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3d coordination


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3d coordination

  1. 1. 3D Coordination For Construction3D Coordination For Construction ProjectsProjects
  2. 2. All trades must provide their shop drawings in 3d for this coordination to work efficiently • Structural • HVAC • Plumbing • Electrical • FireSprinklers
  3. 3. • CoordinationprocessisdoneintheofficeratherthanhoursofdeliberatingintheGC’strailerCoordinationprocessisdoneintheofficeratherthanhoursofdeliberatingintheGC’strailer • Paperworkiseasilytracked,viae-mailandcollisionlogsPaperworkiseasilytracked,viae-mailandcollisionlogs Benefits of 3D coordinationBenefits of 3D coordination
  4. 4. • Holdalltradesresponsible,ifyoudon’tcoordinateit,yougetwhat’sleftHoldalltradesresponsible,ifyoudon’tcoordinateit,yougetwhat’sleft • AndthedrawingsjustplainlookcoolAndthedrawingsjustplainlookcool Benefits of 3d coordinationBenefits of 3d coordination
  5. 5. Coordination ProcessCoordination Process • Structural drawn in 3D, this gives all trades the base to work off of • All trades should have a basic elevation to work from i.e., fire sprinkler has the first 12 inches above the ceiling, the electrical has 12 inches from deck, etc
  6. 6. Coordination ProcessCoordination Process • Start from the top of the structure and work down from there • Coordinating the HVAC is the toughest with all trades • Once HVAC is coordinated with other trades the process becomes a little easier • In most cases, the Electrical and HVAC will coordinate first then the plumbing and fire sprinkler last
  7. 7. Coordination ProcessCoordination Process • Roof drains can and do cause problems with other trades especially when they are not coordinated properly.
  8. 8. NavisWorks • NavisWorks is a 3D collision check program that can read AutoCAD drawings • This program will find all collisions within a set of 3D drawings • A collision log can be created to assist in the correction of the collisions
  9. 9. How the coordination Process will work using NavisWorks • All trades will Provide their CAD drawings to the company responsible for coordinating the project • Then the responsible party will create a collision log with a list of the collision and a collision number (see next slide) and a drawing showing the location of the collision.
  10. 10. Collision Log
  11. 11. How the coordination Process will work using NavisWorks • Each respective trade will return to their drawings and coordinate with the other trades until the collision has been cleared • The drawings will be re-distributed and another collision check will be done until all collisions have been cleared
  12. 12. Examples ofExamples of NavisWorks in the realNavisWorks in the real world applicationsworld applications
  13. 13. NavisWorks snap shot showing the area of the picture below
  14. 14. NavisWorks snap shot showing the area of the picture below
  15. 15. NavisWorks snap shot showing the area of the picture below
  16. 16. NavisWorks snap shot showing the area of the picture below
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