store traffic to your business Location Extensions drive 10%-30% increase in CTR and are a key way to drive in-store conversions
  31. 31. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Location Extensions – Highlights Attract customers who may be in your neighborhood and those searching for a business in an area they're planning to visit. Show up to 2 locations per ad. Click for directions populates destination and for smartphones automatically populates origin and calculates the route. Clicks on the directions cost the same as clicks on everywhere on the ad. Extension level reporting. Location extension assignable at the campaign level.
  32. 32. Microsoft Confidential Location Extensions – Why Invest Attract customers who may be in your neighborhood and those searching for a business in an area they're planning to visit. 10%-30% higher click-through rate on average for searches with local intent vs. ads without Location Extensions. - Internal Bing & Yahoo Data, US, October 2013 It is predicted that the share of local searches, compared to general searches, will nearly double from 17.5% in 2010 to 30% in 2015 - BIA/Kelsey May 2011
  33. 33. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Opt in for Mobile across your Bing Ads Campaigns Next Steps Expand your keyword coverage for Mobile enabled campaigns / ad groups Adopt Ad Extensions • Call Extensions • Location Extensions • Mobile Sitelinks
  34. 34. | #BingHero Bing Ads Latest Ad Types
  35. 35. | #BingHero Bing Ads in Smart Search - Overview Gain visibility for your brand with Bing Ads in Smart Search Increase brand engagement and provide useful information with larger search results and web previews Drive engagement across devices. Search results are touch-friendly, visual, and curated. Get one click closer to the customer with search experiences integrated into devices. Exclusive product. No comparable product in market today.
  36. 36. | #BingHero Bing Ads in Smart Search – Highlights Gain visibility for your brand with Bing Ads in Smart Search No additional setup required - all advertisers in the Yahoo Bing Network are eligible for inclusion in Smart Search web results. Site Link extensions are supported & recommended to improve probability for ad selection. Web previews (snapshots of your campaign landing page) are automatically appended to your Bing Ad in Smart Search web results. Exclusive product. No comparable product in market today.
  37. 37. | #BingHero Bing Ads in Smart Search – Why Invest Gain visibility for your brand with Bing Ads in Smart Search Ads in Smart Search drive CTR 2 – 3x higher than mainline text ads in SERP - Internal Bing data, Jan 2014 Eye-tracking studies have shown that users tend to engage with ads in Smart Search 3 – 4x longer than standard text ads in the SERP - Internal Bing data, Jan 2014
  38. 38. Richer ad formats and experiences Social, offer, reservation, review extensions Image extensions App extensions and richer canvas experiments
  39. 39. Product Ads - Overview Attract more qualified clicks with product images and rich product details in your search ads Drive more qualified clicks at scale with a visually appealing way to showcase your products. Save time by utilizing your existing product feed to easily manage and scale your product ad campaigns. No need to write ad copy or create keywords lists. Deliver more qualified traffic by featuring product information, such as promotional text and pricing, directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. Capture more real estate on the SERP page on Bing by showing both text ads with product ads simultaneously. | #BingHero
  40. 40. Product Ads – Highlights Attract more qualified clicks with product images and rich product details in your search ads Unlike text ads, Product Ads can display multiple offers from a single advertiser and simultaneously with a text and organic listing. Easily import your Google Product Listing Ads campaigns into your Bing Ads account**. Must setup and create a Bing Merchant Center account. **extensions are not imported from Google, must be manually added | #BingHero
  41. 41. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero Introducing Mobile Product Ads (Q2 2014) Launching on Bing Ads for all Mobile platforms Mobile Product Ads reach the searcher closer to the point of purchase Products Ads include images from an advertiser’s own product catalog, plus promotional text, pricing and your company name.
  42. 42. | #BingHero Bing Ads Tools
  43. 43. | #BingHero @C0rk | @BingAds Google AdWords Import Tool Save time by directly importing campaigns from your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads Quickly and efficiently copy accounts and campaign structures over from Google AdWords. Import AdWords campaigns directly using the Bing Ads Editor which allows you to import directly from a AdWords export spreadsheet. Import directly from AdWords to Bing Ads using only your AdWords login and password credentials – no spreadsheets needed.
  44. 44. | #BingHero @C0rk | @BingAds Bing Ads Editor Work faster by managing your campaigns directly on the desktop Work faster by syncing your campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline, and then upload your revisions with one click. Updates to Bing Ads Editor v9.11 are now designed to be 2x-3x faster, saving advertisers time and effort. Navigation structure built like AdWords to ensure familiarity and consistency across the industry.
  45. 45. | #BingHero @C0rk | @BingAds Bing Ads Excel Web App Increase your productivity by managing campaign data directly in excel Save time and effort by downloading campaign data and post any changes from Excel. Make your workflow more streamlined by managing your campaigns directly in Excel. Leverage your Excel knowledge and experience to manage Bing Ads campaigns.
  46. 46. | #BingHero @C0rk | @BingAds Bing Ads Intelligence Tool Create more effective campaigns with a powerful keyword research tool right in Excel Get keyword suggestions or download your existing Bing Ads account and perform keyword expansion for existing ad groups. Get insights on traffic opportunities and bid optimization strategies to perform better keyword expansion analysis. Easily build list of relevant keywords with real query data from the Yahoo Bing Network. Create bulksheets with generated keywords and bids that can be seamlessly imported into Bing Ads or Bing Ads editor.
  47. 47. | #BingHero Bing Ads High Value Differentiators
  48. 48. Performance Reports – Quality Score Understand how relevant your keywords and landing pages are to a customer’s search queries Get feedback on how relevant your landing pages and keywords are. Get ‘Quality Impact Scores,’ that help you identify the impact of improving your quality scores. Quality Impact Scores are exclusive to Bing Ads. Historical quality scores are available for you to monitor the trend of your campaign performance over time. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  49. 49. Keyword Distribution Graph Take data filtering and slicing to a new and visual level Visualize and compare key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, avg. CPC and CTR across thousands of keywords. Get a set of charts that display “big picture” performance measures for your keywords at a glance. Exclusive to Bing Ads. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  50. 50. Device Targeting Target customers based on the devices and operating system they use Target by desktop and laptops, smartphones and tablet devices. Target by operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Show your ads exclusively to specific devices and operating systems and/or boost your bidding on specific devices with an incremental bidding strategy. Enhanced campaign compatibility. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  51. 51. Customize Ad Distribution Target customers based on the parts of the Yahoo + Bing Network they’re using Target the Search or Content Network Target ALL Search Networks Targets ONLY Bing & Yahoo Search (Owned & Operated) Target ONLY Bing & Yahoo Syndicated Search Partners @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  52. 52. | #BingHero Bing Ads 2014 Strategy & Roadmap
  53. 53. You told us to make Bing Ads work faster Editor speeds optimized to be up to 3x faster Faster reporting You told us to show you more data New update types available in Change History Report: targeting, match type & extension changes ROAS & conversion rate included in performance metrics Quality score included in Keyword Distribution Graph View all campaign settings in one view You told us to make Bing Ads easier to use Copy negative keywords across ad groups Industry aligned menus in Editor & left hand navigation pane in Bing Ads Improved download filtering in Editor Standardized reporting dimensions, new report date ranges & time zone settings Easy find & fix And bringing to advertisers what they are asking for… | #BingHero
  54. 54. @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero With a goal to create experiences advertisers love across search, display, mobile, and video to deliver high value consumer engagement Simplicity Data Scale
  55. 55. Auto Tagging v1 Allowing Bing Ads users apply Google Analytics to their Bing Ads account Return on Advertiser Spend Agency (Multi-Account) Dashboard Quick view with filtering, search & sorting across all client accounts. Import of Google MCC structure. Negative Keyword Libraries Groups of negative keywords tied to multiple campaigns, and managed in one place. Delivered Editorial Notifications in UI Reducing the number of clicks required to identify disapproved keywords and ads Bing Ads Editor v10.1 • More download options • Improved sync result window • Enhanced conflicts resolution • Smarter Find & Replace • Enhanced Edit & Browser pane • Advanced extension data management Near Term Longer Term Unified Event Tracking Unified tracking across paid search and display to accurately measure visitor actions and provide actionable insights Richer Ad Formats Enhancements to the search experiences including ad copy, icons and ratings Bing Ads US Product Roadmap Mobile Sitelinks Existing sitelink extensions enabled to capitalize on sitelink CTR increases Product Ads New ad format to include rich product information Search Terms Report Reporting Clarity Update Expand Search Query Report V9 API Transition to new version, v8 sunset Bid Landscape Insights into different bids per keyword Electronic IO Saves effort in managing account payment & budget Live = Dark gray Pilot = Orange In Development = Light gray Dates subject to change @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  56. 56. … but the feature I really want isn’t on your list Vote for features you want Submit new feature requests Track status of requested features @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  57. 57. Summary @c0rk | @BingAds| #BingHero
  58. 58. Microsoft Confidential Questions & Answers | #BingHero
  59. 59. | #BingHero