LS650W Car Dash Camcorder Chinese & English manual


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LS650W Car DVR Chinese & English manual.
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LS650W Car Dash Camcorder Chinese & English manual

  1. 1. HDWR 车载行车记录器HWDR Vehicle Recorder使用说明书User ManualVER1.0
  2. 2. 1PrefaceDear users:Thank you for purchasing this high-level vehicle recorder. This productprovides high video recording quality accompanied by HDMI output. It isyour best partner when you drive a car. Before you start to use it, read thisuser manual carefully and follow the instructions to use it.Please drive safely.Safety tips1. The temperature in the car is high in the summer. We suggest you toremove the recorder before leaving the car. It prevents the damage tothe product caused by sunshine and high temperature.2. The driver should not operate the recorder when driving the car forsafety.3. Do not use any chemical solution to wipe the optical lens and cleanthe recorder.4. If there is any abnormality occurs when using the product, pleaseremove the power supply and stop using it immediately. Please donot disassemble it by yourself to protect your rights and interests.5. Please use original accessories. Do not disassemble or refit therecorder by yourself for safety concerns.
  3. 3. 2Table of contentsPreface-----------------------------------------------------------------1Safety tips-------------------------------------------------------------1Features----------------------------------------------------------------3Specifications---------------------------------------------------------4Product configuration------------------------------------------------6Installation-------------------------------------------------------------8Operation Instructions-----------------------------------------------9General Settings Instruction----------------------------------------91. General settings steps---------------------------------------------92. Recording mode settings-----------------------------------------113. Anti-shake setting-------------------------------------------------124. G-sensor setting---------------------------------------------------135. GPS setting--------------------------------------------------------136. Video output mode-----------------------------------------------137. Video replay/delete/format -------------------------------------14Accessories-----------------------------------------------------------15Remark----------------------------------------------------------------15
  4. 4. 3Features Unique and elegant appearance 2.7 inch TFT LCD 16:9 FULL HD 1920*1080P high definition quality 8 mega pixels CMOS,still image 12 mega pixels:4032*3024 Original imported 6G fixed lens, 158 degree wide viewangle, make the video and image more clearly HWDR-High Wide Dynamic Range (make the video clearwith insufficient light or hard light) Anti-shake function Day and night mode switch Off screen save power function Button backlight design Good heat dissipation Motion detection Recording while charging Cycled recording
  5. 5. 4 SOS lock function MIC mute function G-sensor (enforce to save the video when gravity up to4G) GPS track with car speed,watermark Logo HDMI and AV-OUT output Built-in mic, speaker and polymer li-ion battery Video automatically when car engine turn on or delaystart function Support max 32GB SDHC memory cardSpecificationsResolutionFHD:1920X1080@30fpsHD:1280X720@60fpsVGA:640X480@30fpsSensor AIR0331 CMOS SensorLens6G fixed lens,aperture1.6,158 degree wide view angleLCD screen 2.7 inch TFT 16:9
  6. 6. 5Video format MOV, H.264 codecImage resolution4032X3024,Image quality:3M、5M、8M、12MStorage deviceMicro SD cardSupport 2GB-32GBAudio Built-in mic and speakerPort USB2.0/HDMI/AV-outBattery 3.7V 500mAH polymer li-ion batteryLanguageChinese/English/French/Italian/Spanish//Portuguese/Russian/Germany/JapaneseOperationtemperature-20-60°COperationhumidity15-65%RHSize 122.2(L)X45.2(W)X37.6(H)mmWeight 80g
  7. 7. 6Product configuration1: POWER2: REC/UP 3: MENU/SELECT4. 2.7 inch LCD5: MODE 6: MIC/DOWN7: Confirm key/OK8: Speaker 9: LED light
  8. 8. 710: Bracket socket11: MIC 12: RESET13: Lens 14: HDMI port15: Micro SD card slot 16: GPS port17: USB port 18: AV-out port
  9. 9. 8InstallationThe bracket should be fixed on the inner wall of the windshield.After setting the bracket in proper position, please press down thesucker fastener to prevent it from falling down.Please make sure that the recorder and bracket are fixed firmly.Adjust the rotating arm and the recorder until a proper viewingangle is reached. Twist the adjusting knobs on the arm andrecorder tight.
  10. 10. 9Operation Instructions1. Inset the Micro SD card2. Please connect the USB terminal of power cable to the USBport of the recorder, and put the plug into the socket of carcigarette lighter. The recorder is set to be automaticallystarted when you start the engine.3. When you use the recorder for the first time, please enterthe setting mode to customize the setting.Steps: push 【REC】 to stop video recording→push【MENU】once to enter the screen of video recordingsettings . →Push【MENU】twice to enter the screenof general settings .General Settings Instructions1. General setting steps:A. LanguageThe original setting is English. When you enter the screenof language setting, use the buttons 【MIC】or【REC】toselect your preferred language and then push 【▲】to save
  11. 11. 10the setting and return to screen of general settings.B. Date/TimeMove the highlight to Date/Time. Then push 【▲】to enterthe setting screen. Use 【MIC】or【REC】to set the rightnumber and then push 【▲】jumping to the next setting.When all of the settings are finished, push 【Menu】toreturn the screen of general settings.C. MicrophoneThe original setting of microphone is ON. If you want to setit to silent mode, please push 【MIC】to change the settingto OFF. At this time, when you push 【Menu】 to go to therecording screen, an icon, which stands for the silent mode,shows on the left side of the display panel .D. Default settingDuring usage, if you want to set the recorder to its originalsettings, please push 【Menu】to enter the screen of defaultsettings, then use 【▲】to reset it.E. 4X digital zoomThe recorder support 4X digital zoom when you take photo.Use 【MIC】or【REC】to adjust.
  12. 12. 112. Recording Mode SettingsA. ResolutionThe original setting is FHD 1920x1080P@30fps, this modeis recommended for the best recording quality. It lso cansupport HD720P@60fps. Move the highlight to resolution.Then push 【▲】to enter the setting screen, use 【MIC】or【REC】 to select the resolution, push 【▲】to save thesetting and return to screen of video recording settings.B. Loop recordingThe original setting is 3 Minutes. Loop recording meansthat every 3 Minutes. The recorder makes a new video filestored on the memory card and keeps recording. When thememory space runs out, the recorder will overwrite theolder files for the storage of the coming new video filesaccordingly. If you set the loop recording mode to OFF,when the memory space runs out, the recording mode willbe stopped.C. Sound recording OFFWhen the recorder is recording, push【MIC】shortly to turn
  13. 13. 12recording off . Push 【MIC】 again to turn it on.D. Night Time RecordingWhen you drive in the environment with insufficient light,please turn on HDR.Move the highlight to HDR, press 【▲】→ use 【MIC】or【REC】to select ON, it can ensure the video clearly. If you wantcancel it, please select OFF.E. Manual file protectionWhen the recorder is recording, push【▲】to open fileprotection. At the time, an icon EMG will flash on thedisplay, which means that the file has been protected frombeing overwritten by loop recording. When next filerecording, the EMG will be disappear and file will benormal.The protected video files will be saved to the folderXXXCRASH and set to be read only.3. Anti-shake functionThe original setting is ON. It means picture will not jump if
  14. 14. 13hands shake when you take photo. Move the highlight toAnti-shaking, press【▲】→ use【MIC】or【REC】to select,push 【▲】to save the setting and return to screen of stillimage settings.4.G-sensor functionThe original setting is ON. When the gravity up to 4G if caraccident or any other emergency, the video clip will beenforced to save and it will not be cycled.5.GPS functionThe recorder support GPS function, it can record car trackwith car speed. The original setting is ON.6.Video outputA. Micro SD cardInsert the Micro SD card to the card reader to read the file.The file format is MOV.B. AV OUTUse the AV cable to connect the AV-OUT port with a TV. Itshould be noted that the yellow and white terminals must match.The video input setting of the TV must be switched. After theconnection, other operations are not necessary to output the video
  15. 15. 14files to the TV.C. HDMI OUTConnect the HDMI Out port with a TV to output the video.The operation steps are the same as (B). The video input settingof the TV must be switched to HDMI.HDMI is only for video replay.7.Video Replay InstructionsA. Play videoPlease push 【REC】first to stop video recording → push【MODE】to enter video replay mode → push【MIC】or【REC】to select the file you want to play → push【▲】to play the videoor pause playing.B.Delete videoUse 【MIC】or 【REC】 to select the file you want to play.Push 【MENU】jumping out the screen of video replay and thenselect DELETE → push 【▲】 select DELETE CURRENT →push 【▲】 again to delete a single file.The function cannot delete the protected files.
  16. 16. 15Before deleting the files, you must stop playing the video atfirst.C.Format allThe format function can deletes all the data inthe memory card (including the protected files). Please use itcarefully.Move the highlight to FORMAT. Push 【▲】jumping out thememory card→ push 【▲】→Use 【MIC】or【REC】 to select→push 【▲】 to finish the formatting of the memory card.Standard accessories4M car charger, Suction cup bracket, 3M stick holder,HDMI cable ,USB cable,User Manual, Card readerOptional partsAV-OUT cable,Household power adapter,Micro SD cardRemark: If this product crashed due to improper operation,please press reset, and then turn on again, product will resumenormal work.
  17. 17. 16前言尊敬的用户:感谢您购买本产品,本机将为您提供高清晰的录影品质,搭配以 HDMI 的高解析输出,是您行车安全的最佳伙伴;使用前请您务必详阅本说明书,并请依照说明书指示操作,祝福您行车平安!重要安全提示 夏日车内高温,下车时建议移除本机,避免日照高温引起产品损坏。 驾驶人请务必确认机台固定状况,以避免掉落造成产品损坏。 驾驶人请勿于车辆行进中操作本机,以确保行车之安全。 请勿使用化学药品擦拭光学镜头及本机。 产品使用中发生任何异常,请务必立即移除电源并停止使用,勿自行拆装以确保您的权益。 请使用原厂配件,勿自行拆卸改装,以确保安全。
  18. 18. 17目录前言------------------------------------ ------------------16安全提示-------------------------------------------------16特点------------- -----------------------------------------18规格-------------- ----------------------------------------19产品图示-------------------------------------------------21安装支架-------------------------------------------------23操作步骤说明-------------------------------------------24菜单设定说明-------------------------------------------24使用设定步骤------------------------------------------24录影模式设定------------------------------------------25防抖动设定---------------------------------------------27G-sensor 撞击保存------------------------------------27GPS 功能-----------------------------------------------27影像输出模式-----------------------------------------27影像回放、删除、格式化--------------------------28产品配件-------------------------------------------------29备注-------------------------------------------------------29
  19. 19. 18特 点 外观独特精美、简洁大方 2.7 寸 TFT LCD 16:9 FULL HD 1920*1080P 全高清画质 800万CMOS,拍照1200万:4032*3024 德国原装进口全玻镀膜镜头,超大广角 158度,让细节更清楚 HWDR 硬件宽动态夜间(较暗的场合捕捉更清晰画面)及白天逆光效果全球唯一 防抖动功能 日夜两用模式切换,自动感光补光控制 短按关屏省电切换功能 按键背光灯夜视 金属外壳散热 移动侦测录影功能 边充电边录影功能 循环录影,自动覆盖旧档录新档案
  20. 20. 19 SOS 紧钯锁定视频抓拍 MIC 一键静音功能 撞击保存(G-Sensor)功能 GPS轨迹及回放行驶速度,水印LOGO HDMI和AV-OUT双输出 内置喇叭、MIC、聚合物电池 汽车发动自动录影或延迟启动功能 最大支持32GB SDHC记忆卡规 格解 析 度FHD:1920X1080@30fpsHD:1280X720@60fpsVGA:640X480@30fps感光元件 AIR0331 CMOS Sensor光学镜头 6 片全玻,光圈 1.6,158°超广角显 示 屏 2.7 寸 TFT 16:9
  21. 21. 20录影格式 MOV, H.264 压缩照片解析度4032X3024,照片品质:3M、5M、8M、12M存储介质 Micro SD 卡(最高 32GB)音 讯 内建 MIC 和喇叭接 口 USB2.0/HDMI/AV-out电 池 3.7V 500mAH 聚合物锂电池语 言汉语/英语/法语/德语/意大利语/俄语/日语/葡萄牙语/西班牙语工作温度 -20-60°C工作湿度 15-65%RH尺 寸 122.2(长)X45.2(宽)X37.6(高)mm重 量 80g
  22. 22. 21产品图示1:电源键/POWER2:录像键 REC/上翻 UP3:菜单键/MENU/选择键4:2.7 寸 LCD 5:模式键/MODE6 : MIC/DOWN 下 翻 7 : 确 认 键 /OK8:喇叭孔 9:LED 灯
  23. 23. 2210:支架孔11: MIC 孔 12: 复位键/RESET13: 镜头 14:HDMI 输出孔15:TF 卡槽 16:GPS 接口17:USB 电源接口 18:AV 输出孔
  24. 24. 23安装支架车架请固定于前档风玻璃内壁,确认位置后请务必将吸盘固定扣下压,避免吸盘滑脱掉落。主机与车架需确认完全锁紧,调整旋臂及主机角度,并请于确认置于最适当摄影角度后,旋紧调整臂固定钮及主机角度定位钮.
  25. 25. 24操作步骤说明1.插入 Micro SD 卡2.请将配件中的车充线 USB 端连接至主机 USB 接口,插座端连接于车内点烟器电源插座内,本机设定为引擎发动即自动开机摄影。3.首次使用请先进入设定模式设定个人基本喜好,操作步骤按 REC 停止摄影,按一下【MENU】进入录影设定画面 。连续按二下 MENU 可进入使用设定 。菜单设定说明1. 使用设定步骤A.语言设定本机出厂设定为英文操作界面,进入页面后,按【MIC】或【REC】键调整至您需要用的语言后按【▲】键储存并退出设定至使用页面。B.日期设定将游标调整至【时间和日期】设定页面,按【▲】键进入设定,以【MIC】或【REC】键调整至正确
  26. 26. 25日期后按【▲】跳至月份设定,再按【▲】设定下一个数字,全部设定完成后按【MENU】键回设定页面。C.声音设定本机出厂设定麦克风为【开】,若需要设定为静音模式,请在录影界面直接按【MIC】一键设定静音,屏幕左边显示静音图示 。D.预设值使 用期 间若 需恢 复出 厂设 定, 请直 接按MENU 键进入选择并按【▲】确认键恢复本机原出厂设置。E.4X 变焦本产品在拍照模式下支持 X4.0 倍拉大变焦功能。拍照模式下按【MIC】或【REC】可调节焦距。2.录影模式设定A.解析度设定本机出厂设定为 FHD1920X1080P@30fps,此模式为最佳录影品质。同时 HD720P 可支持60fps(帧)。将游标调整至【分辨率】设置页面,按【▲】键进入设定,以【MIC】或【REC】调整分
  27. 27. 26辨率,按【▲】储存回设定页面。B.循环录影设定循环录影是指每段录影时间,本机出厂设定为【3 分钟】,即每【3 分钟】建立一个影像档,循环录至记忆卡容量已满后再循序由第一个影像档开始覆盖,一直重复录影,若选择循环录影模式为【关】,则记忆卡容量用满即自动停止录影。C.录音关闭功能在录影状态下,短按【MIC】键即可关闭录音 ,如需要开启再短按一次【MIC】即可。D.夜间录影模式行驶光线不足或对面来车光线强的路段,在使用前请将【HDR】硬件宽动态选项开启,以确保所录影像清晰可见。同时可将夜视灯开启以【▲】确认。E.手动档案保护在录影状态下按【▲】键即可锁定该片段,此时屏幕上方会一直显示一个 EMG 图标,表示此档案已经被保护,不会被循环录影覆盖。
  28. 28. 27受 到 保 护 的 影 片 档 案 会 被 另 存 到XXXCRASH文件夹内3. 防抖动设定本机出厂设定防抖动功能开启,即拍照状态不 因 抖 动 而 使 影 像 跳 动 。 拍 照 模 式 下 按【MENU】键将游标调整至防手震页面, 按【▲】键,用【MIC】或【REC】选择开启或关闭。4.撞击保存本机出厂前设定此功能开启,当遇到紧急情况,有重力达到产品设定值时该录影片段会自动保存。且不被循环覆盖。5.GPS 功能本机支持 GPS 轨迹记录功能,并带有行驶速度显示。本机出厂前设定此功能开启。6.影像输出模式A.读取 Micro SD 卡将 Micro SD 卡置入读卡器内读取录像文件,档案格式为 MOV。
  29. 29. 28B.AV 影音输出以 AV OUT 输出接孔,连接 AV 线至电视操作方式:以 AV 线连接至电视,连接时请注意端子颜色一对一配对;电视需切换至连接的视频格式,安装确认完成后,连上本机。C.HDMI 输出以 HDMI 输出接孔连接电视输出影像,操作方式同上,电视机的视讯模式需切换至 HDMI。HDMI 输出仅供影像回放时使用。7.影像回放说明A.播放档案请先按【REC】停止摄影→【MODE】进入回放模式→【MIC】或【REC】选择要播放的档案→按【▲】播放或暂停。B.删除档案先用【MIC】或【REC】选择要播放的档案,按【MENU】键跳出回放选单,选择【删除】→按【▲】键→选择【目前档案】→再按【▲】键确认即完成删除单一档案。
  30. 30. 29删除档案功能无法删除被保护的档案。删除档案前需先停止播放影片。C.格式化档案格式化功能会将你记忆卡中的资料全删除(包含被保护的资料),请小心操作。将游标调整至【格式化】设定页面,按【▲】键跳出【记忆卡】,按【▲】键→按【MIC】或【REC】选择【格式化】→选择【▲】确认,即完成格式记忆卡。产品标准配件 4 米电源线,USB 线,吸盘支架,说明书,3M 胶支架,HDMI 线,读卡器选配 AV-OUT 线,家用电源,SD 卡备注:当使用此产品因操作不当引起当机现象,可按复位键【RESET】按钮后再开机,本机可恢复正常工作。