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Resource loop

  1. 1. Find many excellent resources on the University of Oregon Website…. Check it out!
  2. 2. UO Homepage:
  3. 3. What classes will be offered next term?
  4. 4. I need to find academic articles for a research paper.
  5. 5. I’d like to find a math tutor.
  6. 6. Where can I find advising and support for my disability?
  7. 7. I need help with my resume.
  8. 8. When can I register for next term?
  9. 9. Does the UO offer any programs for nontraditional students? Yes! Be sure to visit Non-traditional Student Programs in Oregon Hall. Nontraditional Student Programs promotes college access and lifelong learning through collaboration with the university community to provide services and support that address the unique needs and life experiences of nontraditional students.Gretchen JewettCoordinator of Non-Traditional Student Programsgjewett@uoregon.edu541-346-1123164 Oregon Hall
  10. 10. I want to talk to someone about my financial aid.
  11. 11. What are the rules for gaining residency?
  12. 12. Where can I buy football tickets?
  13. 13. Hear what a few past and current transfer studentshave to say about their time at the UO…
  14. 14. “Set up a time schedule. The community college I came from was worlds apart from classes at UO.” – Grant Smith“Blackboard lists the emails of both students and instructors if you need to contact someone in a class.” – Derek Allen“Don’t be afraid to tell people you’re a transfer student, especially professors. If anything, they will be more willing to help you find everything you need to be successful.” – Jordan Giboney
  15. 15. Zach Wegner Class of ’08 – B.A. in SociologyZach transferred to the UO from Portland Community College, wherehe currently works as a part-time advisor. He has two pieces of advicefor transfer students: 1. “Take a transfer seminar. They give you tons of info on campus resources and a small group of friends.” 3. “Get involved on campus! There’s no better way to figure out where your passions lie. Also, it’s great for networking.”
  16. 16. Lindsey Anderson“Locate where your classroom or lecture hall is before the first day of class. It isnt always easy trying to find buildings or rooms.”
  17. 17. Natalie Wells“Keep at it. Stay the course. It will be tough, but in the end it will be for your greater good.”
  18. 18. Joshua Foster“It simply is not enough to visit a website, read the catalog, or take a class. To be truly successful you must develop a personal relationship with your professors, department head, and GTF’s.”
  19. 19. Matthew ParkerThese students are in a CindyTransfer Seminar to Kirchmeler assist them in beingsuccessful at UO. They recommend you take Elda one too! Galvan