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Binary computer news matter

  1. 1. Software Development CompanyBinary Computer was founded in the year 2003 by a team of young and dynamicsoftware engineers from Kolkata, India. From the very beginning we focused on qualityand innovative ideas. Binary Computer team realized tremendous opportunity inproviding IT outsourcing services and solutions to various clients across the globe. Fromcustom software application development projects to complete web solution BinaryComputer has successfully completed many complex software projects for many clientsglobally. Our passion for the Internet helps us to deliver high quality websites. Thus thewebsites designed by Binary Computer always yield better results for our clients and weconstantly help them to achieve their goals.Our high quality and cost effective solutions always encourage our clients to recommendus too many more people. In this way from a small start up company Binary Computerhas grown many folds over the years. In this way we have quickly established strongfootholds in the fields of Application Development, Software services, web design, webapplication, enterprise solutions, e-commerce application and we have also introduce ournew brand for Hosting, i.e. “India Hosting Solutions” - .Binary Computer goal is thus to help you achieve your business goals.MLM SOFTWARE BANGLADESHBINARY COMPUTER is expertise to develop MLM (Multi Level Marketing)Software. We deliver complete, automated web based, windows base solution for MLMBusiness. This customized MLM Software plays vital role in the success of MLMOrganization and building confidence of company’s new associated on the management.All type of MLM Plans is integrated as per client Requirement.We have done so many projects with Binary Income Plan, Australian Binary incomePlan, Level Income, Matrix Plan, Board Plan (Binary Board, Matrix Board), RewardPrograms, and Re-Purchase Plan, Growth Plan (Growth on Direct, Growth on Binary,Growth on Level, and Growth on Matrix) and Various Kind of royalty and Bonus IncomePlans & other Client customized Plans.We have done so many projects on Micro-Finance Sectors.Our software covers the following feature: Online User Registration, User Accounts,Online SMS Messaging, Genealogy, Level Tree View, User Profile, Online Receipt,Welcome Letter, TDS Calculations, Incentive Calculations, Advance taken byMembers, Dues Slip, Cheque printing, TDS Certificates, Product Delivery, High
  2. 2. Security E-Pin Generation, E-wallet, Invoice Generation and all type of Report as pernecessary on business plan.We provide Server Space from our Dedicated Server and life time support free of cost.Visit Email id: / mail@thebinarycomputer.comContact Phone: +91-9339521714 / +91-9433105698 / +91-7278774564 /+91-9477205154For more contact :Binary Computer1/1 Municipal Office Lane, Nager Bazar, Dum DumKolkata – 700074, W.BIndia.MLM SOFTWARE BANGLADESH, MULTI LEVEL MARKETING SOFTWARE,MLM SOLUTION, MLM SOFTWARE COMPANY, MLM SOFTWARE KOLKATAMLM SOFTWAREBinary MLM Plan, Australian Binary income Plan, Level Income, Matrix Plan, BoardPlan (Binary Board, Matrix Board), Reward Programs, and Re-Purchase Plan, GrowthPlan (Growth on Direct, Growth on Binary, Growth on Level, and Growth on Matrix)and Various Kind of royalty and Bonus Income Plans & other Client customized Plans.We have done so many projects on Micro-Finance Sectors.Visit http://www.binarymlmsolutions.comEmail id: / mail@thebinarycomputer.comContact Phone: +91-9339521714 / +91-9433105698 / +91-7278774564 /+91-9477205154For more contact :
  3. 3. Binary ComputerKolkata – 700074India.
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