Resume Of Experience & Qualifications For Wiliam M. Stayart (Bill)333 W. 4th St. #15, Long Beach CA 90802562.234.8764 - Bi...
Dale Krause and his vision. The Krauses Sofa Factory vision was simple in concept difficult todeliver and he died trying t...
creative thinker. His ability to see the world through different lenses and thereby craft uniquesolutions make him world c...
Inside of here you will find, Video Produced by yours truly during my Real Estate days and more(No I am not 335 lbs any mo...
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Resume of Sales and Retail Sales - Retail Sales Managment


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Resume of Sales and Retail Sales - Retail Sales Managment

  1. 1. Resume Of Experience & Qualifications For Wiliam M. Stayart (Bill)333 W. 4th St. #15, Long Beach CA 90802562.234.8764 - BillyStayart@Gmail.comSales Professional Looking For A New Opportunity:I am a focused sales and marketing leader with extensive experience championing substantialsales and growth for Fortune 500 & 100 companies. Proven ability to initiate creative marketingand sales programs delivering immediate, cost effective results. Substantial expertise inrevitalizing organizational performance via cutting-edge strategic planning and business unitleadership, marketing initiatives, and incentive programs. Recognized as an energetic,enthusiastic leader, strong motivator, noteworthy communicator and an exceptional innovator oftechnology and human talent, Mr. Stayart possess superior business acumen.Translation: I sell, I lead, I meet or exceed expectation and foster a fun conducive workenvironment while doing so.Extensive Sales / Account Executive experience inside sales, outside sales, territory, district,region & national sales management phone sales, & web or internet sales..♦ Professional Retail Sales/Store Management ♦ Market Analysis ♦ Profit Growth Through GoalSetting ♦ Sales Development ♦ Public & Client RelationsBURTON SHOES, FINE LADIES FOOT WARE & ACCESSORIES: WOODFIELD MALLSCHAUMBURG IL. & HARLEM AND IRVING 6 CORNERSHired at 13 yrs of age by Barry Goldstein, I spent the first 5 years of my business life in Retail &Retail Management. To look older, I wore high Platform Shoes and Ties wider then my body(style then). It was not uncommon for me as a part timer to out sell the full time salesperson(s). Ilearned more here in One year than I did in all of my years in private and public schoolscombined. Mr. Goldstein called me his "secret weapon". This is the job I first learned visualmerchandising. Burton Shoes always had large walk in windows. So large it took a week to breakOne down, clean, prepare and then assemble the new window displays. Accessory sales ofpurses, nylons, polish, silicon etc. where not just encouraged they were mandatory. A 10% avg toshoe sales was the minimum, I averaged over 20% each and every week. This made dollars andcents to me because shoes paid 2%, accessories paid 15%.WOOLWORTH CORPORATION, 233 BROADWAY NY NY - KINNEY SHOE COMPANYKINNEY SCHOOL OF RETAIL MANAGEMENT - FOOT LOCKER - FREDELLE (HI ENDLADIES BRANDED) - RICHMAN BROTHERS FINE MENS CLOTHING AND FOOT WARENearly the next 20 years of my life were spent here. My accomplishments in awards, trips, cash,and more did not compare with the business education I received both formally and informallyfrom day to day experience. Formally the Four Phased Retail Management Program was Secondto none in the retail world. This program took by design 2 years to complete and was tied to theemployee/trainee compensation. I was fortunate to have been trained so well by the Goldsteinsat Burton Shoes I was promoted to Assistant Manager during my first month of work. I earnedAsst. Manager of the year of the entire central division. This was speciality was 6 figure gains,with the lowest wages, highest up front/accessory % in the entire chain. I had the blessings oftaking stores in the $300k annual range and taking them to 7 figures in One or just under TwoYears. I led more stores by example. I recruited, hired and trained some of the finest newmanagement. personnel of the day. I also promoted quality people to New York as asst. Buyersand Merchandisers… (this was like a president getting to pick his own supreme court with noopposition) 8 Manager of the Year Titles, Asst. Mgr. of the year and a corp.sales gain record thatstands today. This gain was so large and sustainable I did not believe it myself. I had the "midastouch". Randy Snyder the Vice President of the chain tells the story some 25 years late in hisrecommendation letter.KRAUSES SOFA FACTORY - SCOTTSDALE AZ, PHOENIX AZ, FOUNTAIN VALLEY CA,70 Showrooms plus or minus and one factory in Orange County California where the result of
  2. 2. Dale Krause and his vision. The Krauses Sofa Factory vision was simple in concept difficult todeliver and he died trying too. Custom built sofas in any one of 2500 fabrics delivered to you in30 days or less. Not just any sofa. A Krauses Sofa, with inner spring cushions, sprung fronts,solid frames and a lifetime guarantee that no one in the industry dare try to equal. Krauses did allthis for 10 to 20% more than the average showroom sofa warehouse type sellers such as Levitzor Homemakers. I was hired after I made my first sale before I had my first interview in ParadiseValley AZ. The showroom was busy, there was a line 5 deep of salespersons dressed for SundayMeeting or a funeral. One look at the sales floor and a simple Hi, folks welcome to Krauses....and I was on my way to more money than I ever earned at a "Job" in my life.100% Commission, no draw, no benefits to speak of - You closed or you went hungry. I waspromoted to Management during my first Month. I was truly blessed to lead 3 Showrooms to 7figure sales gains. After resigning I was offered a unique opportunity to work as a independentcontractor directly for Vice President, Mr. Doug Vunder. On weekends of his choosing he wouldsend me into a store as “Heavy Hitter” the best of Salespersons. My task was to shake up thestore and report back. On every occasion I was fortunate to producelarge sales increases. These weekends lead to amazing attitude and moral changes. The weakand paranoid quite, sometimes on the spot. The hard working, the most productive people dugin, worked harder, smarter and the simply took advantage of some new ideas and increasedenergy and just got better (and made more money).SIEMENS, BUILDING TECHNOLOGY – LA PALMA & CYPRESS BRANCH OFFICES INCALIFORNIA: SIEMENS a $350 billion dollar, publicly traded SIEMENS, 450,000 employeesstrong, the second largest employer in the world. Some of the worlds most talented people workfor SIEMENS. Headquartered in Germany, the Corporation holds the highest expectations,standards, and best practices. In our division all sales compensation is based on “performedmargin.”When you sold a project, it was your project beginning to end. – This improved bookedmargins and combined with solid project management during the project dramatically increasedbranch profits by over 30% in Two short years. I was honored to have set numerous mile stonesduring my 5 years with SIEMENS. My team lead the company in synergy sales. A complicatedand potentially dangerous sales process. I booked the largest single booked sale in Branch andDivision history, John Wayne Airport. My team was instrumental in winning the National Bank OfAmerica account. We closed the BofA LA Data Center on Temple. A critical “100% Up Time” HighRise dedicated production. So secure, so solid the Federal Government Leases a Floor for theIRS here. (Black Ops) Our performance in replacing Honeywell, a 20 year incumbent, was Globalcorporate news.FORMAL EDUCATIONMaster of Science, Marketing Harper College, Schaumburg Ill.Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Harper College, Schaumburg Ill.KINNEY SHOE Retail Management Training Program (2 Year Course)Professional Sales Executive, Dale Carnegie Institute (18 wk accredited)Art Of Negotiating, Dale Carnegie Institute (18 wk accredited)Public Speaking, Dale Carnegie Institute (18 wk accredited)Recommendations For William M. Stayart (Bill), by his superiors, colleagues, & associates: 20+YearsBill has a way of transmitting his enthusiasm to others, you can feel his HIGH ENERGY fromacross the room. Bill is articulate, knowledgeable & experienced professional & a great mentor ofmine” Ryan Kaltenbaugh, CHS-III SIEMENS–Now VP, Global & Strategic Part“Bill is Enthusiasm Personified. He is a technology wizard, but more importantly is a gifted,
  3. 3. creative thinker. His ability to see the world through different lenses and thereby craft uniquesolutions make him world class.”Timothy Rush, Vice President, Prudential California Realty“His enthusiasm is contagious, Bill has a great sense of humor and is a great person to work with/for.” Kael Beverly , Owner , Beverly Boy Productions“Bill is one of the most driven, dedicated sales representative I have ever met.” VP President &Marketing, NOVAtime, Now Principal at “Bill, is a highlyenergetic, enthusiastic sales professional with the desire to succeed. It is hard to find anyone whomatches Bills commitment and Can Do attitude. Jon Kapis, Regional Sales Engineer - TimeEquipment , Simplex Time Recorder Company –Currently Senior Consultant at Rolf Jensen andAssociates“Youve heard of that admirable individual that once determined, gets things done? “Yes even insour times, he finds a way to push through to the next sales cycle, and I sometimes think hiscreative energy is galvanized by challenging times. Luckily, he was blessed with God-giventalent; Thats Bill. Few have his passion, ability & resolve.”. David James Buckner,TOP ProducingRealtor, New Century RealtyBill Stayart is not only an excellent sales person by nature, he has the unique ability to recruit,manage and inspire a powerful sales force via his unarming and charismatic personality, asustained high level of self-motivation and in-depth knowledge of his firms products andservices… Bill is, Personable, Expert, Creative, Enthusiasm!Reg Lapham, President Great West South Appraisals“I have a 25 year relationship with Bill personally & professionally. He consistently excels atanything he pursues his attention to detail is second to none. Bill is extremely creative & has aunique ability to find solutions to problems when others have given up. He is a strong asset.”Ron Luchene, SIMPLEX Now VP, Tech SystemsMr. Frank Su, President of NOVAtime Inc., Bill and Frank have a 25 year winning history.Amazing stories of successes and personal growth. NOVAtime has an HR policy of no publicendorsements. Frank is pleased to give personal references at your request. Frank can bereached by email: or phone 877-486-6682 0r 323-980-18586 Times Voted Manager of the Year! Out of 8 years as a mgr, 1288 Location Major Retailer.Recruited, & trained & promoted 22 employees to Asst. Mgr-17 to Mgr, 1 to Buyer. +$4m in newrevenue, reduced expenses, cut wages by 50%.- Received Presidents Award, Largest singleyear, dollar volume gain in Retail Giants 100 year history!Stopped Sales Loss’s First Week! 4 Four Retail units, major malls in Midwest, Bill produces +$1.3m gain. +261% Gain!SIEMENSLOS ANGELES BRANCH HITS NEW PLATEAU! Bill Stayart win’s John Wayne Airport thelargest single booking in FIS History of $4.1m - Bill joined us just 3 months ago, this was the firstjob he Bid for SIEMENS....FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ME, BILL STAYART - EXPERIENCE AND MYACCOMPLISHMENTS FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO SLIDE SHARE. THIS IS WONDERFULPROGRAM A GREAT TOOL AND ITS FREE! ASK ME WHEN WE SPEAK WHY I USE THEWORD GREAT, (HINT: SEO).SlideShare Main
  4. 4. Inside of here you will find, Video Produced by yours truly during my Real Estate days and more(No I am not 335 lbs any more, down to 175). You will find Powerpoint presentations such as"Who is Bill Stayart" - "Sales Conquests by..." - "Recomendations For Bill Stayart by formerEmployers, Employees and Piers,Social Sites: