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Siemenswins 091126002607-phpapp02

  1. 1. Don’tBid This Bill Stayart wins largest single contract for single job in LA Branch History Job! But BillStayart did and won, not once, not justtwice…notawarded till thrise.. Read the rest of the story…
  2. 2. Re-Bid Twice: Clinton White House funding blunder…• Awarded to 3 GC’s before job let out and Contracts where received• Nearly 3 Years of Hunting, Design, Engineering, Planning, Multiple Bids & Follow Up• Every capable Fire, and Security Company in LA and OC along with Corp. Elite chased this project.• GE, ADT, SIMPLEX, Edwards, Honeywell, Notifier, the list goes on..SIEMENS wins Security Project as Fire Safety Company, we turn it over to Security Division and lend Security our installation contractor that runs the job for the next 5 years. All profit according to corp. margin standards plus a bit of padding. - Project closes out 5 years later. Over $20 million dollars of profitable business transacted.• Never quit, tireless Enthusiasm Stayart chased the opportuntiy down even though his division no longer Sold Security -•
  3. 3. Bill Stayart and David Gorevitz lead the USA inSynergy Projects… • Job Closed out at over $20m • Picked Up Baggage Systems • Sold and engineered CCTV and new Digital System • Runway & High Tech Gate & Perimeter Control Systems
  4. 4. SYNERG Y of the day• The “buzz word”• Corp. Directive to be “synergistic” to the sister divisions”• Core Capabilities• Best Practices• Individual Cost Center Profit• Profitability in EVERY phase
  7. 7. Forced Re-Bid, BAFO (Best and Final Offer not Once but twice)• Still makes me smile when I think about it• David Gorevitz, my SIEMENS Automation Partner in “Synergy” hard at work!• I don’t take the word NO FOR AN ANSWER!• I Actually got a “Dear John” letter thanking us for our bid, informing us Honywell was selected.
  8. 8. Technology, Engineering, & Salesmenship
  9. 9. Installation price was key:SIEMENS had best Equip Price, least amountof devices and a 35% lower 5 year serviceplan.After Teaming up with Morrow-Meadows, thesame contractor quoting Honeywell wewhere successful beating Honeywell,maintaining our margins and thus winningthis project!We also ended up with the Security Projectas an add in to the 100% Up Time Fire LifeSafety System Replacement.A total of over $5million in businesstransacted. SIEMENS Fire Safety
  10. 10. The Best in town where after this landmark project, Honeywell, Detection Logic, CalProtection, & Johnson Controls• Bill Stayart, David Gorevitz & Robert GarringerTheSIEMENS TEAM!
  11. 11. Paul Harvey would say… and now the rest of the story…• MEBE/WIB E, our sub contractor became our Prime..• No worries we executed and secured National Account
  12. 12. More Projects Sold by Bill Stayart (6 and 7 figure Design Build, Code Compliant Life Safety and or Security Systems Sold, Managed & Installed)• Jonathan Club, Los Angeles• La Sub Way Terminal Conversion• Los Angeles Temple Federal Building• Ronald Regan Federal Building• Metropolitan State Hospital (East and West)• Lynwood Regional Justice Center (Jail)• Hilton Hotel’s (Enterprise Workforce Mgnt.)• Hamilton Technologies, (World Wide)• UCLA, (Campus wide, numerous projects)
  13. 13. Stayart closes Anaheim Marriott 7 Figure direct to Owner Sale
  14. 14. All up grades, and Service Too!
  15. 15. Disneyland Convention Center and Hotel TowersGreat sales solution story….SIMPLEX tried to rape the customer, engineerRichard, at the time. Simplex wanted nearly 6figures for about $20k in work.Marriott was remodeling the lobby are andchanging use of some under roof square footage.The current prapriatary system triggered a codenight mare.Stayart steps in provides a sub panel wired tomain panel. Works with AHJ, (Fire Dept) andcreates agreement to retro fit entire property within 24 months. Building loves it because they wantnew addressable system and will be mandated topurchase one….
  16. 16. Over 4000 Devices, 1400 Rooms, 2 High Rises Large Convention Center 4 Night Clubsa large campus style system, installed and managed by SIEMENS Fire Safety, Engineered and sold by: Bill Stayart
  17. 17. $2 Million Dollar Job37% Performed Margin33% Sold/Estimated MarginJob Completed 3 Days ahead ofPlanPhase 2 Began During Phase 1Added $1.7m to job at 48% GrossPerformed Profit
  18. 18. Large Enterprise System• SOLD and Deployed with in 90 Days, 70 plus locations +2000 Professional Employees
  19. 19. Our price was double the next closest offer…. VALUE is always purchased over price!Tim chose us because of our technology and our ability to SELL/MEET his entireteams needs, and staff on power, features and benefits of our system. This wasparticularly challenging due to the fact MEDCOR had spent a YEAR with a miserableinstallation.Many departments are involved in a Work Force Management System sale.
  20. 20. Oh’ to be a Jonathan…• Jonathan Club• The Jonathan Club is a private social club in Los Angeles, California, U.S. It maintains two clubhouses, one in downtown Los Angeles at 545 South Figueroa Street (built in 1924) and one on the beach in Santa Monica. Indeed, the private clubs location in a prime spot on the Santa Monica beach has been a continuing source of controversy, since that portion of the beach is off limits to all but clubmembers and their guests. The Los Angeles headquarters has dining and residential facilities, ballrooms, a health club, a library and other accoutrements. A University of Southern California geography Web site says of it, "many important decisions have been made within its walls by the power elite," [1] and the New York Daily News described it on April 18, 2005, as "a place for the wealthy and well-bred to see and be seen, cut deals and socialize." [2]• The Jonathan Club has been rated among the top five private city clubs of the United States for many years. [3] [4] [5]• Membership in the club is by invitation. For most of its history it was for men only, but since 1987 it has accepted both men and women. Today the club has many women members, but few African-American or Latino members.
  21. 21. The most challenging of historic Life Safety System Retrofit• One 6 remaining Dorthy Mayed High Rises with OPEN STAIR WAYS• Worked Very Closely with LA FD Capt. Holloway and Engineer Donald Dickerson and SIEMENS BAU All Star David Gorevitz to close this landmark 7 figure Sale.
  22. 22. Historic in every sence… • Imagine adding nearly 200 devces, a fire alarm control room, over 40 panels, 5 miles of pipe, 300 miles of wire… • Imagine drilling special finisches, ceiling that 20 and 30 feet high with special in laid gold finishes and extinct moldings…. Follow this link…. You must see this building….