7 warnings: Before Hiring a Web Developer


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7 warnings before hiring a web site developer to design your company web site. Website developer selection tips. Copyright www.bin95.com 2012

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  • This is an update for this slide. Now days, now that mobile users will surpass computer users, any new website you have designed should be mobile friendly. Most people who say they will design or convert your website to a 'Mobile Friendly Website' score a '0' on the world standard W3 Mobile Friendly check tool. Ours scores an 82% !! Don't let those website developers fool you, check your mobile site with W3 standards. Also run an SEO checker on your site before paying for it. Most web developers say they SEO optimize, but really don't know how, the SEO checker tools online will let you see how they did. Also be aware, most sites developed with wordpress have too much hidden code that support that type of content management platform (CMS) to score well on W3 mobile friendly checker or SEO checkers, so tell them no wordpress if you want a truly mobile friendly website. Especially if you are having a company website created, tell them no wordpress. (PS: If you are my friend here, please like and share our new company mobile friendly site http://bin95.mobi with others. Thanks :)
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7 warnings: Before Hiring a Web Developer

  1. 1. 7 Warnings You May be Selecting the Wrong Web Site Developer… (For designing a company website) • Developers Email to you does NOT have full contact info. • (name,company,location, phone, also look for broken English in replies.) • Developer uses Wordpress or other 3rd party CMS • (design capabilities will be limited, you wont own or control 100% of your website) • Developers own company website is a Page Rank of 2 or less. • (Without proper SEO, no one will find your website.) • Developers own company website does not have full contact info. • (name,company,location, phone) • Developers website only has pictures of websites they developed in their porfolio. • (The should have links to actual websites they developed so you can verify PR value and functionality of past work they done.) • Developers own company website does not have Social Media sharing buttons. • (At the least developer should as an example on their own site. As it is a crutial part of todays website.) • Porfolio should not have long pages, google ad farms, all pages should be search engine friendly (no 1458361.aspx. ) • (Also they should be able to design html pages, not just php, not rely on flash, all external links should open in new window, etc.) I recommend http://www.engnetglobal.com/trial/mavuW6uphawr9d6KEfr5.aspx as a top of the line web developer.