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T553 Class Project

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T553 how to manual

  1. 1. Youve never used a computer before? Dont worry, its never too late!Its not as scary as you may think... Your child/student can use computers effortlessly and so can you!
  2. 2. Lets get started...Have you seen a computer in yoursurroundings (or a similar device, like a laptop,tablet or smartphone)? If the answer to thatquestion is no, here are some pictures.
  3. 3. Here are some pictures of the basiccomponents of a computer...Monitor or screen CPU (only seen with a desktop)Keyboard Keyboard with mouse Mouse(desktop) for laptops
  4. 4. Step 1: Turn your machine onIf your machine is already turned on, skip thisstep.Look for (the power button) either on thelaptop keyboard area or on the CPU. Press itonce so that it lights up or the screen shows up.You should see something similar to the imagebelow.
  5. 5. Step 2: Using your computerOnce your computer has started, you can useyour computer for many different things.The screen that initially shows up is called the"desktop". This screen will have many differenticons on it. When you use your cursor (bymoving your mouse) to click on an icon you willstart a particular program.You can use most programs without an internetconnection, but to use any website you willneed to make sure that your device isconnected to the internet.
  6. 6. Lets start with learning somethingsimple..how to go on the internet ?On your screen which is also called thedesktop, look for these icons orpictures. When you find one clickon it with your mouse(If you havea desktop click on the leftbutton of mouse twice)You should have a windowpop up like the one shownon the right
  7. 7. Time to start browsingIn the white bar on the toptype www.google.com andsee what shows up.You should get.
  8. 8. Browsing continued ...Type something you wantto find about in the whitebar under Google or nextto googleLook what it shows you.You can click on one of theblue links and read all theinformation. You can entersomething different in thewhite bar to look forsomething else. Enjoy Searching....
  9. 9. Stopping or closing somethingAt any point if you want to shut the browser youopened or close any program. Look for a X.Normally on the top left or right corner and clickon it. It will ask if you want to shut down, sayyes. If you are working on a document orsomething important, make sure you save it(will teach you that as we go ahead ).
  10. 10. Lets learn to type better....If you have not used a typewriter when youwere younger then this is perfect for you...Look for this icon on your desktop.Click on it twice and seewhat opens. Click onword document or justhit enter and a page willopen
  11. 11. Typing or word continuedThis is what you should getNow type away
  12. 12. Saving documents or other workTo save what you typed ifyou want to retain it. Clickon File in the top leftcorner and scroll down onmenu to saveEnter a name for thedocument and hit save.Remember where yousave it, like here its in thedocuments folder.