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Content Curation Using Yahoo Pipes


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Learn how to streamline and brainstorm your content curation efforts using Yahoo Pipes.

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Content Curation Using Yahoo Pipes

  1. 1. Content CurationContent Curation Using Yahoo PipesUsing Yahoo Pipes Brought to you byBrought to you by Bill DavisBill Davis http://Internet-Marketing-
  2. 2. What Is Content Curation?What Is Content Curation? Leveraging content that has already beenLeveraging content that has already been writtenwritten Adding commentary or your personalAdding commentary or your personal perspective to an articleperspective to an article Give proper attribution to original authorGive proper attribution to original author Bill Davis
  3. 3. Ways to Curate ContentWays to Curate Content Passive versus ActivePassive versus Active Manual versus AutomaticManual versus Automatic Slow versus FastSlow versus Fast  Bill Davis
  4. 4. A Simple Method for CuratingA Simple Method for Curating ContentContent RequirementsRequirements – WordPress blogWordPress blog One free pluginOne free plugin – Yahoo accountYahoo account – Access (it’s free)Access (it’s free) Bill Davis
  5. 5. Step 1 – Find Your SourcesStep 1 – Find Your Sources Use your ownUse your own Use Alltop (much easier)Use Alltop (much easier) Bill Davis
  6. 6. Step 2 – Set Up Your “Pipes”Step 2 – Set Up Your “Pipes” Go to Yahoo PipesGo to Yahoo Pipes – Create a new pipe, like so: (next slide)Create a new pipe, like so: (next slide) Bill Davis
  7. 7. Step 2a – Setting Up a Yahoo PipeStep 2a – Setting Up a Yahoo Pipe 5 parts (+1 optional)5 parts (+1 optional) – Fetch a feedFetch a feed – FilterFilter – SortSort – UniqueUnique – Truncate (optional)Truncate (optional) – OutputOutput Bill Davis
  8. 8. Step 3 – Install PluginStep 3 – Install Plugin Go to the WordPress plugin repository andGo to the WordPress plugin repository and get “FeedWordPress”get “FeedWordPress” Install itInstall it Configure itConfigure it – CaveatsCaveats Set to post to draft, NOT publishedSet to post to draft, NOT published Get the attribution add-onGet the attribution add-on Bill Davis
  9. 9. Step 4 – Add to the SyndicationStep 4 – Add to the Syndication You saved the posts to DRAFT, right?You saved the posts to DRAFT, right? Use only selected excerpts from theUse only selected excerpts from the original article and insert your ownoriginal article and insert your own commentarycommentary – This makes the content INTERESTINGThis makes the content INTERESTING – This makes the content UNIQUEThis makes the content UNIQUE – You can gain some authority doing thisYou can gain some authority doing this Bill Davis
  10. 10. For More InformationFor More Information Internet Marketing MuscleInternet Marketing Muscle – http://internet-marketing-muscle.com Coaching AcademyCoaching Academy – http://coaching-academy.us PhonePhone – (925) 605-5553(925) 605-5553 EmailEmail –