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Content Audits for SEO & Site Migration: Picking a website up on your back and moving it


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Once I was tasked as part of a team moving a large Public Courthouse to a new location. It's something I'll always remember, and I'm reminded of it every time I'm involved in the migration of a new site to a new domain. Success is in the planning, and in successfully tackling small details.

First question I asked everyone is, "How many of you have never moved to a new home? Moving a courthouse is a whole lot more work." No one raised their hand. They can related to the challege.

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Content Audits for SEO & Site Migration: Picking a website up on your back and moving it

  1. 1. Bill Slawski Go Fish Digital Tysons Corner Search Engine Marketing Meetup December 10, 2013
  2. 2. “What ever you are creating – be it a design, a product or a painting, if you wish it be successful, never forget that you are creating it for the benefit or the use of people.” -Ron Wayne, Co-Founder of Apple Computers -
  3. 3.  Understand changes/pain points  Anticipate changes  Use Helpful Tools  Don’t transport unneeded assets  Explore changes before a final move  Elicit Feedback
  4. 4. In 2003, I was part of a team charged with moving a busy public building 5 blocks down the street
  5. 5. Moving Frightened Us The move ended up going well, but the planning behind it reminds me of the planning that goes into moving a website to a new domain, or moving it in rankings in search engines in significant ways.
  6. 6. Why We Moved the Court There were a number of pain points that forced us to move, including no room for growth, inadequate electrical systems, unsafe transportation of defendants, little storage room.
  7. 7. We were moving into a building with Family Court! While we were the highest level trial Court in the State, one of our biggest concerns about the move was that we would be in the same building with Family Court, where cases involving custody and visitation issues were highly emotionally charged. Unfortunately, that concern ended up being warranted.
  8. 8. Audit all your (Digital) Assets – Decide what stays, what moves, what gets changed or upgraded.
  9. 9. E-Courtroom was set up and tested in Old Court House
  10. 10. Field Trip to Annapolis Maryland Court House where the first Audio Digital Courtrooms where set up court wide
  11. 11. Know your audiences, listen to them, find out what they really need and try to improve things for everyone
  12. 12. Often for a quick check on error handling (404) and Canonicalization (301) re: subdomains
  13. 13. Check Broken Links, Redirects, and Site Structure
  14. 14. I like this program because it makes it very easy to create a multi-sheet content Inventory for a site, to track different digital assets
  15. 15. An Enterprise level Crawler with an Enterprise Level price tag. It makes bigger sites easily manageable.
  16. 16. Allows for a quick look into the technologies used on a site
  17. 17. Provides suggestions on issues to help speed up a site and information on how to make those changes
  18. 18. Make sure that Schema Meta Data Is set up correctly
  19. 19. Check File Name, Image Size, and Alt Text quickly
  20. 20. Swiss Army Knife of Tools – lets you view pages without images, without CSS, without cookies, and view different elements on a page as overlays
  21. 21. Allows Access to data about a site that can’t be retrieved elsewhere
  22. 22.  Bill Slawski  Twitter: @bill_slawski  Blog:  Site:  LinkedIn:  GooglePlus: