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Online Community: Market Context


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Online Community: Market Context

  1. 1. WOMMA: Community ManagerCertificateMarket ContextBill Johnston - @BillJohnstonDirector of Global Online Community
  2. 2. The Simple Truth:Business is inherently social. Global Marketing
  3. 3. Social Media: Social Business: Describes a large spectrum of an organization tools and activities. designed consciously around sociality and social tools, as a response Online Community: to a changed world Intention to foster a network and the emergence of relationships around of the social web… common interests, over time. Via @StoweBoyd3 Confidential Global Marketing
  4. 4. Brief History & Evolution of Online Communities4 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  5. 5. Mass Social MediaHolistic Approach = MarketNetworks of Value External External Community Community Community External External Community Hosted Community Communities Support Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation External Extranets Internal Experts & Advocates Internal Networks / Workgroups Enterprise Global Marketing Collaboration
  6. 6. Exerting Force on Your Strategic Plan• Market Conditions• Organization Health and Performance• Corporate Culture• Social Organization Model• Pull to External• Time• Talent Image via likecool.com6 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  7. 7. Beware Evil UnicornsEvil Unicorns = Magicalthinking that can harm yourlong term strategy. User Generated Content “Gamification” “Influencers” Platform as Panacea Image via http://chalicothere.deviantart.com7 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  8. 8. Key Characteristics of Successful Communities• Shared Value – Clear value to members & host (brand) $• Equitable Participation – Shared participation, vs. members or host doing all the work =• Growth (to a logical point) – Membership & activity increase over time +• Vibrancy – A sense of activity, enthusiasm and passion @• Community Leadership Model – Present leaders, Reputation, clear paths to maturity L• Advocacy – Program(s) as well as presence of advocates !• Experience – A quality user experience, logical toolset, modern design E8 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  9. 9. Case Studies Online Community Strategy &9 Global Marketing Planning
  10. 10. AREAAutodesk’s community for artists in thefilm, game and visualization industries.• Robust platform, including blogs, forums, training, downloads and member portfolios• Masters program• Integration of online / offline events• Global community $ = @ E10 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  11. 11. SAP Community NetworkSAP’s Community Network bringtogether thousands of EnterpriseSoftware Pros for learning, knowledgesharing and peer networking in a trustedenvironment.• Discussions, blogs, technical & training resources• Grounded in value and utlity• One of the most mature Reputation systems online• 100 SAP Mentors power the community ecosystem• Very active in the social media ecosystem $ = @ L ! E11 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  12. 12. Lego CUUSOOLego’s Ideas community facilitatingdevelopment and evolution of customerproposals for new sets, bricks and figures.• Members create projects – proposed sets, parts or figures• The community comments and votes the proposal up or down• Lego reviews once proposal hits 10k supporters• If proposal is produced, member shares in the revenue. $ + @ E12 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  13. 13. IdeaStormIdeaStorm is Dell’s customer-led innovationcommunity, where members can postideas for products, services or brand. Dellhelps shape the conversation with regularStorm Sessions.• Ideas can be posted with rich media attachments• Ideas evolve through comments, votes and extensions• Idea Partner program and Community Management hands-on throughout the community• Ideas can be shared into the social ecosystem $ = @ ! E Global Marketing
  14. 14. Manic MommiesA podcast and events-driven communitythat brings together busy Moms from allover the United States into a communityof support, learning, nurturing and fun.• Community is primarily driven via a podcast, with lots of listener interaction• Events, including annual Escape and book club• Grass-roots community that has matured & monetized, but has done an excellent job of staying true to mission and purpose. $ @14 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  15. 15. MeetupThe original “community ofcommunities”, Meetup has been amostly silent giant facilitating localcommunity events. Meetup is all aboutgetting online community offline, intof2f activities – all while maintainingconnective tissue online.• Organized around the concepts of local groups with regular events.• Social tools baked in for sharing of and discussion pre / post event• Over 90k groups in 45k cities globally Meetups mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to $ + @ ! E make a difference.15 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  16. 16. AMEX OPEN ForumAMEX community for small businessowners, covering a wide range of issuesrelated to operating and growing a smallbusiness.• Public-facing original content. Community features are gated, available to OPEN Members• Private forums for members to connect, learn, share and problem- solve• Business Directory for registered member businesses• Very active outpost strategy, esp Facebook & Twitter $ = @ E16 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  17. 17. Dell TechCenterDell TechCenter is a community for ITProfessionals, focused on use andmastery of Dell & partner products andsolutions.• 6 Community Leads, each with SME in their areas of coverage (Virtualization, Storage, etc)• Full featured community, with blogs, wikis, forums, video and weekly chats• Dell TechCenter Rockstars: Advocacy program• Engaged on the social web $ = @ ! E17 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  18. 18. Internal: Chatter / YammerInternal “Collaboration” is undergoing arenaissance, thanks to vendors embracing socialmedia ux metaphors and philosophies.• Many organizations are now using internal microblog tools like Chatter or Yammer• After false starts, full-featured community platforms like Jive and Telligent are starting to see greater adoption• All of these tools are fighting ingrained habits (especially email) and corp cultures where information is power, and is shared accordingly• Key opportunities exist to bridge internal / external networks to create a more valuable and useful community ecosystem18 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  19. 19. A new era of business is dawning, powered by the social web. • Your “network of relationships” can be one of your most valuable business assets… or your largest liability • We need to further define and mature the teams that manage these relationships • Silos must become nodes on the network – inside & out • The “customer” will only become more empowered (VRM) – be prepared! Image courtesy of19 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  20. 20. END20 Confidential