It's Spring Again: A Time for Reviving Home and Search Campaigns


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Spring is a time of new beginnings and with the season of clean fast approaching, are you ready to make your search marketing shine? Whether customers are searching for new appliances, home furnishings, or remodeling materials, Bing connects advertisers to the customers who are actively looking for home improvement solutions. Check out the Bing Ads insights for home improvement trends as well as consumer behavior as you prepare to refresh your marketing for the season.

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  • Primary source: IBISWorld Business Environment Profiles: Private Spending on Home Improvements; October 2013Additional source:
  • 2013 Appliance Shopper Website Evaluation Study is based on responses from 3,037 major appliance purchase intenders who evaluated both brand and retailer websites. It was fielded in September 2013
  • It's Spring Again: A Time for Reviving Home and Search Campaigns

    1. 1. It’s spring again A time for reviving home and search campaigns
    2. 2. The housing construction market continues to increase and is projected to grow through 2018.1 Kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular household remodels.2 Appliance shoppers rely on a retailer or brand’s website and are most in search of product information and pricing.3 Home improvement industry sales fluctuate seasonally with spring driving the most searches and sales.4 Source: 1IBISWorld Business Environment Profiles: Private Spending on Home Improvements; October 2013; 2National Kitchen and Bath Association 2013 Kitchen & Bath Style Report; 3J.D. Power 2013 Appliance Shopper Website Evaluation Study, September 2013; 4IBISWorld US Industry Reports: Home Improvement Stores.
    3. 3. The housing construction market is expected to continue growth through 2018, as it continues to recover. Factors: Rebounding employment will place money back in homeowners’ pockets and drive stronger investment in homes. Rising home prices and greater sales of existing homes will support demand for renovations. Source: IBISWorld Business Environment Profiles: Private Spending on Home Improvements; October 2013.
    4. 4. The spring season drives searches and sales Highest sales volume: May-June Searches in the Home Improvement Category Lowest sales volume: October – December Severe winter weather conditions and homeowners on vacation drive a drop in home improvement activity.1 Seasonality is reflected in the Yahoo/Bing Network with high search volume early in the year leading to a peak in May. 2 Source: 1IBISWorld US Industry Reports: Home Improvement Stores, 2Bing Ads internal data.
    5. 5. Kitchen remodel spending slightly decreased, while bathroom spending remained flat Total cost of the average remodel design in 2013: Kitchen remodel: $47,308 Bathroom remodel: $18,538 Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association 2013 Kitchen & Bath Style Report.
    6. 6. Remodel materials insights can help inform ad copy and promotional materials Countertops Quartz was the second most popular material used (after granite). Annual growth in popular remodel materials Colors Gray is the 3rd most popular color – and growing. (Whites and off-whites are most popular, used in around 70% of kitchens and bathrooms, followed by beige.) Lighting More LED lighting is used as consumer awareness of energy efficiency grows. Faucets Touch-activated faucets are growing, although pull out faucets rank first. Satin Finish Satin nickel has been the first choice for kitchens since 2011. Glass Backsplash: Demand has spiked, although ceramic or porcelaintiles are top. Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association 2013 Kitchen & Bath Style Report.
    7. 7. The more useful a website is to appliance shoppers, the more likely they are to visit a store Product ratings/reviews and pricing are the most important website features to appliance shoppers. What appliance shoppers look for using a smartphone and/or tablet when accessing a retailer or brand site: • Store location • Product pricing • Sales and promotions 75% of appliance shoppers' online research takes place on a desktop/laptop computer 42% of shoppers used a smartphone and/or tablet to research appliances while at the physical store Source: J.D. Power 2013 Appliance Shopper Website Evaluation Study, September 2013.
    8. 8. Compared to Google, the Yahoo Bing Network audience is: 6% more likely to have bought home & garden products in online auctions in the last 6 months. More likely to have added other room (exterior addition) in the last 12 months More likely to have added a deck or patio in the last 12 months More likely to have replaced siding or windows in the last 12 months Source: comScore Plan Metrix, US, March 2013, custom measure created using comScore indices and duplication. March was used to reflect spring cleaning season.
    9. 9. In May 2013, the peak month of the year, the most searched category was “Kitchen and Housewares” Searches in the Home Improvement Category Source: Bing Ads internal data (PC & Tablet only).
    10. 10. While the most searched category was “Kitchen and Housewares” in May, it saw a lower CTR than most categories. Highest click-through rates: “Lawn & Garden” category Costs per click: Ranged between $0.64 and $0.70 across all top 5 categories Source: Bing Ads internal data (PC & Tablet only). CTR by Category CPC by Category
    11. 11. Our study results show that a retail ad with a celebrity in the title and a product name in the description has high Ad Quality. Great Good Ad Title Other Words Other Words Web Web Venue Venue Value Value Style/Kind Style/Kind Service Service Resource Resource Quality Quality Purchase Purchase Promotion Promotion Product Product Official Site Official Site Number Number New New Gift(s) Gift(s) Furniture Furniture Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Free Food Food Domain Ad Description No Data Domain {KeyWord} {KeyWord} Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Clothing Clothing Celebrity Celebrity Brand Brand Black Friday Black Friday Bad
    12. 12. Great Good Bad Ad Description No Data Quality Resource Service Size Ad Title Style/Kind Value Venue Web Other Words Source: Bing Ads internal data (PC & Tablet only), November 2012. Other Words Purchase Web Promo Venue Now Official Site Product Value Holiday Style/Kind Gift(s) Size Gift Service Furniture Resource Free Shipping Quality Food Purchase Cyber Monday Promotion Brand Product Black Friday Official Site Now Holiday Gift(s) Gift Furniture Free Shipping Food Cyber Monday Brand Black Friday % Off % Off
    13. 13. Insights for Home and Garden PC TITLE DESCRIPTION Venue Now Venue Free shipping Venue Service Venue Brand Venue ˗ Across all devices, “venue” (i.e. home, party, garden) pairings yielded significantly high clickability. Purchase ˗ The combination of “venue” with “purchase” on mobile ad copy is the least frequently used but highest indexing. Source: Bing Ads internal data (PC & Tablet only), November 2012.
    14. 14. Tablet Mobile TITLE DESCRIPTION TITLE DESCRIPTION Venue Purchase Venue Free shipping Venue Product Venue Service Venue Style/kind Venue Brand Promotion Web Venue Value Resource Now Venue Product Source: Bing Ads internal data (PC & Tablet only), November 2012.
    15. 15. The Bing Ads account clean-up list: 15 tips to boost performance
    16. 16. Opportunities to check: Action Explanation Update your keyword list Ensure you have all new products or services covered by your keyword list. Keeping your keyword list up to date is essential to attract potential customers. You can use the Google Import function in Bing Ads to migrate keywords that might be missing but are present in AdWords. Bid on all match types Increase ad performance by bidding on exact, phrase, and broad match types. Each match type has different advantages, so by having each keyword set to deliver on all three match types offers you the benefits of them all. Place highest bid on exact match Create a tiered bidding structure with highest bid on exact, followed by broad and phrase. Exact match typically delivers at higher CTR and often CPA. This action will likely save you money while improving performance. Bid for mainline positions Utilize the ‘top vs. other’ column in your keyword report and average position to determine which keywords need higher bids. Most clicks are generated in the mainline (ads above organic listings). Mainline ads also see typically much higher clickthrough rates. Moving keywords from the sidebar (ads to the right of the organic listings) to the mainline will increase volume and improve performance. Implement broad match modifier (BMM) Add a plus sign in front of a keyword entity to ensure the term is present in a user’s search (example: Boston +roof +installation) Broad match can greatly increase the number of impressions and clicks you are receiving. BMM ensures that relevance of your keywords remains high. Add negative keywords Add negatives on the campaign or ad group level to control against which searches your ads should appear. Negative keywords give you additional control when your ads should appear. (Example: Your home improvement business is focused on windows replacement. ‘Download’ would be a recommended negative keyword for ‘windows’, so your ads don’t show when someone searches for Windows software downloads.)
    17. 17. Opportunities to check: Action Explanation Implement Sitelink Extensions Enter up to 10 Sitelink Extensions for each campaign. Sitelink Extensions lets you add additional links to your website within an ad, so searchers can access the pages that interest them most. Use Location Extensions Add your address and phone number to your ad copy to help local searchers find you. Location Extensions are a must-have if you have a physical store because it lets you show both your address and phone number in your ad. If you have multiple business locations, Bing Ads will display the address and phone number for the location closest to the searcher. Improve CTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion in ads Have at least one dynamic ad per ad group and compare results to static ads. By implementing dynamic text the ad copy reflects exactly the search terms the user was looking for, thus greatly improving relevance and CTR. Test ad copy frequently Run ad performance reports frequently and pause or modify underperforming ads. Ad copy is what attracts a searcher to your website. By testing different copies you’ll quickly discover which elements generate the most clicks.
    18. 18. Opportunities to check: Action Explanation Target by device Separate your campaigns and target phones, tablets and PC individually. mCommerce is the fastest growing online channel. By creating unique campaigns for each device type you are perfectly set up to capitalize the different user intentions. Create a mobile-optimized website Ensure your mobile webpage uploads quickly and accurately and is visually tailored for smartphone screens. Navigating on a mobile phone is different than on a PC. Ensure your webpage uploads quickly and accurately and is visually tailored for smartphone screens. Use Location Extensions Add business address and phone number to your ad. Mobile searches have a high local intent like finding the nearest restaurants in the area. Providing your business information is crucial to attract shoppers to your location. Opportunities to check: Action Explanation Leverage incremental bidding Increase or decrease bids based on your customer profiles. Incremental bidding is a powerful way for small businesses to compete against industry giants. You can boost bids for example by gender or location of your customers. Radius and geographical targeting for local stores Select your business location and define the radius or area where your ads will appear. Radius or geo-targeting by city or state allows to show your ads only to those customers that live close to your business. However, you can choose toad intent targeting for greater reach (Example: A searcher in Boston looking for yard services in Chicago).
    19. 19. And yes, the perfect time to (spring) clean your Bing Ads account! Which advertisers should optimize their accounts in spring: Tools & Hardware Stores Garden Centers Nurseries Appliance Stores Furniture Stores Kitchen Designers Landscape Designers Lawn & Yard Care Services Cleaning Services Contractors Electricians Plumbers Painters Handyman Services Windows & Roofing Services
    20. 20. Add some color to your search campaigns with new ad formats on Bing Ads
    21. 21. Location Extensions Call Extensions Sitelink Extensions Merchant Ratings
    22. 22. Up to 13% higher CTR using Sitelink Extensions than with standard text ads Source: Microsoft internal data, May 2013. Performance study based upon beta testing data on Bing O&O only and is not a guarantee of performance. Increase in clicks is dependent upon a seasonality and advertiser vehicle.
    23. 23. Up to 9% higher CTR using Location Extensions than with standard text ads
    24. 24. Source: 1. comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), US, September 2013.
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