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  • ).- ( Understand the relation between Skill Building and Psychometric Testing. Emphasize the fact that the skills chosen in this program are very generic and important to any student irrespective of the field chosen).
  • Career planning

    1. 1. Career Planning
    2. 2. What do you want to be? Pilot Fashion Designer Engineer Economist
    3. 3. What do we want Respect in society Money Fame Satisfaction Security Happiness and Joy
    4. 4. Don’t we want all or some of these for ourselves while thinking about a career? Respect in society Money Fame Satisfaction Security Happiness and Joy
    5. 5. What leads to lack of career success? Career not matching with one’s interest Career not matching with one’s potential Career not matching with one’s personality
    6. 6. Why does one go for a career that’s not a good match? Opportunity Perception Parental influence “This is a growing field, many opportunities” “This will ensure a good job” “I have read that it is a very good career” Opportunity perceptions “My Dad is an engineer” “My sister has done biotechnology and she has told me about it ” “My brother is also an engineer and I also want to do it” Parental Influence
    7. 7. Peer pressure Lack of knowledge or information Parental pressure Lack of resources “My friends would go for this” “All of my friends will prepare for MBBS” Peer Pressure “My Parents say I should go for MBBS” “My Parents want me to take care of the business” Parental pressures
    8. 8. The Need of the Hour…. Effective Career Management. which should be: a systematic approach an objective an individualized
    9. 9. CAREER MANAGEMENT “The Three step Mantra”
    10. 10. CAREER MANAGEMENT Know yourself Career Awarene ss Take ACTION
    11. 11. Know yourself… How to evaluate yourself ?..
    12. 12. Know yourself… What are your interests & talents? Note down at least 5 interests & 5 talents on a piece of paper Exercise
    13. 13. Know yourself… Exercise Do not proceed till you have finished the exercise
    14. 14. Know Yourself… Identification of Interests Inclinations Talent Skills Strengths Areas to improve upon Personal Characteristics How? Inputs from friends, family Hobbies Extra-curricular activities Career assessment program
    15. 15. Examples of interests & talents Writing Reading Communication Listening Painting Sports Singing Dancing
    16. 16. What aptitude is Viswananth Anand gifted with? Mukesh is gifted with this talent
    17. 17. Every professional who is successful in a certain career, possesses certain aptitudes that increases his/her effectiveness
    18. 18. Viswananth Anand is gifted with Numerical aptitude Successful Designers are gifted with good observation & visualization ability
    19. 19. PERCEPTIONS ABOUT EXPLORING CAREERS  Looking only at 2-3 careers…  Limited awareness of other avenues  Perception about those 2-3 careers  There are more opportunities in this career  There is more status & prestige in this career - Social acceptability  Apprehension to try new things Do we know there are 100+ possible career options today?
    20. 20. Pointers for Exploring Careers… Know more about the career of your choice Nature of work Work roles Emerging trends Career path / Study route Prospects Related careers/ back-up options How? Reading Surfing Career Talks Seminars Self Awareness Workshops Career Exhibition Career Guidance
    21. 21. Some Career Options  Engineering  Architecture  Medicine  Para-medicine  Pharmacy  Nursing  Biological Sciences  Physical Sciences
    22. 22.  Merchant Navy  Defense  Commercial Pilot  Product Designing Some Career Options
    23. 23.  Psychology  Economics  Languages  Social Work  Chartered Accountancy  Company Secretaryship  Cost Accountancy Some Career Options
    24. 24.  Management  Journalism  Advertising  Fashion Designing  Commercial Art  Hotel Management  Law  Civil Services Some Career Options
    25. 25. Offbeat Careers  Nutrition & Dietitics  Broadcast Journalism  Fitness Training  Animation  Game Designing  Instructional Designing  Merchandising  Cinematography  RJ, VJ  Training
    26. 26. Taking Action… Which career is most suited Best route to reach there Develop required skills needed Develop the right attitude for Success
    27. 27. Taking action… School Class X School Class XII Graduation Post Graduation Selecting the right stream Professional programs after XII Exploring talents Developing confidence Public speaking Identifying degree options Preparing for Entrance exams Using talents Setting goals Effective Time management Developing critical thinking skills Communications skills Interpersonal skills Enhancing creativity Taking initiative  Identify PG options  Part time job / project options  Preparing for entrance exams Leadership Planning and organizing Getting placements with best companies Making the right decisions Honing key skills
    28. 28.  Aids in all 3 Stages  Know Yourself  Exploring Careers  Taking action CAREER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
    29. 29. CAREER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM Our Career Planning Approach Know Yourself (Knowing Interests, Aptitude, Personality) Exploring Careers (Based on Interests, Aptitude, Personality) Taking action (Planning Education and Skill development )
    30. 30. Focuses on identifying one’s strengths, potentials, one’s areas of interest and personal qualities. Intensive career guidance and counseling is done to aid the student in making effective and informed career choices. The various aspects covered are: Short-listing of Professional Options (Engineering, Designing, Medicine), which facilitates the process of planning their careers Career Information about the options recommended to the students. This information would cover Premier institutes and the eligibility criteria Work roles Important personal skills and qualities required Future prospects Information about entrance exams and scholarships CAREER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
    31. 31. BENEFITS Awareness of one’s strengths and potential. Clarity regarding the areas of interest and personal qualities Focus on the career front and motivation to explore the career process on the basis of guidelines provided Charting a clear career path for the students Charting a clear career path for the parents to enable them to act as facilitators in their child’s pursuit for achieving success in the chosen career CAREER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
    32. 32. CAREER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM  Areas Assessed  Interest  Aptitude  Personality
    33. 33. Evaluating Interest…  Things that grab your curiosity; activities that give pleasure  Need to assess the interests and match them with job profiles to see how they can be incorporated into a professional career Output of Career assessment Interest Test
    34. 34. Evaluating Interest… Working with Numbers 8 Health & Science 2 Music & Arts 8 Writing & Mass Communications 2 Commerce 5 Helping others 7 Engg. & Construction 5 Protective Services 8 Law & Politics 1 Teaching & Training 3 Business, Sales & Marketing 8 Office & Project management 6 Working with Computers 3 Nature & Outdoor 8 Output of Career assessment Interest Test 14 Areas marked on a scale of 1 to 10
    35. 35. Aptitude… Every job requires a specific set of skills / abilities to perform them effectively Output of Career Assessment Aptitude Test •Closure ability •Clerical ability •Mechanical ability •Numerical ability •Reasoning ability •Spatial ability •Verbal ability
    36. 36. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 CA CL MA NA RA SA VA Aptitude… Closure ability Clerical ability Mechanical ability Numerical ability Reasoning ability Spatial ability Verbal ability Every job requires a specific set of skills / abilities to perform them effectively Output of Career Assessment Aptitude Test
    37. 37. Personality… Motivational drives, needs and attitudes are important factors in determining career choices Output of Career Assessment Personality Test 14 personality factors marked on a scale of 1 to 10
    38. 38. Personality… A Reserved, critical, Outgoing, easygoing B Concrete Thinking Abstract Thinking C easily upset. Emotionally stable D Complacent, undemonstrative, Excitable, impatient, demanding. E Obedient, conforming, humble. Independent, competitive, stubborn. F Serious, introspective, taciturn, Cheerful, enthusiastic, expressive, alert. G Evades rules, quitting, feels few obligations. Conscientious, persevering, moralistic, H Shy, restrained, hesitant. Venturesome, socially bold, impulsive, I Tough minded, self reliant, realistic. Tender minded, dependent, sensitive. J Goes readily with the group, zestful, Individualistic, inhibited, reflective. O Placid, self- assured, complacent, serene Apprehensive, easily troubled, Q2 Group dependent, a joiner & sound follower Self sufficient, prefers own decisions, Q3 Undisciplined, self conflict, follows own urges Controlled, socially precise, self-disciplined. Q4 Relaxed, torpid, unfrustrated. Tense, frustrated, driven, overwrought Motivational drives, needs and attitudes are important factors in determining career choices Output of Career Assessment Personality Test
    39. 39. Ensuring Extra Edge! Academics – top priority Extra – curricular activities Foreign Language Maths & English concepts Development of right set of skills Communication Public Speaking Interpersonal Skills Life Skills (handling pressures, managing stress, effective management of time, creativity…)