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Bill klawitter presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Bill klawitter presentation

  1. 1. Bill Klawitter<br />Successful IT Professional<br />
  2. 2. Bill Klawitter<br />Career Objectives<br /><ul><li> Leave retirement to restart a successful career through contract </li></ul> or full time employment<br /><ul><li> Utilize the following skills in support of a future employer’s</li></ul> business goals and objectives <br /><ul><li>Project management
  3. 3. Business analysis
  4. 4. Team building
  5. 5. Business experience
  6. 6. Use of Subject Matter Experts </li></li></ul><li>Bill Klawitter<br />Core Values and Attributes<br />
  7. 7. Bill Klawitter<br />Skills and Qualifications<br /><ul><li> Extensive experience developing and implementing business solutions on</li></ul> a variety of information technology platforms<br /><ul><li>30 years experience in developing custom business applications and the</li></ul> implementation of off the shelf solutions to business requirements<br /><ul><li> Successful in multiple industries including manufacturing, consumer products, </li></ul> food processing, publishing and consulting services<br /><ul><li> An administrative manager of people, a project manager and an </li></ul> individual contributor<br /><ul><li> Understands the needs of and works well with senior management</li></li></ul><li>Bill Klawitter<br />Experienced In Multiple Industries<br />Today<br />2004-2008 ACS, Inc, (Global HCMS Solution Implementation)<br />1998-2004 Pactiv Corporation (Hefty products and packaging)<br />1995-1998 Duo-Fast Corporation (Construction tools and fasteners)<br />1990-1995 Van den Bergh Foods<br />(Unilever)<br />1988-1989 Newark Electronics (Parts distribution)<br />1986-1988 Sanwa Business Credit (Sanwa Bank of Tokyo)<br />1974-1986 Rand, McNally & Company (Publishing & more)<br />1967<br />1967-1974 Libby’s Foods (Nestle)<br />
  8. 8. Bill Klawitter<br />Grew With Information Technology<br />Today<br />1990 Project Manager<br />Three tiered architectures,<br />web based presentation layers<br />1980 Administrative and Project Manager<br />Large mainframe and mid-range systems<br />1974 Project Leader<br />Large mainframes<br />COBOL, Large mainframes<br />1973 Sr. Programmer Analyst<br />Programmer<br />Analyst<br />COBOL, IBM 360 model 30 and punched cards<br />1967<br />
  9. 9. Bill Klawitter<br />The Person<br /><ul><li> Understands that employers pay for results not effort
  10. 10. Lives with his wife Bonnie in Elgin IL and is committed to his extended family</li></ul> and friends<br /><ul><li> Gives back to his community as a member of his local Lions Club
  11. 11. Enjoys outdoor activities
  12. 12. Is a loyal Chicago area sports fan
  13. 13. Has an extensive collection of movies
  14. 14. Has a memberships in the American Trap Shooting Association, the National</li></ul> Rifle Association and the Illinois For Outdoor Resources Association <br /><ul><li>Currently has a cottage in Wisconsin</li>