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  • August 2006Blog Outreach Expands Beyond Tech SupportEngagement with anyone who commented about the company. Business model and other issues considered.August 2006Blog Outreach Expands Beyond Tech SupportEngagement with anyone who commented about the company. Business model and other issues considered.June 2007Dell joins TwitterWhy don’t we reach out and help bloggers with tech support issues?February 2008Twitter ExpandedStart experimenting with Twitter for business– another venue to help customers, but also thanking Dell customers. Outreach leads to some Twitters asking for help on purchases.May 2008Dell Outlet Achieves $0.5M in Sales via TwitterCommunity team active on TwitterJune 2009 $2M+ Sales via TwitterDell outlet on Twitter surpasses $2 million in sales with another $1 million dollars in sales at 2009Dell TechCenterA Collaborative Community for Datacenter pros grows by 400%December 2009Huffington Post BlogDell’s VP of Social Media and Community, Manish Mehta, begins blogging at Huffington PostJune 2009Global Twitter Revenues of $6.5 M Community across the social web =3.5 million direct customer connections
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  • Developing the Next Generation of IdeaStorm

    1. 1. Developing the NextGeneration of IdeaStormBill Johnston - @BillJohnstonDirector of Social Media & Online Community
    2. 2. Topics• Dell’s vision for Social Business• Dell’s Social Media Timeline• Key Initiatives• IdeaStorm 2.0 Case Study2 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
    3. 3. The Simple Truth:Business is inherently social. Global Marketing
    4. 4. Mass Social MediaDell’s Social Vision:An ecosystem of value. ExternalA rich set of programs, platforms & Networktools to create business value, capturebusiness intelligence and foster External Networkcustomer advocacy.External Networks “Outpost”Priority external social networks where HostedDell establishes a maintained presence. External Communities Network Support CommunityCustomer Communities Mastery & UseHosted “on domain” communities where AffinityDell builds valuable relationships over Ideationtime. Community experience & social data tie together via social profile & social fabric.Extranets ExtranetsSocial spaces where Dell & Customers Salescommunicate and collaborate privately. CAP RockstarsCommunity PlatformPowers Dell’s forums, wikis, blogs and Collaborationideas. RMS & Member Profile.ListeningEnables monitoring and response on the Community Platformglobal social web.User Hub / Social Profile ListeningAggregation of customer social profiledata. User Hub / Social ProfileAnalytics & InsightsData, reporting, insights and analysis ofstreams of social customer data. Social Global Marketing CRM Analytics & Insights
    5. 5. Six years of experiments and experience Global Marketing
    6. 6. Social Media is valuable across the entire customer lifecycle. • Insight: Social media improves Dell’s reach and share of voice • Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and improves loyalty. • Insight: Established causality• Insight: Social media based Our External between social media activity Communities Communities support improves sentiment and purchase and reduces operating expenses • Insight: Social Media provides high Business Value and contributes to demand gen lift Global Marketing
    7. 7. Listening: The Heart of our SocialStrategyA critical first step, a social “trojanhorse”, and the social radio for all. 7 Confidential Global Marketing 3/21/
    8. 8. Social Media & CommunityUniversity:Employees = Social Rock Stars Principles Policy Governance Training, Certification & Tools Global Marketing
    9. 9. IdeaStormDeep Dive Global Marketing
    10. 10. IdeaStorm History Highlights• Launched in February 2007 • Dell Project (RED) • Solid State Drives in Notebooks• “Social suggestion box” • Optional North American Support • Backlit Keyboards • Offering XP with Vista• 15,000 idea submissions since • 13.3 Inch Screen Notebooks launch • • Dell Products in Best Buy Stores All in One Systems • Tablet PCs• 490 implemented • Dell DataSafe • Blade Workstations • Biodegradable Packing materials • Dell TechCenter • Pre-Installed Linux • Color Options on Notebooks • Touchscreen Desktops Global Marketing
    11. 11. IdeaStorm Four Years In – A Critical Decision• Dell gradually shifted focus “Sorry it took so long for me to from on-domain to social web vote on this one. I havent been - impacting Dell participation on here much lately. This site• Pipeline into / out of Dell had so much potential but became broken Dell doesnt seem to want to support it properly. I feel bad• Platform functionality and UX for the mods who put a lot of showing age effort into the site.”• Community expressed frustration – advocates turned to critics Cy Jervis (jervis961)• Key Decision: EOL or Evolution?11 Confidential Global Marketing
    12. 12. IdeaStorm – Defining the Vision for 2.0• Step 0: Re-engage internally & externally• Step 1: Research – Value to Dell – Member Needs• Step 2: Programs – Idea Partners – Community Management – IdeaStorm Rockstar• Step 3: Platform – Updating platform, UX and backend12 Confidential Global Marketing
    13. 13. Value Research• Revenue from Ideas $100’s Millions• Revenue from IdeaStorm members is ~50% higher than non- members• Purchase frequency is 33% higher• Higher Lifetime Value – over 50% of members in the top decile of LTV scores• Average value of an Idea $10k13 Confidential Global Marketing
    14. 14. Updated Idea Management Process 1. Ideas Submitted 2. Ideas Processed 3. Ideas Acted Upon - Shaped via Challenges & Storm - CM Ensures Ideas Acknowledged & - Idea Partners own team Sessions Triaged (24 hours) assessment, communication and - Ideas w/ vote count of 100+ move response, forward. ! Comm. Mgr. ! ! ! PG ! Idea Partner Idea Partners ! ! BU Idea Idea Partner Partners Starbucks best practice14 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
    15. 15. The Third P - People15 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
    16. 16. IdeaStorm 2.0: PlatformLaunched 3/22!Front End Enhancements• Refreshed site design• New Home Page with Featured, New and Trending Ideas• Enhanced User Profile - Avatars and Social Profile Connectors• New User Tiers / Badging with Enhanced Capabilities• Better filtering of ideas – Search• Ability of Idea Poster to Promote a Comment to an Extension• Tips Section Added to Idea Posting PageBack End Enhancements• New Back End Interface to Improve Functionality• Ability to Host Private Storm Sessions• Improved Duplicate Idea Finder• Automatic Archiving system Global Marketing
    17. 17. IdeaStorm 2.0 Performance• Continuing to improve traffic trends – page views up 64% over past 6 months• Participation rate from Dell has increased 72% compared to previous year• IdeaStorm 2.0 (in partnership w/ SFDC) launched March 21st• IdeaStorm Rockstar program launched Feb 2012 with 13 members (8 shared with Forums)• Idea Partners program needs reinvigorationBottom Line: Shifted IdeaStorm from “survive” to“thrive” mode. Idea Partners, Platformupgrade, Storm Session program and integrationwith & Community were are all criticalfor success.17 Global Marketing
    18. 18. Key Takeaways from IdeaStorm 2.0• Be a Good (Committed) Host: “A good idea is a network. – Communities require commitment over the …If we are going to explain long haul the mystery of where good ideas come from, we’ll have – Platform, programs and people need to evolve to start by shaking ourselves – A distributed team needs to be on point to free of this common evaluate & evolve ideas misconception: an idea is not a single thing. It is more like a• Signaling to the community improves value of process & outcomes swarm.”• Realistic Expectations: Big wins are Steven Johnson few, incremental innovation is core value• Ideas require a network to evolve and thrive• Value is multi-dimensional: – Ideas for product / service (new & evolution) – Engagement as a catalyst – Brand impact18 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
    19. 19. Future State• Ideation Woven into all Dell Social Touchpoints• Storm Projects• Federated Ideation• 3D Ideation• Ideas Commons• IdeaStorm as an Information Brand19 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
    20. 20. Thank You!Recommended Resources Contact Info• “The Power of Pull” – Hagel • & Brown • @BillJohnston• “Measure What Matters” – • Paine• “Engage” (2nd Ed.) – Brian Solis• “Where Good Ideas Come From” - Johnson• #TheCR, #octribe, #cmtych at tags20 Confidential Global Marketing
    21. 21. END21 Confidential