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Architectural construction drawings on revit


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Work process & checklist for Architectural Drawings on Revit that'll save you time as well as increase precision.

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Architectural construction drawings on revit

  1. 1. Architectural Construction Drawings on Revit Architectural Documentation on Revit
  2. 2. About BimSrv •Provides comprehensive Design & Documentation Outsourcing Services to •Architects •Engineers •Contractors •Developers •Service Platforms include •BIM, Revit, AutoCAD
  3. 3. Objective •Process to increase efficiency •Improve Communication •Improve Consistency •Reduce Production Time
  4. 4. Assumptions •Knowledge of Construction Documentation •Beginner to Intermediate Skills on Revit •Most Design Decisions have been frozen •Design meets all Code Requirements • Design Requirements have been modelled
  5. 5. This Presentation is not •A Course on Construction Documentation •A course on Revit Modeling
  6. 6. Process Initial Model Check Model Integrity Coordinate Consultants’ Drawings/ Model Create Sheet List Create Drafting Views Check Room Numbers Callouts & Sections Create Mockup Set Annotate Openings Add Details Dimensions & Annotations
  7. 7. Plan before you start •Check Model In- accuracies •Coordinate with Consultants’ Drawings & Adjust Model •Create a Sheet List •Create Drafting Views
  8. 8. Check Model • Join Condition of all elements • Walls, Floors, Roofs, Columns etc. • Misplaced Elements • Doors, Rooms, Windows etc. • Use Schedules to identify “Not Placed” elements • Check Dimensions to identify • unwanted fractional dimensions • Modify Model
  9. 9. Coordinate • Coordinate all Disciplines for • Dimensional & Locational Discrepancies • Dependencies • Identify Clashes • Communicate with Team & Get resolution • Modify Model • as per revised Consultants’ drawings/ Model
  10. 10. Sheet List •Create Initial Sheet List to have: •Sheet Number, Sheet Title •Revise Sheet List if needed as you create Views •Add Columns for • Drawn, Status, Date • Status to have: Not Started, In Progress, Mockup, Finished
  11. 11. Drafting Views •Required before Callouts • Callouts can refer to Existing Drafting Views •Copy from Standard Details Library or Create new •Create Symbols for Key Plans & Key Sections
  12. 12. Callouts •Callouts for • Enlarged Plans & Plan Details • Enlarged Elevations, • Sections & Section Details •ALWAYS USE CORRECT CALLOUT TYPE • Meaningfully Name Callouts • Improved Browser Organization
  13. 13. Room Tags •Check Room Tags for •Room Numbers • Identify Room Numbers out of sequence •Create Room Schedule to •Identify Rooms “Not Placed”
  14. 14. Mockup 1 •Create Sheets • Add Views, Clip out unwanted regions • Add “Title on Sheet” & Select appropriate view Template in Properties Palette •Use Project North and all plans should have same orientation •Adjust Scale Drawing scale if needed based on Standard Scales
  15. 15. Mockup 2 •Create additional Views & Sheets if needed •Break-up large Plans into smaller parts/sections & use “Matchline” •Update Sheet List to match the new Views
  16. 16. Annotate Dimensioning Plans • Three levels of Dimensions • Overall Block • Perpendicular Walls • Openings • DO NOT add detail dimensions to areas that require enlarged views • Check Out Client Dimensioning Standards for • Centerline OR Total width • Add “Title on Sheet”
  17. 17. Annotate Plans •Create Callouts for all Enlarged Views • Wet Areas • Baths, Kitchen, Staircase etc. •Add Wall Tags •Add Sections • Building Sections • Wall Sections •Add Plan Notes • Define Features & Elements
  18. 18. Annotate Enlarged Plans •Add Internal Elevation Tags where needed •Add Sections for Staircases •Add Tags •Fixtures & Fittings •Staircase Elements •Dimension •Fixture Centerlines •Staircase
  19. 19. Annotate Elevations •Provide Levels • Finished Floor Lvl. to Finished Floor Lvl. • Add additional Levels if necessary • Add Plans to levels only if required, otherwise, “uncheck” checkbox create plans •Add Elevation Tags • Finish & Material Tags •Add Notes
  20. 20. Annotate Sections •Use Appropriate Template •Add “Title on Sheet” •Dimension Levels •Add •Internal Dimensions •Door & Window Tags •Room Tags •Add Notes
  21. 21. Details Model Based •Add Model Based Details •Use Detail Items •Minimize • Drafting Lines • Filled Regions •Add Dimensions •Add Notes &/ OR Tags
  22. 22. Annotate Wall Sections • Use Appropriate Template • Add “Title on Sheet” • Use Detail Items for • Masonry Walls • Add • Detail Callouts for all • Junctions • Openings (Lintel, Sill) • Link Callouts to • existing Drafting View Details • or Model Based Details • Add Notes
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  24. 24. Thank You