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How to bath a dog


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How to wash your dog at home

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How to bath a dog

  1. 1. Why do you need to bath a dog because your dog will smell nice and clean Pictures from google
  2. 2. You can get soap in your eyes
  3. 3.  Dog shampoo/conditioner  Brash  Lead  Hose  Tap  Towel  treats
  4. 4.  You should wash your dog 1 a week  10-15 min  Outside on a sunny day
  5. 5.  Clean your area  Get the equipment ready  Put the dog an the lead  Wet the dog  Add shampoo and scrub  Rinse your dog you scrub so no shampoo is left  Add conditioner and scrub  Rinse your dog while you massage the dog  Dry your dog off with a towel  Brush your dog  Give your dog a treat if they are good  Then let your dog off the lead