Recommendations                 For William M. Stayart (Bill), by his superiors, colleagues, & associates: 20+ Years      ...
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What others publically say about Bill Stayart


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From Linkedin and other Social Sites as published and re printed and formatted here.

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What others publically say about Bill Stayart

  1. 1. Recommendations For William M. Stayart (Bill), by his superiors, colleagues, & associates: 20+ Years Bill has a way of transmitting his enthusiasm to others, you can feel his 6 Times Voted HIGH ENERGY from across the room. Bill is articulate, knowledgeable & Manager of the experienced professional & a great mentor of mine” Ryan Kaltenbaugh, CHS-III SIEMENS–Now VP, Global & Strategic Part Year! Out of 8 years as a mgr, 1288 Location Major “Bill is Enthusiasm Personified. He is a technology wizard, but more Retailer. Recruited, & importantly is a gifted, creative thinker. His ability to see the world trained & promoted through different lenses and thereby craft unique solutions make him 22 employees to world class.” Timothy Rush, Vice President, Prudential California Realty Asst. Mgr-17 to Mgr, 1 to Buyer. +$4m in “His enthusiasm is contagious, Bill has a great sense of humor new revenue, reduced th th expenses, cut wages and is a great person to work with/for. He has a 6 and 7 sense for Marketing, he really knows what makes the customer respond...” Kael by 50%. Beverly , Owner , Beverly Boy Productions Received Presidents Award, “Bill is one of the most driven, dedicated sales representatives Largest single year, I have ever met. Bill is also a marketing Genius!” Daniel Higbee ,VP Sales dollar volume gain in & Marketing, NOVAtime, Now Principal at Retail Giants 100 year history! “Bill, is a highly energetic, enthusiastic sales professional with the desire to succeed. It is hard to find anyone who matches Bills commitment and Can Do attitude. Jon Kapis, Regional Sales Engineer - Time Equipment , Simplex Time Recorder Company – Currently Senior Consultant at Rolf Stopped Sales Jensen and Associates Loss’s First “Youve heard of that admirable individual that once determined, gets Week! 4 Four things done? …even in sour times, he finds a way to push through to the Retail units, major next sales cycle, and I sometimes think his creative energy is galvanized malls in Midwest, by challenging times. Luckily, he was blessed with God-given talent; Bill produces +$1.3m Thats Bill. Few have his passion, ability& resolve.” David James gain. +261% Gain! Buckner, TOP Producing Realtor, New Century Realty Bill Stayart is not only an excellent sales person by nature, he has the unique ability to recruit, manage and inspire a powerful sales force via his unarming and charismatic personality, a sustained high level of self- SIEMENS motivation and in-depth knowledge of his firms products and LOS ANGELES services…” Bill is, Personable, Expert, Creative, Enthusiasm! BRANCH HITS NEW Reg Lapham, President Great West South Appraisals PLATAU! Bill Stayart win’s John Wayne “I have a 25 year relationship with Bill personally & professionally. He Airport the largestconsistently excels at anything he pursues his attention to detail is second to none. Bill is single booking inextremely creative & has a unique ability to find solutions to problems when others havegiven up. He is a strong asset.” Ron Luchene, SIMPLEX Now VP, Tech Systems FIS History of $4.1m Bill joined us just 3Mr. Frank Su, President of NOVAtime Inc., Bill and Frank have a 25 year months ago, this waswinning history. Amazing stories of success’s and personal growth. NOVAtime has an the first job he BidHR policy of no public endorsements. Frank is pleased to give personal references at for SIEMENS....your request. Frank can be reached by email: or at the office at323-980-1858Recommendations Posted By the Authors Themselves, onto Bill Stayart Profile >>>>>Click on the Linked in profile Icon to review the entire letter and more letters. If you areOn Linked In you will need to join, it’s free and you will connected to 55Million contacts! Bill’s Blog > WordPress > Bill’s Channel see Videos, PRESENTATIONS ABOUT BILL i-Google By Bill