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Changes in Structured Data at Google (SEO Camp 'us in Paris)


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The history of structured data at Google and a look at some of the ways it is being applied. #KnowledgeGraph #Entities #StructuredData #AnnotationFramework #Patents

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Changes in Structured Data at Google (SEO Camp 'us in Paris)

  1. 1. #seocamp 1 Changes In Structured Data at Google
  2. 2. #seocamp 2 Bill Slawski - Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital (
  3. 3. #seocamp 3 Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash I feel like a detective when researching SEO
  4. 4. #seocamp 4 Researching Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT) • Patents • White Papers • LinkedIn Profiles • Google Scholar Profiles • Twitter Streams • Employee Resumes
  5. 5. #seocamp 5 Andrew Hogue’s Resume Andrew Hogue’s Engineers were responsible for a number of Patents involving annotating Structured Information Unstructured Data; this was known at Google as the Annotation Framework.
  6. 6. #seocamp 6 Annotation Framework Patents 1) Generating Structured Information 2) Support for Object Search 3) Data Object Visualization 4) Data Object Visualization Using Maps 5) Query Language 6) Automatic Object Reference Identification and Linking in a Browseable Fact Repository 7) Browseable Fact Repository 8) ID Persistence Through Normalization 9) Annotation Framework 10) Object Categorization for Information Extraction 11) Modular Architecture for Entity Normalization 12) Attribute Entropy as a Signal in Object Normalization 13) Designating Data Objects for Analysis 14) Data Object Visualization Using Graphs 15) Determining Document Subject by Using Title and Anchor Text of Related Documents 16) Anchor Text Summarization for Corroboration 17) Unsupervised Extraction of Facts
  7. 7. #seocamp 7 Annotation Framework Abstract A fact repository contains facts having attributes and values and further having associated annotations, which are used, among other things, to vet facts in the repository and which can be returned in response to a query.
  8. 8. #seocamp 8 Fact Repository (Early Knowledge Graph)
  9. 9. #seocamp 9 Freebase from Metaweb
  10. 10. #seocamp 10 Google’s Knowledge Graph
  11. 11. #seocamp 11 Wikipedia Info boxes
  12. 12. #seocamp 12 Movie with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney?
  13. 13. #seocamp 13 SERP Results Based on Structured Data Storing semi-structured data US Patent: 9,754,048
  14. 14. #seocamp 14 Augmentation Queries For example, augmentation queries can be identified by mining query logs and click logs. Using the query logs, for example, the augmentation query subsystem can identify common user queries. The click logs can be used to identify which user queries perform best, as indicated by the number of clicks associated with each query. The augmentation query subsystem stores the augmentation queries mined from the query logs and/or the click logs in the augmentation query store. Query augmentation US Patent: 9,916,366
  15. 15. #seocamp 15
  16. 16. #seocamp 16 Related Questions (People Also Ask) These Questions use a question graph from query logs to build the questions they show. Generating related questions for search queries US Patent 9,679,027
  17. 17. #seocamp 17 Google Experimental Searches
  18. 18. #seocamp 18 Semantics of Tables WebTables: Exploring the Power of Tables on the Web Applying WebTables in Practice
  19. 19. #seocamp 19 Google Dataset Search Google Developer’s Dataset Support Pages
  20. 20. #seocamp 20 Structured Data and Answer Passages Candidate answer passages US Patent: 10,180,964 … wherein a first subset of passage unit selection criteria applies to structured content and a second subset of passage unit selection criteria applies to unstructured content; and generating, from passage units that satisfy the set of passage unit selection criterion, a set of candidate answer passages, each candidate answer passage being eligible to be provided as an answer passage with search results that identify the resources determined to be responsive to the query and being separate and distinct from the search results.
  21. 21. #seocamp 21 Schema is Updating to Version 3.5 Read About it at:
  22. 22. #seocamp 22 Computerized systems and methods for extracting and storing information regarding entities US Patent # 10,198,491 Entity Extraction & Knowledge Graph Construction Taken from Unstructured Data: Entities Entity Types Relationships Between Classes Contexts Between Entities
  23. 23. #seocamp 23 Question Mug Entity Extraction from Unstructured Data incorporates Entities and Contexts into a ________ __________?
  24. 24. #seocamp 24 THANKS TO THE SPONSORS
  25. 25. #seocamp 25 Thank you ! Thank you!