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Binary studio academy 2013 php group (egor)


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Graduation project of Binary Studio Academy 2013.
PHP group.

Corporate social network

Published in: Technology
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Binary studio academy 2013 php group (egor)

  1. 1. Binary Studio Academy 2013 Project: Corporate Social Network
  2. 2. Project participants Egor (coach) Ilya Kirill Misha Sofia Viktor
  3. 3. About project Our project is a corporate social network • Confidentiality of information • Only necessary functions • Full independence What are the key features of the project? • Work simplification and fun
  4. 4. Technologies used
  5. 5. Let's start What is the main difference of this social network? This social network is not for everyone Wow, where is the registration button?
  6. 6. How do I register? There is only one way – via the invitation from administration
  7. 7. A slight deviation from the registration process • All project forms contain data validation on both the client and the server • Most of the errors that come from the server, will be loaded on the page with AJAX
  8. 8. Congratulations, now you are in the social network So, what can we do? • Communicate with members of the social network • Use the library consisting of paper and e-books • Use the calendar and always be aware of birthdays and important events • Keep track on what new your colleagues have • Receive notifications on events, messages, etc.
  9. 9. List of all users sorted by their last activity User profile page. Each member can send email or message in private conversation.
  10. 10. Conversations • Where the unread messages marked with blue color. • Sorted by messages time. • In the left side are title of conversation and it's members. • In the right - last message in this conversation. Messages of conversation
  11. 11. Create new conversations • This form, as other forms, opens in a modal window • The very useful autocomplete for the adding new members • Unnecessary queries to database from autocomplete not happening The same technology is used to add users into the already existing conversations And for add users into the events
  12. 12. Userbox Userbox is shown in the right top corner. • Contains link with the number of unread notifications • Displays username and avatar. • Link for editing profile and link for logout
  13. 13. Notifications The last 5 notifications about messages and events are displayed after click on the notification icon. User can click on the each notification for reading messages or viewing event page. Made using Javascript library Toastr. Also all notifications are available in the static page. They are sorted by date and contain the short description.
  14. 14. • You can edit an event by clicking on the cell of the existing event • User can see the only events, which the involved with him; • It is possible to drag and drop events for a quick change of date • You can create an event by clicking on the cell of the day Calendar A monthly calendar format: Weekly calendar format Drag and drop events for a quick change of date Resize events to change the duration of event
  15. 15. Calendar's agenda page List of the upcoming events with filter by type of the event. Possible: • adding new event; • editing event; • deleting events; • view information about the event such as date start (end), description, etc. Page of the event: • We can see the full event information; • Users can leave their comments for the events; • Possible editing and deleting event.
  16. 16. Add/Edit event Each event has its own color. The interval between the two dates sets the start and duration of the event. List of members. If you are a creator of this event, you can remove any user. Title and description List of types. All types of the events have their default color
  17. 17. Calendar settings Ability to import the events from google calendar into our own calendar. To do this: 2. copy the link into the field for import 1. take a reference to an XML file with the events from Google Calendar. 3. push the button
  18. 18. Library Yellow row - someone has already booked this book If a file with the book was not uploaded then button is crossed out Gray row – e-book Green row - the book is available and you can take it Red row – the book is already taken Filters and sorting
  19. 19. The administrative side Just having the necessary privileges, you can access the admin panel From this panel you can: • manage user accounts; • manage library books; • invite new members.
  20. 20. User list Red row – this user was blocked Typical user From this list admin can block / unblock, edit and delete any of memberAdmin can edit any field, user, even password.
  21. 21. • view and manage queues users. Book list The same colors as the list of books for clients. But we can see more control buttons: • add new book; • edit existing book; • delete existing book; • return the book; We can change the type of the book. And load file on the cloud storage by AJAX
  22. 22. Queue on book List of users who want this book Click on user. Then you can choose return date for book. Then you can save your actions.
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention