Lesson BTF116. Binary Options Trading Strategy


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We have come a long way in this first video lesson series, we have learned all the basic concepts in technical analysis, starting from the information behind candlesticks to chart patterns and breakout and bounce trading.

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Lesson BTF116. Binary Options Trading Strategy

  1. 1. Binary Trading Finance 100 - Beginner Course Lesson BTF116: Your First Trading Strategy Presented by Orlando Gutierrez for BinaryTradingFinance.com
  2. 2. Risk Disclosure Trading binary options is a challenging and potentially profitable endeavor for educated and disciplined investors who are willing to take an above average risk on their capital. Before you decide to enter the world of binary options you should carefully consider your objectives, education/capability and most of all your risk aversion. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Moreover, the information presented here is for informational and educational purposes only; the contents of this presentation are not to be considered as an offer or advice to buy or sell any particular security.
  3. 3. Summary • What have we learned so far? • Step 1: Configure you chart template. • Step 2: Choose your instruments • Step 3: Find a support or resistance zone • Step 4: Patience, wait for price to reach these levels • Step 5: Look for rejection or breakout (using candlestick formations and chart patterns as confirmation) • Step 6: Take the trade using the 5% rule.
  4. 4. What have we learned so far? • We have learned to understand the information candlestick give us to determine if the move is exhausting or continuing • We have learned how to identify reversal patterns with candlesticks. • We have learned how to look for support and resistance zones. • We have learned how to look for the most liquid times to trade. • We have learned how to correctly manage our money and how to calculate our break even ratio It´s time to trade binary options!
  5. 5. Configure your chart template • First thing is first, we need to configure our chart template. • A basic white background with blue up candles and red down candles is the most common amongst professional traders. • Right click on your MT4 chart • Choose properties
  6. 6. Configure your chart template • Once inside just choose the colors for your candles and background and your good to go. Bull candles Bear candles
  7. 7. Choose your instruments • We need to choose the instruments we want to trade, remember we want to trade the most liquid markets. • When trading Forex the most liquid currencies are the Euro, the US Dollar, the British Pound, the Japanese Yen, the Australian Dollar and the Canadian Dollar. • Having said this we might want to trade the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD. • When trading stocks we might want to focus on Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and CitiGroup.
  8. 8. Find Support and Resistance zones • The first step is to open the 15M chart and draw support and resistance lines.
  9. 9. Patience: wait the levels to be reached • Once we have our lines on the charts do the same with our other instruments. • We wait for future price action to reach these areas and wait for confirmation of rejection or break out. • The black line represents where we left off on the last slide. Double Bottom Right on support
  10. 10. We need confirmation of reversal • Once the levels are reached we wait for confirmation that a reversal is in play to trade the bounce. NECKLINE • Price reaches the area of support • We have a possible double bottom in play • Once the neckline is broken we have confirmation of a reversal. • We go an buy 15 minute expiry CALLS
  11. 11. Strategy Step by Step • We look for support and resistance on the 15 minute chart • Once price reaches these levels we wait for confirmation of rejection or breakout. • We use candlestick formations and chart patterns for confirmation of reversal. • We trade the 15 minute expiry options to profit from short term momentum.
  12. 12. Now let´s trade the strategy live! www.BinaryTradingFinance.com
  13. 13. Thank you for joining us www.BinaryTradingFinance.com