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  • The Bikes for the Philippines (BfP) program was established to reduce the dropout rate of school children who have to walk long distances to school, and reach out to dropouts to complete a high school equivalency program.
  • My PR 360

    1. 1. PROPOSED PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN FORDuration of Campaign: 12 months
    2. 2. Executive Summary The Bikes for the Philippines’ (BfP) is an organization giving out bikes to school children BFP was established to address the increasing drop out rates in public school Lack of public or private transportation is a significant contributing factor in rural Philippines. BfP program is the Philippines one of the kind project to bike beneficiaries as they teach proper riding techniques, first aid and bike maintenance. The first beneficiaries were school children from Baclayon, Bohol
    3. 3. Stakeholders Bikers Bike enthusiasts Bike companies Bike components suppliers Prospective sponsors Individual donors
    4. 4. Goals and Objectives To create awareness BFP as an organization that champions the advocacy of “biking to school” by donating bikes to qualified school children. To tap possible sponsors—bike suppliers, corporate and institutional patrons and individual donors—in order for BFP to sustain its mission and vision for school children in remote areas of the country. To spearhead a “model” which promotes biking as a way to a healthy lifestyle and an essential part of education among young children.
    5. 5. Goals and Objectives To be able to influence other communities to replicate the established model and/or incorporate BFP’s mission-vision in their programs and projects. To promote biking as a form or transportation and an integral part of anyone’s lifestyle—including going to school.
    6. 6. Communication Strategy Tap the nation’s top three broadsheets (Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin) for features and lifestyle articles. Explore the possibility of doing business features via the top 3 business broadsheet (Business World, Business Mirror and Malaya Business Insight) To promote biking and BFP in all bike magazines (Weekend Warrior, Multisports, The Bull Runner, MTB Philippines Magazines)
    7. 7. Communication Strategy To create a strong presence online using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. To tap famous cycling groups (PHILMOFO, PMTB, Polkit Cycling Group, Bikekada Cycling Manila) and bloggers (Mountain Bike Philippines, Biloggirl, Pinoy Bike Blog) in the Philippines. Create biking rides, events and festival to raise fund to the project. To get a celebrity endorser preferably a biker.
    8. 8. ChannelsChannel TacticsNewspaper Create a remarkable article to be featured BFP’s vision and mission, history and plan projectsMagazines Create an article about the endorser of the organization preferably a biker.Blogs and Forum Create PR for BFP events to increase their awareness to public. The press materials will be sent to bloggers and biking enthusiasts, and drive people to attend. Events will be bike rides in the trail, bike camping and bike festival to raise funds.Website and social networks Improve the by updating the activities by posting videos of BFP beneficiaries’ real stories as how the program helped them.
    9. 9. TimelineSchedule PR Approach Media OutletSept Story Angle Lifestyle, sports and Feature story about BFP. metro section of Message: What is BFP?(History, vision and broadsheet. mission, organization business plan) Suggested Photo: BFP Founder and beneficiaries.October Organize a monthly bike ride and invite bikers, Bike blogs and forum bike enthusiasts, bike companies site and Facebook October: Pre-Halloween Ride Page event.November November : Bonifacio Day Ride Bike blogs and forum site and social networksDecember December: Bike Ukay Day (donate pre-owned Bike blogs and forum bikes, bike components and accesories) site and social networks
    10. 10. TimelineSchedule PR Approach Media OutletJan Event Angle Business newspapers Invite business writers/reporters and hold a mini press conference Organize a bike ride on the 1st week of the month Bike blogs and forum dubbed “New Year’s Day Ride” site and social networksFeb Introduce the BFP endorser to promote biking as Lifestyle and Bike a sports and part of lifestyle Magazines Suggested photo: Founder and endorserMarch Organize bike camping on 3rd week of the month Bike blogs and forum and invite bikers, bike enthusiasts, bike company. site and social networksApril Host a bike show festivals to raise fund Bike blogs and forum site and social networks
    11. 11. TimelineSchedule PR Approach Media OutletMay Story Angle Newspaper Message: The Wheel of Change (Testimonial of real people) Interview actual bike beneficiaries and share how BFP program changed their lifeJune Update website and post video clips about Website, Social volunteers and beneficiaries stories. NetworksJuly Organize a critical mass ride in celebration Bike blogs and BFP Founding anniversary. forums and social networks.Aug Organize a bike ride on 3rd week of the Bike blogs and month and invite bikers, bike enthusiasts, forums and social bike company networks
    12. 12. MeasurementChannel KPIsEmailed PR materials Out of 500 emails, 350 replies and it will contribute traffic to websiteWebsite Increase the number of visits to 15% from news releaseJournalist Increase the number of journalist contacts to 15%Email subscription Increase the number of subscriber to 25% from the events(Newsletter) attendanceTwitter Increase the number of followers to 15% monthlyFacebook Likes Increase the number of Likes to 5% Increase the number of Reach to 5% Virality to 3%Social Mentions Sentiments Positive 30% Negative 20% Neutral 50%