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What Makes a Media So Unique?

A lot of media are published nowadays. They provide news and articles for their own readers, on their own style. But what really makes them unique? Simply by having differentiator(s).

Here are some of differentiator(s) that could make a media so unique, based on my own experience.

Most of the examples are on online/digital media, since it's easier to make screenshot from them.

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What Makes a Media So Unique?

  1. 1. What Makes a Media So Unique?by Billy KoesoemadinataExperienced Media Practice
  2. 2. A Media is Unique, if…• It has differentiator(s).• It has its own “tribe”.• It has nationwide coverage.• It’s owned by a millionaire/politician with high influence.• It’s sold for millions of copy per edition, or being read by multi-millions of readers.• It’s on top of mind of everyone. by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  3. 3. Which way is easier?• Make a difference, by having differentiator(s). Photo by Sanja Gjenero at by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  4. 4. The differentiator(s)• Columns• Special reports• Thematic Photo Galleries• “Scheduled” Photo Galleries• Serials by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  5. 5. Columnsby Billy Koesoemadinata |
  6. 6. Special Reportsby Billy Koesoemadinata |
  7. 7. Thematic Photo Galleries by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  8. 8. “Scheduled” Galleries by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  9. 9. Serialsby Billy Koesoemadinata |
  10. 10. Comments?• Let’s discuss by mentioning me on twitter: @billykei, or mail me to with “Media Uniqueness” on subjects. by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  11. 11. Sources• Columns: enal-latex-untuk-penulisan-artikel-ilmiah?id771108bcj• Special reports:• Thematic Photo Galleries: slideshow/anne-hathaway-photo-2558636-222100653.html• “Scheduled” Photo Galleries:• Serials: wi-beri-toleransi-pns-yang-belum-pakai-baju-betawi by Billy Koesoemadinata |
  12. 12. Thanks. by Billy Koesoemadinata |