Maintenance planning and scheduling


Published on Newsletter, vol 185 - Maintenance planning and scheduling. The book “MAINTENANCE PLANNING AND SCHEDULING HANDBOOK” by Doc Palmer and published by McGraw Hill presents the recommended way to plan for a maintenance crew. this is a book review.

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Maintenance planning and scheduling

  1. 1. Process Plant and Equipment Up-time The basic engineering tradesmen and operators need to keep plant reliability up and operating costs down. From – The world best practice plant and equipment maintenance site. BOOK REVIEW work order is returned. He makes a note in the plant records so he can plan and prepare for it next time.ABSTRACTMaintenance planning and scheduling. The book Productivity is maximised because all the“MAINTENANCE PLANNING AND planning, parts and information is provided andSCHEDULING HANDBOOK” by Doc Palmer the tradesmen can be immediately put onto theand published by McGraw Hill presents the tools to do the job.recommended way to plan for a maintenance crew.Keywords: maintenance planning, scheduling, Doc also indicates that a good planner hasplanner, performance, productivity, planner. particular attributes that are critical for success and provides a useful list of them in the appendix toThe book begins with the sentence - “The his book.Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbookshows how to improve dramatically the This book is well worth reading if you areproductivity of maintenance.” But what else interested in maximising the productivity andwould you expect the author to say? However the performance of your maintenance soon starts quoting verifiable productivityimprovements of 50% above the results achieved Reviewed by Mike Sondaliniwhen not using planning.Doc Palmer separates planning and scheduling.For each he gives 6 principles to work by. He seesplanning as an entirely distinct step to scheduling.The planner is located separate to the maintenancedepartment so he cannot be diverted from the jobof planning by sudden problems.The planner is not the scheduler. The maintenancesupervisor schedules. The planner provides acomplete work package – purchased materials,tool list, procedures, drawings, past equipmenthistory, job times, manning requirements andexternal resource requirements such as cranes –and then walks away to prepare the next workorder.Breakdown jobs cannot be planned and Docadvises that breakdowns go directly to themaintenance supervisor to run with. The plannerdoes not become involved in breakdowns or in anyjob once started. The planner is there to get aheadof the day-to-day work so that fresh work isalways prepared for the crew before they finishtheir current jobs.If the crew find a problem once a planned job isstarted the crew solves the problem themselveswithout involving the planner. The planner isadvised of the problem in the report when the Web: E-mail: DISCLAIMER: Because the authors and publisher do not know the context in which the information presented is to be used they accept no responsibility for the consequences of using the information.