2014 World Soccer Championship Infographic


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Every four years, the world holds it breath for the world soccer championship. This year, the stage for the drama is set in Brazil, and fans are projected to generate $64.5 billion for the host nation's economy.1 Fans are also expected to kick the global economy into high gear by spending money on travel, sports gear, food and drinks. Partially fueled by the world soccer championship frenzy, worldwide advertising is expected to grow at 6.5%.2

Check out the Bing Ads infographic to find out how you can score sales during the 2014 world soccer championship.

• Source 1: Sustainable Brazil: Social and Economic Impacts of the 2014 World Cup, Ernst & Young Terco (Brazil), 2011.
• Source 2: Magna Global 2013;

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2014 World Soccer Championship Infographic

  1. 1. 6.5% Kicking the global economy into high gear Who’s watching soccer? 5% This summer, all eyes will be on the world’s biggest event in soccer — ahem, football. Are you ready? Only South American and European teams have ever claimed the world soccer championship, but you can expect big boosts in ad revenue on a global scale as the big game approaches. Considering Brazil is the only country to compete in every world soccer championship, we know Brazilians are tuning in. But they’re certainly not the world’s only soccer fans. 2010 “World Cup” searches in the UK: Projected worldwide advertising growth for 2014 The world soccer championship is expected to contribute to that growth US Global Argentina, Brazil, France 36% 64% 43% 57% >50% <50% Percentage of soccer fans that are women: Percentage of soccer fans that are men: of all searches contained the words “World Cup” Top-searched World Cup sponsors during the first and second weeks of the tournament were South African Airways and Budweiser, respectively In May, nearly Other popular search terms included: Auto Retail Cellphone Sports footwear brands Winning UK industries during the 2010 world soccer championship Flat-screen TVs Sporting apparel Pizza Up 40-100% Boosted at 4% Domino’s reported a 40% increase in sales Searches for tickets went up almost 6x the day after the conference championship games Before After Dec. 3, 2013 Feb. 5, 2014 Dec. 3, 2013 Feb. 5, 2014 Fans bought apparel before and directly after the game Meanwhile, searches for recipes and food increased sharply in the week Big games boost Internet searches Predicting big spending Since the world soccer championship only comes every 4 years, we’ve uncovered search trends for a more recent team sporting event, the 2014 Super Bowl. 2/2: Super Bowl 2/2: Super Bowl 1/19: Conference championship games Brazil has plenty of reasons to be excited, and not just because the last time it hosted the world soccer championship was in 1950. Digital love in Brazil Bicycle kick it toward your goal With an online audience of 46 million users, you don't want to sit on the sidelines. The Pelé of search advertising When you advertise with Bing Ads, you not only access a network of sports fans — you also tap in to an audience of passionate travelers. When compared to Google, the Yahoo Bing Network audience is: A tourist spending frenzy is predicted for the world soccer championship $64.5 billion: Projected benefit for Brazil’s local sector Visitors’ spending (in millions of dollars) Hospitality Meals Purchase (retail) Other (medical and legal services) $965.4 $409.9 $377.5 $124.1 $240.0 $234.6 $345.2 Transport Culture and Leisure Communications 77% 97% Digital media advertising growth projected in 2014 of Brazilians have a positive attitude toward online shopping of Brazilians are on social media The average share rate of branded videos in Brazil is higher than the world average World Brazil Nearly 50% higher conversion rates than with standard text ads Up to 9% higher click-through rate than standard text ads Up to 10% higher click-through rate than standard text ads Up to 15% higher click-through rate than standard text ads more likely to have spent $5,000-$7,499 online on travel in the last 6 months 10% more likely to have attended a major sporting event while on vacation in the last 12 months 9% more likely to have bought pro sports tickets online in the last 6 months Ad formats on Bing Ads can give you a competitive edge - no matter what team you're rooting for. 6% Connect with a Search Specialist to get started today Engage with our blog at advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/blog or learn more at slideshare.net/bingads 800-518-5689 or check out bingads.com/getstarted Product Ads Location Extensions Call Extensions Sitelink Extensions Standard text ads Product ads Standard text ads Local Extensions Standard text ads Call Extensions Standard text ads Sitelink Extensions Follow us on Twitter, too! twitter.com/bingads 27% Forecasted e-commerce boost for Brazil in 2014 $16.6 billion in business * Note: Conversion from $RU to USD calculated at the rate of $1 USD to R$2.2 (Date of conversion: 5/14/14). SOURCES: http://www.soccerinmotion.com/2012/04/1549/ http://news.magnaglobal.com/ipgmediabrands/press-releases/magna-global-advertising-forecast-2014-ipg-mediabrands.htm $16.6 billion in business Brazilian E-Commerce Association, 2014 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/football/fifa-world-cup-2014/top-stories/Cue-samba-Brazils-World-Cup-bound-to-be-special/articleshow/33443551.cms AdWeek. 7 October 2013. http://www.lakestarmccann.com/blog/advertising-and-marketing/five-per-cent-of-internet-searches-relate-to-world-cup-2010-as-uk-goes-football-mad-2/ http://press.experian.com/United-Kingdom/Press-Release/experian-hitwise-world-cup-sponsorship-league-update.aspx http://www.theguardian.com/business/blog/2010/jul/13/world-cup-2010-business-winners-and-losers http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10737856 Microsoft internal query data on Owned & Operated, PC and tablet only. Data range: 12/1/2013-2/6/2014. http://emergingmarkets.ey.com/sustainable-brazil-social-and-economic-impacts-of-the-2014-world-cup/ http://blog.spotistic.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-social-media-usage-in-brazil “Why World Cup Brazil 2014 Is Crucial For Digital Video Advertisers,” Business Insider.com, September 4, 2013; http://blog.spotistic.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-social-media-usage-in-brazil comScore Plan Metrix, US, November 2013. Custom measure created using comScore indices and duplication. comScore Plan Metrix, US, January 2014, custom measure created using comScore indices and duplication. Mercent internal data based upon customers included in Bing Ads Product Ads pilot, Q1, 2014. Microsoft internal data, 2013 Microsoft internal data, 2014 20% Increase 3X Nearly 50% 9% 10% 15% STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD SCORING SALES DURING THE 2014 WORLD SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP