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Excel in Excel for Digital Marketers


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Why is a Bing Ads Evangelist talking about Excel? Bing Ads wants to help you be a smart digital marketer. And digital marketers who master PivotTables, big data visualization and other Excel beauties gain insights that help them create better messaging, better targeting and better ROI. We’re all about better ROI. Leave with 7 productivity tips which you can use almost every time you open Excel, and see the power of the latest add-ins of Excel to handle big data. Big data is now is your grasp.

Save time. Uncover more insights. Impress your boss. Let's Excel.

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Excel in Excel for Digital Marketers

  1. John Gagnon, Bing Ads Evangelist
  2. Maximum # of Cells in Excel
  3. Excel BrainSearch Brain
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  5. Productivity
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  20. Pivot Tables on Steroids Power
  21. Maximum # of Cells in Excel?
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  23. Bing Maps + Excel Charting on Steroids Power
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