i Trend "куда пойти, куда податься"


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The presentation is composed for students and aims at sketching possible career-ways for them.
When you are to graduate you are sure to have a question arising in your mind over and over again: "What should I do next?"
We compared several ways in order to inform and so-to-say warn the young talents.
Moreover, the presentation briefly illustrates Binary Studio culture as well as our in-house educational projects.

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i Trend "куда пойти, куда податься"

  1. 1. •Кто мы•Наша история•Чем мы занимаемся и кто наши клиенты•Жизнь в Binary•Куда пойти, куда податься?•Академия
  2. 2. наша история
  3. 3. наша история
  4. 4. наша история
  5. 5. Фрилансер Pros Cons
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  8. 8. Академия ?
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