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Benefits on ho’oponopono


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The power of forgiveness and every other of the benefits that comes with the use of the meditation technique called Ho'oponopono

Benefits on ho’oponopono

  1. 1. By Soul Tran Sync Ho’oponopono
  2. 2.  Some people find themselves lost in the world of past experiences or feelings.  They hold grudges, get stuck on the bad choices they’ve made in their past, and some have lost hope of moving past these destructive feelings.  If you have found yourself in this position, you may enjoy the benefits that Ho’oponopono can bring to your life. Ho’oponopono
  3. 3. What is Ho’oponopono?  The Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono is based upon the principles that the things that happen in your life or in the world around you are your responsibility. Ho’oponopono
  4. 4. Ho’oponopono  This principle of Ho’oponopono does not place blame on an individual but rather an obligation to take responsibility of your emotions during life’s problems and disappointments.  Ho’oponopono provides individuals with a simple process that will allow them to release bad memories, experiences, and displeasures. Ho’oponopono
  5. 5. I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.  Ho’oponopono focuses on these few simple phrases that can help in the healing process and allow you to overcome the bad thoughts or feelings you are experiencing. Ho’oponopono
  6. 6. How it Works  By simply realizing that the world around you is of your making and the result of your actions, bad memories, or unpleasant thoughts are in your control you can begin to let go, allow yourself to heal, and move on with a better life through Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono
  7. 7. Reap the Benefits of Ho’oponopono  Ho’oponopono can provide you with many benefits such as being able to:  Cope with negative feelings  Find peace when others have wronged you  Gain control of your action and thoughts  Let go of emotional baggage you’ve been carrying  Recognize your inner strength  Reduce stress levels and increase in happiness Ho’oponopono
  8. 8. Unique Benefits  The benefits of Ho’oponopono are unique to each individual as each person has their own personal struggles to overcome. The methods of Ho’oponopono you participate in will play a large role in the benefits you experience and the magnitude of them. Ho’oponopono
  9. 9. The End Ho’oponopono