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Slawskiwilliam thegrowthofdirectanswers


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A look at Direct Answers in Search Results at Google

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Slawskiwilliam thegrowthofdirectanswers

  1. 1. March 3, 2015 The Growth Of Direct Answers: How Should SEOs Evolve? Bill Slawski Director of Search Marketing - GoFishDigital @bill_slawski
  2. 2. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Are Search Query Results Enough?
  3. 3. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Do Query Results become Better for Searchers if they include (1) Direct Answers as well as (2) links to Answering Pages?
  4. 4. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Hybrid Query/Question Results
  5. 5. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a “Now we are increasingly able to provide direct answers -- even if you’re speaking your question using Voice Search -- which makes it quicker, easier and more natural to find what you’re looking for.” Google FORM 10-K for 2014 (For the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2014)
  6. 6. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a In each case we’re trying to get you direct answers to your queries because it’s quicker and less hassle than the ten blue links Google used to show. This is especially important on mobile where screens are smaller and typing is harder. Eric Schmidt - We built Google for users, not websites (September 6, 2014)
  7. 7. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a A patent filed by Google Israel aimed at Finding Direct Answers to Natural Language Questions, Published in November of Last Year…
  8. 8. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a In some implementations, the search system may perform offline processing of authoritative sources to determine and store answers to common clear-intent non-factual questions. ~ Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries
  9. 9. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries International Application No WO/2014/197227 Published:11.12.2014 International Filing Date: 23.05.2014 Applicant: Google Inventors: Tomer Shmiel, Dvir Keysar, and Yonatan Erez
  10. 10. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a •Frequently selected in search results, •Consistently ranks high in search results for queries dealing in the subject matter. Authoritative Sources
  11. 11. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a •How do I treat $X •$X treatment •How is $X treated •How to cure $X Intent Templates to Find Answers
  12. 12. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a A Headings/Answers DataStore is Collected
  13. 13. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a •An Additional Chance to be in Search Results •Being Seen as “authoritative” by being an answer •An Answer is formatted differently than other results; more likely to draw attention Benefits of Being a Direct Answer
  14. 14. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a archive/34460.pdf
  15. 15. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Two Column Tables (Wiki Infobox)
  16. 16. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Relational Tables
  17. 17. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Colon Delimited Pairs
  18. 18. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Introducing Structured Snippets, now a part of Google Web Search
  19. 19. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a
  20. 20. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a •Tabular Data in 2 column tables, relational tables, and colon-delimited lists •Knowledge Bases such as Freebase, Wikipedia, IMDB •Query Stream Data used in an Ontology like Biperpedia - Biperpedia: An Ontology for Search Applications Sources of Knowledge Graph Info
  21. 21. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Biperpedia –Extracts Attributes
  22. 22. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Answerboxes – different sources Some are answered From the Knowledge Graph
  23. 23. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Some Answers come From Specific Sources, Like emergency alerts
  24. 24. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Other Specialized Query Results Structured metadata extraction These Results come from Looking for patterns of element lists on pages about specific entities to use to create a list like this.
  25. 25. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a Interviews with Experts?
  26. 26. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a SEO by the Sea Go Fish Digital Bill Slawski
  27. 27. @bill_slawski #SMX #11a