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Medical Billing Software

  1. 1. Medical Billing SolutionsMedical Billing Solutions Case Studies
  2. 2. Case 1: Patient billing solution with clinical system integration PROBLEM TO BE ADDRESSED: Client requires a solution that provides efficient charge creation and timely payments with integration to clinical systems OUR SOLUTION: Binary Spectrum developed an integrated billing solution that comprises of the following:  Patient Demographics and Charge capture  Claims generation and Submission  Cash Posting / payment entry  Complete Collections, EOB Follow up and Denial Analysis  Receivables Management  Ageing Analysis  Service Fund Management
  3. 3. Workflow
  4. 4. Case 2: Electronic Claim and Member Management for Health Management Office PROBLEM TO BE ADDRESSED: Client requires a solution that enhances efficiency of the claim processing process and also aids in growth plans OUR SOLUTION: Binary Spectrum developed an automated billing solution that comprises of the following:  Support for multiple integration mechanisms for Vendor interactions  Compliance checks and acknowledgement generation  Parsing and Validation mechanisms  Automated Workflow and Rule Management  Support for Real-time Messages  Loads the claims into HMO’s database (No claim will be loaded into it, until all errors are fixed).
  5. 5. Workflow
  6. 6. Case 3: Patient Billing and Coding Solution for Practice Management Software PROBLEM TO BE ADDRESSED: Client requires a comprehensive billing solution that meets CMS, NUCC, HIPAA regulatory standards and Insurance company’s policies and processing requirements. OUR SOLUTION: Binary Spectrum developed a comprehensive billing solution that comprises of the following:  Charge Capture  New claim  Find claims  Paper claims conforming to NUCC  Electronic Claim Transmission  Payments Recording  Patient statements  Rebilling  Apply transactions
  7. 7. Workflow
  8. 8. OUR KEY DIFFERENTIATORS IN WORKFLOW Under the Billing and Coding services, there are multiple ways of creating a final charge for a patient. Flow 1 : At the time of booking an appointment, an encounter can be started, treatment plan details can be captured and the encounter can be ended which takes the user to charge creation screen & for creating the charge for the encounter. Flow 2 : Another flow is from the book appointment page. There is the option of super bill which starts the charge creation process, imports all the services that are captured in the super bill to the charge creation screen & creates the charge, associating the appropriate prices for the services.
  9. 9. WHY BINARY’S BILLING SERVICES? We deliver, • Significant system and personnel designed software • Superior 24 / 5 customer services • Technical expertise for cost effective robust solutions • Solution centric approach
  10. 10. Contact For Billing Services New Jersey Binary Spectrum Softech pvt. Ltd 140 E Ridgewood Ave Suite 416 Paramus, New Jersey -07652 USA Tel : +1-813-359-8990 +1-201-474-8224 +1-813-902-2396 Fax: +1-813-200-1004 India #2/10, Ajay Plaza, 1st Main, NS Palya, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore - 560 076 India Tel: +91-80-4057-6000 +91-80-4115-2069 +91-80-2520-5452 Fax: +91-80-4148-0862
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