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Trimble Alignment Planning SolutionsBetween vision and viability there are important decisions to make
Consider all feasible                                             alternatives to help make                               ...
Plan for sustainabilitywith betterenvironmental andpublic outcomesRapidly consider new environmental orsocial constraints ...
Invest for a better futureby reducing capital andoperating expensesConduct a sensitivity analysis to balancecapital constr...
Every project beginswith planningIn today’s complex world increased legislative,environmental and community constraintscom...
The Planning Process                                                                                                      ...
Case Studies                                     High Speed RailTrimble Planning Solutions has helped            The Quant...
Regional and Statewide                                                            Small Road ProjectsPlanningThe Quantm te...
Mining Freight Rail                          Modernizing NationalThe Quantm system was commissioned for       Infrastructu...
Value EngineeringAs the construction phase approaches,the Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning                               ...
Trimble Connected Site                                                        and exchanged in real-time among all stakeho...
Trimble Solutions for the Construction LifecycleTrimble solutions unlock new levels of productivity and cost savings from ...
For more information about Trimble Planning Solutions,please contact one of the offices belowRegional OfficesAustralia (He...
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Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning solutions support road and rail planners and engineers through the complex process of selecting and generating 3D corridors and alignments. Its unique route optimization technology generates millions of alternative alignments and returns a range of 10-50 of the best options for review by various stakeholders. The Trimble Quantm solutions enable planners and engineers to reduce project planning time, substantially lower alignment construction costs, and deliver improved alignments that meet environmental, heritage, urban constraints, and design standards set by each project.

The Trimble Quantm system enables a holistic approach that integrates design standards, terrain, geological, and hydrological data, environmental areas, property ownership, and cost information in a simultaneous optimization process. This delivers a range of optimal alignment alternatives that can be analysed quickly to address project owner and stakeholder concerns and maintain the momentum of the project.

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Alignment brochure web

  1. 1. Trimble Alignment Planning SolutionsBetween vision and viability there are important decisions to make
  2. 2. Consider all feasible alternatives to help make the best decisionsTrimble applies technology to make Unlike the traditional approach, Trimble®businesses and government significantly Quantm™ technology explores and analyzesmore productive. Solutions are focused on millions of alternatives and returns aapplications requiring spatial information range of alternatives to the planning teamincluding surveying, construction, for consideration. This approach quicklyagriculture, fleet and asset management, demonstrates that all reasonable alternativespublic safety and mapping. Though have been considered as required by planningbest known for GPS technology, Trimble legislation and financial managers.integrates a wide range of positioningtechnologies including GPS, laser, opticaland inertial technologies with applicationsoftware, wireless communications,and services to provide completecommercial solutions. Its integratedsolutions allow customers to collect,manage and analyze complex informationfaster and easier, making them moreproductive, efficient and profitable.Founded in 1978, Trimble is a publiclytraded company with over $1 billiondollars in revenue, and is headquarteredin Sunnyvale, California. Trimbleproducts are used in over 100 countriesaround the world. Employees in morethan 21 countries, coupled with ahighly capable network of dealersand distribution partners, serve andsupport our customers. The Company’sportfolio of over 900 patents is thebasis for the broadest positioningsolutions portfolio in the industry.
  3. 3. Plan for sustainabilitywith betterenvironmental andpublic outcomesRapidly consider new environmental orsocial constraints as the project progressesand demonstrate to stakeholders that theirinput has been integrated into the study.Planners can be more responsive to publicfeedback and re-evaluate alternativeswithin days instead of weeks or months.
  4. 4. Invest for a better futureby reducing capital andoperating expensesConduct a sensitivity analysis to balancecapital construction costs with ongoingoperating expenses, and identify alignmentswith the lowest total cost of ownership.Accelerate your return on investmentand improve value with the TrimbleQuantm Alignment Planning system.
  5. 5. Every project beginswith planningIn today’s complex world increased legislative,environmental and community constraintscombined with limited budgets make goodplanning critical to the viability of any project.Trimble Planning Solutions, a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Trimble Navigation Limited,transforms the way planning is done.Innovative Trimble Quantm technologyintegrates engineering, environmental,social and economic factors into asimultaneous analysis of alternatives.This holistic approach to planning newinfrastructure results in rapid decision-making and lower construction costs.Using proven Trimble Quantm technology,planners and designers now have the abilityto minimize the environmental and socialimpact of road and rail projects, whilereducing construction and operating costsfor tax payers and project owners. Thesolutions are utilized at every stage of theplanning process from initial scoping throughfeasibility, detailed planning and pre-bid, andpost-bid award value engineering studies.Projects of all types and sizes can takeadvantage of the benefits of the TrimbleQuantm technology. Examples range fromregional, state and national transportationinfrastructure planning to small bypassesand road realignments. In addition, thesystem can be used for mining, forestryand utility industry infrastructure.
  6. 6. The Planning Process No project is too large or too small for the Trimble Financial Summary Preferred Alternatives Visualization Public Consultation Quantm system. From 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) highway realignment projects to 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles) freight rail scoping studies, the Quantm system delivers value to Quantm Output the project owner, the project team Decision Decision Quantm exports costs and the wider community. Evaluate corridor options. Preferred alternatives and quantities to project Release Summary comparison of for detailed management system for bid the selected options. analysis Scoping Pre-feasibility Feasibility Detailed Design Value Engineering Quantm Select preferred Select preferred exports the corridor alternatives preferred alignment Quantm Input Quantm Input Quantm Input Use existing data. Collect field data. Collect field data. Terrain, GIS, Design DTM and Cultural and Criteria, Estimated Geotechnical Environmental Unit CostsScoping Pre-feasibility Feasibility/Planning ConstructionQuickly identify the cost corridor Help with macro viability decision-making Validate and select feasible alignments, Evaluate and fine-tune constructionoptions for consideration using by generating multiple alignments in optimize and refine alignment trends, alternatives during bid preparationexisting terrain and feature data. primary corridors and producing data add and evaluate the effects of new and design-build where applicable. for evaluation and consideration. constraints based on data collection, social and environmental factors.
  7. 7. Case Studies High Speed RailTrimble Planning Solutions has helped The Quantm technology has been usedcompanies and governments in every worldwide for planning over 5,500 kilometerscorner of the world save time and money, (3,417 miles) of high speed rail. For a completeand improve relationships with the list of Quantm high speed rail projects,communities they serve. please visit: see all our customer stories, please visit: Following the successful application of the Quantm system on the Northern Line, the Portuguese high speed rail authority (RAVE), chose the Trimble Quantm technology to plan the complete national network of high speed rail. For details on this project, visit: California After the application of the Quantm “ system during Programmatic Studies, Quantm technology was Quantm was able to greatly improve the collaboration subsequently applied again during between the engineering and ” the detailed alternatives analysis to environmental project teams. incorporate emerging constraints as they were identified in the field. - Transport Corridor Agencies California, USA For details on this project, visit: “ The studies by Quantm specialists in optimizing stretches of rail, will keep tunnel and viaduct construction to a minimum, reducing investment by 10% ” of the infrastructure cost. - Ana Paula Vitorino, Portuguese State Secretary of Transport
  8. 8. Regional and Statewide Small Road ProjectsPlanningThe Quantm technology is used frompreliminary scoping at a regional level The Quantm system has helped planners find big cost savings on small road projects. The rapid generation of alternatives and “ The Idaho Transportation Department supported the use of the Quantm system to define highway corridors,to the development of full statewide the ability to determine environmental limit the areas of intensivetransportation planning. The 1000 mile impacts are also valuable benefits of the environmental field work,Trans-Texas Corridor Study greatly benefited Quantm system for smaller projects. and still provide a product ”from the Quantm system during the that would comply with NEPA.corridor alternatives evaluation process. Idaho - Idaho TransportationQuantm enabled the planners and Department - USA The Idaho Transportation Departmentengineers to consider an extensive range of and their local engineering consultantoptions. They were able to review various applied the Quantm system to screen“what if” scenarios and test a series of alternatives and selected two highwaygeometric parameters quickly, to consider corridors for further National Environmentalnumerous planning alternatives, and Policy Act (NEPA) evaluation. In doingavoid, minimize or mitigate the impacts so, they developed a process to screenon sensitive environmental resources. alternatives that addresses the challengesFor details on this project, visit: for determining new highway alternatives. This was achieved by the ability of the Quantm system to ensure comparisons on location, impact on environment, cost and compliance with engineering criteria and to “ Quantm, in conjunction with EPA GISST Data, was extremely effective in preliminary corridor development during the corridor generate new alternatives rapidly. For details on this project, visit: alternatives evaluation process. The large number of alternatives generated by Quantm provided extensive and consistent options New Zealand throughout a large and diverse The Okarahia Realignment project was a ” study area. 2km (1.25 mile) section of State Highway 1 “ in New Zealand. The Quantm system - David Bacon - I-69/TTC We achieved a 13% saving was used to improve both the horizontal Corridor Study GEC on alignment construction and vertical alignments of the road. cost even though the tightly In addition to meeting all defined constrained corridor limited ” environmental situations and avoiding options. constraints, the Quantm-generated - Opus International Consultants alignment cut construction cost by 13%. For details on this project, visit:
  9. 9. Mining Freight Rail Modernizing NationalThe Quantm system was commissioned for Infrastructureapplication on more than 280 kilometers High quality, efficient transportation(175 miles) of open-access, heavy-haulage infrastructure is key to support economicrail infrastructure for Fortescue Metals growth. In a rapidly changing world theGroup in Western Australia, Australia. application of the Quantm system is enablingQuantm enabled the Fortescue team to nations around the world to efficiently plantake a quantitative and iterative approach for the modernization and addition of newto planning the most cost-effective and national and regional infrastructure.desirable alignment of the railway, taking By using the Quantm system for planninginto consideration environmental impacts Quantm users are delivering better qualityand maintenance costs. With the help of studies, addressing the social and environmentalthe Quantm system, Fortescue was able to concerns associated with modernizationcomplete the railway in only nine months. and new infrastructure. The studies are completed with more accurate cost estimates and are delivered in a shorter time. The Trimble Quantm technology has been successfully applied to over 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) of road and railway projects in China, from scoping studies and pre-feasibility studies to feasiblity studies. For details on this project, visit: “ The application of the Quantm system enabled the project team to gain greater depth of information on which to make their recommendations and to present alternatives and the rationale for decisions to ” stakeholders and the community. - The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation (TSDI)
  10. 10. Value EngineeringAs the construction phase approaches,the Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning Planning is just “system can be used to refine the alignmentwithin a defined corridor or refine the Quantm was able to analyze the beginning thousands of alignments andvertical geometry to reduce earthworks Trimble’s solutions span the entire output alignments with 10-15% ”and other construction costs. The Nevada construction cost savings. life cycle of a project, from the initialDepartment of Transportation used the concept through the construction andQuantm system to successfully reduce - Carter & Burgess maintenance of the asset. The integratedconstruction costs on an 11.8 mile Boulder City Bypass work processes throughout your organization(19km) bypass of Boulder City, Nevada. provide benefits that include:For details on this project, visit: • Increased • Higher quality • Increased safety • Lower costs
  11. 11. Trimble Connected Site and exchanged in real-time among all stakeholders from the field staff to the engineer, project managers, and project safety and lower environmental impact. These benefits provide faster project completion, improved construction project management, andTrimble’s Connected Site digital construction solutions have an TM owners. The project benefits from improved collaboration, lower overall project costs, resulting in a higher quality and moreintegrated workflow that data shares across all phases of the project. fewer mistakes and rework, faster processing of design sustainable infrastructure. To learn more about how Trimble canBy applying Trimble solutions to the whole project, data can be seen changes, better change-order management, improved project help you connect your site, please visit Road & Rail - Productivity Solutions for Construction Project Management Asset Management Better quality and cost control Better machine utilization Road & Rail - Site Preparation Earthmoving Stakeless grade control Fine Grading for improved productivity and reduced rework Automated fine grade Compaction control for better Intelligent Grade Checking material utilization compaction for a Quality control and better quality base progress reporting Road - Finish Rail - Finish Paving Precision Alignment Provides improved rideability Automated paving for better and lower operating costs smoothness and rideability Digital Leveling Elimination of human error
  12. 12. Trimble Solutions for the Construction LifecycleTrimble solutions unlock new levels of productivity and cost savings from the initial planning phase through the finished project.Alignment Planning Fine GradingTrimble’s Quantm technology gives planners and designers the Trimble enables high-precision grading by using total station andability to minimize the environmental and social impact of road other sensor technology to compute the exact position, accurateand rail projects, while reducing construction and operating cross slope, and heading of the blade. The on-board computer usescosts for tax payers and project owners. The solutions can be this position information and compares it to the design elevationutilized at every stage of the planning process from initial scoping to compute cut or fill to grade. The accuracy of the Trimble systemthrough feasibility and post-bid award value engineering. allows for better material yields and a more consistent surface which reduces material costs and produces a higher quality surface.SurveyTrimble’s range of surveying solutions, including GNSS receivers, Compaction Trimble compaction systems eliminate much of the guess worktotal stations and precise digital levels, consistently deliver from soil and paving compaction operations. You will achieve morereliable and accurate positioning performance in the most consistent compaction to target design density over the entirechallenging environments. Trimble survey solutions combine the material layer. The operator is able to roll a more efficient pattern,world’s most advanced technology with practical, integrated increase productivity, save fuel and create uniform compactiondesigns to simplify daily work, while making data collection which reduces on-going maintenance and operating costs.more accurate and able to be delivered in less time. The wirelesscommunication tools built into Trimble survey systems allowinstant and automatic synchronization with the home office. Paving By leveraging design surfaces, grades and alignments on the machine, operators can pave more accurately and achieveDetailed Design the design specifications for thickness without material waste.Design, manage, analyze and process site and highway Trimble’s paving technology eliminates staking and produces aconstruction data and designs with Trimble’s office software higher quality, smoother road with better pavement Powerful Trimble software integrates with yourdesign software and manages data between the office and the Asset Management Vision to Viabilityfield. Easily combine and manage data from multiple sources Start your project off right with the Trimble asset management solutions ensure that all assets areto generate accurate, integrated results. These results can be Trimble Quantm Alignment Planning optimized for maximum productivity. This includes the entireshared with the entire project team to decrease costly mistakes system, and keep it on the right track fleet of machines, other site equipment and even people. Byand increase productivity in the office and on the job site. with Trimble’s range of solutions for knowing where assets are and what they are doing, scheduling is more effective, reducing idle time and eliminating inefficient transportation infrastructure. BeginningEarthmoving with your vision and ending with a cycle times. Additionally, preventative maintenance can beOne of the most revolutionary changes in the way earthworks viable infrastructure product, Trimble scheduled, all from a centralized software interface, resultingare performed was the introduction of 3D systems by Trimble supports you with the most advanced in more machine uptime and faster project 1995. The cutting-edge Trimble earthmoving system puts productivity solutions in the surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab. Thesystem uses GPS, laser or total station to accurately position the Project Management Trimble’s project management software helps youblade or bucket in real-time. This significantly reduces rework To find out more about the Trimble track and manage your project, from planning throughand machine operating cost while dramatically improving Quantm system or other Trimble construction and operation, to maximize your return onproductivity in the earthmoving phase of the project. products and services, please visit investment over the whole lifecycle of the asset. our website at
  13. 13. For more information about Trimble Planning Solutions,please contact one of the offices belowRegional OfficesAustralia (Headquarters) North America Latin America Europe, Middle East & Africa ChinaTrimble Planning Solutions, Pty Ltd Trimble Navigation Ltd. 7063 NW 115 Court P.O. Box 17760 Trimble Alignment PlanningLevel 4 935 Stewart Drive Miami, FL 33178 Jebel Ali Free Zone Room 2009, 20F,333 Flinders Lane Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA Dubai UAE Central Tower, China Overseas Plaza,Melbourne VIC 3000 USA Tel: +1 512 970 8096 Tel: +971 4 8865410 No.8 Yard, Guang Hua dong Li,Australia Tel: +1 408 481 8000 Chao Yang District, BeijingTel: +61 3 8680 7200 100020, PRCFax:+61 3 9620 3446 Tel: +86 10 8857 5458 Fax: +86 10 8857 5457Data Processing and SupportAsia Pacific Level 4, 333 Flinders LaneMelbourne VIC 3000Australia+61 3 8680 7200 Phone+61 3 9620 3446 FaxTrimble Corporate Headquarters 935 Stewart DriveSunnyvale, California 94085USA © 2011, Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited, registered in the United States and in other countries. PN 022482-2360 (08/11)