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10 revit worksets (Update Version)


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10 revit worksets (Update Version)

  2. 2. Rules for Worksets Do 1. Create by BIM Coordinator or BIM Manager 2. Back up regularly 3. Synchronize regularly Don’t 1. Don’t relocate “Central Model” location/ Don’t move “Central Model files 2. Don’t rename the “Cantal Model” 3. Don’t open “Central Model” directly. (Double click opening) 4. Don’t change the user name at “General” tap in option. (If no reason)
  3. 3. CREATIING WORKSETS • Central Model • Local Model MODEL IN WORKSETS • Synchronize with Central • Reload Latest Ownership and Collaboration • Relinquish • Borrow • Request to edit other BACK UP • Auto system Back Up • Manual Daily or weekly Back up Revit Worksets Workflow
  4. 4. Location of Central Model and Local Model Central Model 1. Local Area Network (LAN) Network Drive 2. Wide Area Network (WAN) Cloud, Revit Server Local Model 1. Team member’s computer
  5. 5. Creating Central Model Architectural Drawing Cleaning 1. Delete or Hide Layers (Dimensions, Unnecessary Text) 2. Assign Line Weight and Scale 3. Check Layers and Colors 4. Check Blocks, Attribute 5. Resize the texts CREATING WORKSETS LEVEL GRIDS WORKSET 1 SAVE IN NET WORK FOLDER
  6. 6. Creating Central Model
  7. 7. Creating Central Model Add new “Worksets”
  8. 8. Creating Central Model Save in “Network”
  9. 9. SAVE IN NET WORK FOLDER Creating Local Model
  10. 10. Local Model Name and Location Local Model Name = Project Name + Username in Option Local Model Location
  11. 11. Information Share with Local and Central Synchronize with Cantal Local Model Data to Central Model Reload Latest Central Model Data to Local Model NETWOK MODEL MODEL MODEL Local Model Local Model
  12. 12. Worksets Ownership Relinquish All Mine Relinquish worksets (Others can edit worksets)
  13. 13. Worksets Relinquish
  14. 14. Worksets Modified History 1. Show History 2. Select “Central Model”
  15. 15. Worksets Restore Backup (Central/ Local) 1. Restore Backup 2. Open Backup file of “Central Model”/ “Local Model” 3. Select “Version” 4. Rollback
  16. 16. View Control Bar Visibility/ Graphics of Workses Worksets Visibility and Display
  17. 17. View Control Bar Worksets Visibility and Display
  18. 18. View Control Bar Worksets Visibility and Display
  19. 19. Worksets Editing Requests Owner (Soe Min Tun) has ownership for ACMV worksets
  20. 20. Worksets Editing Requests From Others User (BIM Myanmar) send request to edit ACMV worksets
  21. 21. Worksets Editing Requests Allow Owner Owner (Soe Min Tun) see editing requests from (BIM Myanmar) for ACMV worksets
  22. 22. Owner (Soe Min Tun) allow to edit/ Grant (BIM Myanmar) for ACMV worksets Worksets Editing Requests Allow From Owner
  23. 23. User (BIM Myanmar) can edit/ borrow ACMV worksets
  24. 24. Worksets Relinquish User (BIM Myanmar) need to Relinquish after edit/ borrow ACMV worksets
  25. 25. Worksets Tips Tricks How to edit worksets own by other, without permission 1. Change exactly same name in option 2. Create “Local Model” 3. Edit worksets 4. Synchronize to “Central Model” How to relocate the “Central Model” (All Member Effected) 1. Relocate “Central Model” 2. Delete Old “Local Model” 3. Revit > Open > Create New “Local Model” OR 1. 1.Revit > Open > Detect from Central 2. 2. Save > Option > Check “Make this a Central Model after save” How to edit “Central Model” Revit > Open > Detect from Central