Terrorism in india


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A study about terrorism in India and measures to be taken to fight against it.

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Terrorism in india

  1. 1. TERRORISM IN INDIA Name: Bheemeswar Tippabhotla Techriti Id: TECH54191
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Definition : • Terrorism was not confined to a single acceptable definition. Broadly speaking, it can be defined as a violent action which is there by threatening the common people. • It is mainly political in aim. • It will conclude to many psychological repercussions beyond the victim. • The most devastating part about terrorism is that it is conducted by an organization with a chain of command and conspirational cell structure. Terrorism in India : Since independence India is affected by two types terrorisms, which are divided based on their architecture. of 1) Sub-national terrorism(Naxalism/Maoism): It is due to the organisations formed and acting within the country involving the local people. 2) Non-state terrorism: It is due to the organisations having their roots outside the country.
  3. 3. Extent :  One terrorist attack at any corner is enough to shake the whole country.  The non-state terrorists mainly plan their course of action at highly dense areas and famous places.  The Naxalites operate in 60 districts in India. Effect :  Explosion of bombs and use of non-lethal weapons aimed at mass destruction.  Loss of innocent lives.  Destruction of houses, establishments, religious places.  Looting of banks.
  4. 4.  Hijacking of buses, planes.  Crimes such as kidnap, rape.  Smuggling of goods and weapons.  Counterfeiting of currency.  Cyber crimes.  Human rights violation. Causes : The Kashmir conflict : The Kashmir conflict gave rise to the evolution of terrorist groups against India such as Al-Qaida, Lashkar-eToiba, Jamat-ud Daawa etc. Moreover the government of Pakistan, precisely ISI itself is funding for their activities and protecting their base stations in POK.
  5. 5. With their ideologies, they are sometimes successful in creating an impression among the locals that in this country, that Muslims are made the victims of discrimination, and there by funding valuable human resources into their organisations. The human rights violation by the army, the action of police beyond the law and order and hatred speeches and some actions of politicians will cause the spreading of terrorist organisations. Regarding the sub-national terrorism, the failure of government to look into the reduction of economical imbalance and social disparities led to the formation of naxalites in 1967. Since then, the methodologies of their action may have been changed but, the reason beyond the supporting and involvement of the people in their movement integrally remains the same, i.e. poverty, unemployment, underemployment, neglect of youth, peasants and working class and emotional alienation. So, the main reason for Naxalism can be concluded as the inability and inefficiency of the government to satisfy the needs of all the people.
  6. 6. Statistics Analysis : Eight states in India are highly affected by naxalism, eleven are moderately affected, while four out of remaining nine states are marginally affected by naxalism.
  7. 7. Observations : In the past 10 tears, the number of terrorist incidents reported have increased gradually. The map shows that India stands in the category of countries in which the number of terrorist incidents reported in a year are 10 to 79.
  8. 8. Map shows the intensity of naxalites in India, area wise. It says that almost the entire India is affected by Naxalite insomnia, ranging from low to extreme, except some parts in central and western India. Which means that Naxalites have mingled with the common citizens and are receiving support from them directly or indirectly for their activities.
  9. 9. Data : o India stands at fourth place after Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the list of countries affected by terrorism. o India lost Rs.50000 crores of foreign inflow of funds due to terrorist attacks. o A total of 32 terrorist organisations are banned in India. o Since 1970, nearly 10000 incidents of terrorism are reported and the fatalities were around 50000 o In the year 2012 itself, 557 terrorist attacks were reported in which 231 people were found dead and 559 were wounded. o The Maoists(India)/ Communist Party of India-Maoist stands 4 th in the list of perpetrator groups with the most attacks worldwide for the year 2012. o Only to reconstruct Hotel Taj, which was damaged in 26/11 attacks, a total of Rs.500 crores were spent. So, the amount required to reconstruct all the establishments which were damaged in terrorist attacks will be a huge sum.
  10. 10. Side effects of terrorism :  The terrorist attacks are a challenge to the peace, progress and prosperity of our country.  The terrorist attacks hinder the new investments. Foreign investors may not find the country safe anymore and may try to withdraw their current investments even. This in turn leads to unemployment and underemployment.  The attacks cause the rise of inflation and reduces the growth rate.  The tourism will be seriously affected after terrorist attacks. Also, the players from other countries may not be willing to play in the country.  The attacks cause communal clashes among the people. The tensions among people will have its impact on a long run.
  11. 11. Measures to be taken to fight against terrorism :  The government should look in to the root cause, i.e. to eradicate sub-national terrorism, it should focus in the uplifting of economically and socially backward classes, mainly tribals who are both the active participants and in many cases, victims of sub-national terrorism. It should create more jobs of good salaries to check out the problems of both unemployment and underemployment. It should also make clear that all the classes of people are equal and treat them by the same to remove the feeling of alienation by some classes of people.  Regarding the non-state terrorism, India should mainly focus on Kashmir. As there are many base camps operating from the POK, India should either try to take over the whole Kashmir according to the unanimous resolution made by the Parliament of India,February 22 nd ,1994 or should create an impregnable border for the whole country in all means, i.e. by land, by sea and by air.
  12. 12. Implementable solutions  The sanctioned police for 1lakh population is 145.25 and the actual measure is 117.09. Which means that one police is present for 854 persons in India. Now, this becomes a serious issue. The number of police should be increased such that there is at least 1 police for 100 citizens, to fight against terrorism.  Some leaders and rich people are allegedly financing the terrorist institutions. The government should combat against illicit finance.  The cyber security cell must be strengthened.  India is termed as queen of Indian Ocean. But technically, it lost its place now. This is because the long range naval war equipment were being damaged one after the other, but none of them were being upgraded.  Whereas with their budget, the neighboring countries are incorporated with modern war equipment. India should upgrade all of its weapon and defense systems and should provide funds in the budget, accordingly.
  13. 13.  The government should interrogate the cases, make analysis and act effectively against the cases regarding terrorism. It should not fear for political benefits or loses against the assassination of the culprits charged with death sentence in the terrorist cases, which it is doing presently. It should also execute the death sentence quickly to send signals to the terrorist organisations stating that India won’t tolerate terrorism on it’s land. Besides, innocent people should never be booked in terrorist cases on the basis of religion. If such incidents are repeated timely, people may lose faith in the government and judiciary system which in turn will lead to a serious problem.  Terrorism achieves nothing and solves nothing. War shall never make peace. No religion in this world preaches terrorism. The public should be percepted with this so that they may not indulge in terrorist activities or help the terrorists in any manner.
  14. 14. Innovative ideas  A database must be created in which all the information about terrorists, worldwide must be uploaded. It must be up to date. It must be open for the citizens to view, but not to modify.  Exchange of information must be made among international, regional and sub-regional agencies fighting against terrorism and co-ordination must be present among different institutions which are fighting against terrorism.  Co-operation among different regarding science and technology. countries should be present  The government should first weaken the terrorist organisations, either at sub-national or non-state level, by capturing or assassinating the leaders of these organisations.  At present, a stipend of Rs.2000 per month up to 12 months is provided for the surrendered militants (Maximum amount for the militants surrendered without arms). This amount can be increased so that more number of Maoists will be surrendered.
  15. 15. Bibliography :  Wikipedia.org  Global Terrorism Database(GTD)  South Asia Terrorism Portal(SATP)  U.S.Department of State(DoS)  The United Nations Asia and Far East Institute(UNAFEI)  Siliconindia.com  Amnesty International