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Bina sohail portfolio


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Bina sohail portfolio

  1. 1. Design challenge: To create a material from waste, and then design a product that uses that material.
  2. 2. Process: Layering up used roasted tea bags to increase the strength of the box. Other materials considered: using natural glue to create a material out of egg shells and peanut shells. using burnt sugar to glue egg shells and peanut shells together.
  3. 3. Packaging for tea bags with tea bags.
  4. 4. Design challenge: To make the laundry process a less tedious task, with out the constant use of clean water.
  5. 5. Social and economic development of villages in Pakistan. Lack of clean water to wash clothes. The see-saw uses life saver filteration system. The see saw uses 100% bio-degradable soap nuts found in the northern areas of Pakistan. Soap water is then used in agricultural land near by.
  6. 6. Design development: Testing the curve required to create enough movement to wash your clothes.
  7. 7. High density polyethylene. Water filteration pump.
  8. 8. Other hobbies: