How To Reach New Customers In Trying Times


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  • Don’t take me wrong, the work which you do, doesn’t really reflect on the presentation design.

    Few points which i would like to share: 1. Too much content on each slide 2. Just have one slide each on the work which you have done (Only Graphical Representation) - no blue background - (This combination of blue black some how kills the presentation) 3. You guys have done some amazing creative work... let that work speak more of you... otherwise even if this is a corporate presentation it will not make any visual impact!

    Anyway, i loved you work & will VOTE up for the presentation. I know you guys are experts in your field; would take my view in all the positive sense.
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How To Reach New Customers In Trying Times

  1. 1. How to Reach New Customers In Trying Times
  2. 2. Mission Statement Impaq Marketing & Communications Inc . is a results driven Marketing and Communications company established 15 years ago. We specialize in generating creative solutions in response to clients’ Sales, Marketing and Communications challenges, large and small budgets alike.
  3. 3. <ul><ul><li>Outstanding Promotional Experience - Winner of national and international awards on behalf of Molson Breweries and the H. J. Heinz Company </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Leading edge Design - Corporate, Retail, Consumer </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Social Media & Relationship Marketing </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Direct Mail, Consumer Promotion, Data Base Management </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Proven B2B, Retail, Consumer and Corporate Marketing Experience </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Business building – Brochures or any Printed Material </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Management of your complete creative, web and print process </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Work experience in support of stand alone and franchise organizations </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Direct Marketing </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Premium Sourcing & Fulfillment </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Website Development and E Commerce Solutions </li></ul></ul>What We Offer
  4. 4. Carl Cassidy Founder & President Carl Cassidy Carl Cassidy founded Impaq Marketing & Communications Inc. 15 years ago and is recognized as an innovator and a Leader in the field of Marketing and Communications. And Carl is equally at home on the client side, having held the positions of Director of Marketing and VP of Marketing With two major consumer Packaged Goods Companies. Prior to forming Impaq Marketing & Communications., Carl was VP Creative Product & Marketing for Canada’s Largest Promotional Marketing Agency.
  5. 5. Add Impaq to Your Business
  6. 6. Corporate Design Design Gallery
  7. 7. Off the Wall Design Design Gallery
  8. 8. In Your Face Design Design Gallery
  9. 9. Heart Tugging Design Design Gallery
  10. 10. Mouth Watering Design Design Gallery
  11. 11. Small Businesses – With High Designs Design Gallery
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  13. 13. Design that Won’t Leave you Cold Design Gallery
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  15. 15. We develop Communications for Corporations & Small Design Gallery
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  17. 17. 1st Place Gold - Canada & USA Merchandising and Display Design Gallery
  18. 19. Database Marketing Marketing Gallery
  19. 20. Direct Mail Marketing Gallery
  20. 21. Molson International Award Winner Great Consumer Products – Great Clients Marketing Gallery
  21. 22. A series of promotional adventures were developed around a&quot; Taste For Adventure &quot; theme for selected Restaurant Chains and licensed establishments. In order to win, consumers were invited to order Molson instead of their regular brand or purchase the brand at the LCBO. Impaq developed TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising and supported the event nationally with &quot;Themed Nights“. Actual Combat fights in real jets, Cessna flight training, white water rafting, paint ball combat, car racing and 4 GM Trackers were offer as Grand prizing. The promotion dramatically drove market share surpassing share targets and more than doubling Marketing and Sales objectives by a factor of 2.3 times. Customer and distributor acceptance ranking for the promotion came in at 97%; the highest rating ever posted for a Molson's promotion. Molson Dry Promotion
  22. 23. We Help Bring Excitement to Canada’s Wonderland… Marketing Gallery
  23. 24. … and Develop Teen Promotions that Parents Hate Marketing Gallery
  24. 25. Two promotions were developed for Cadbury Neilson but with only one display. We printed a &quot;Back to School&quot; contest on one side of the Header Card and a &quot;Halloween Promotion&quot; on the reverse inside. Once the lead promotion was completed at the end of the first week of September, the Sales force simply flipped the header card inside out to display the &quot;Halloween Promotion&quot; on the reverse inside. Sales for the period didn't increases by 10 or 15%, but by + 400%. Cadbury was two to three weeks earlier than the competition, were able to get 3 and in some cases 4 &quot;sell ins&quot; compared to the traditional 2 &quot;sell ins&quot; for the same Back to School / Halloween period. Impaq innovation at its best ! In Store Promotion Marketing Gallery
  25. 26. Impaq developed a promotion for Neilson Cadbury to leverage the excitement and interest associated with The Phantom of the Opera and to celebrate the merging of the two sales forces. Buyers and spouses were invited to a special kick off dinner and stay over at the luxurious King Edward Hotel. All was hosted by Neilson Cadbury Sales Team. After dinner, Buyers and wives joined the Neilson Sales and their wives for an evening at the &quot;Opera“. The cost was amortizing by going to market with a Phantom of the Opera consumer contest. The special night proved to be just the right approach in getting Buyers to turn out, and proved to be a big hit with spouses. As the VP of Sales stated, the evening provided a great opportunity and provided incalculable long-term benefits. Phantom of the Opera Marketing Gallery
  26. 27. Cadbury & Thriftys Impaq developed a Thriftys cross promotion with Cadbury’s Thicks Chocolate Bars. The Cadbury Thicks and Stones promotion offered Teens great savings on Stone Washed Jeans and free Thicks product samples when visiting any Thrifty outlet. The contest was carried on label, with POS in food stores, and at all Thrifty's outlets. Both Cadbury and Thrifty reported greater Sales than targeted and Thicks maintained its 3 percentage point increase in Market Share throughout the fiscal. Marketing Gallery
  27. 28. Cadbury Neilson award winning in store “Silent Salesman” worked over time driving sales, increasing impulse purchases, and building brand equity for our client’s full line of confectionary products during the key Halloween period. And the promotion was awarded First Place and Gold for in the merchandising promotion in the prestigious National Packaging Association of Canada's National Competition.     And subsequently went on to take First Place and the Gold for In-Store Display and Merchandising, in the Corrugators International Merchandising Competition held in Denver Colorado. Display Award Winner Marketing Gallery
  28. 29. Displays were designed with the “Bick's Pickle Guy” together with whimsical Hot Dog and Hamburger 3D characters. Sales incentives and a Merchandising kit were developed by Impaq to promote creative displays and in store use of all POS materials. A Merchandising manual and Merchandising contest awarded individual salesmen and Sales regions for their successes. By actual count, the number of displays and features were more than double those of the previous year, and the promotion exceeded objectives by a factor of +200%. Promotion graphics were an immediate hit with the Sales team, Retailers and Consumers alike. Many Retailers kept display pieces, and put them up again the following year; a highly effective use of limited funds. Bick’s Pickle Character Promotion Marketing Gallery
  29. 30. Challenge Reposition a declining brand without advertising and virtually no consumer budget. Strategy We repositioned the declining strand spaghetti product and introduced “Strand Man”. Value was added with, a series of on label cartoons Specially marked cans promoted the line of toys and carried an instant win contest on the inside label. Non-winning labels carried high value discount coupons from a Mattel. For the nominal cost of a simple label change the brand was able to reverse its decline, and actually posted increases in both Sales and Market Share. Subsequently a TV ad was developed in support of the newly repositioned brand.   An innovative Big Idea that went the distance in driving our client's business . Innovation Trumps Lack Of Budget Marketing Gallery
  30. 32. Website Gallery Standard of Excellence WebAward Web Marketing Association Inc. Client: Nutech Engineering Inc. First Place, Electronic Media 18th Annual Best of CAMA Awards (Canadian Agri-Marketing Association) Client: Beef Information Centre
  31. 33. Best Collaborative Tool (SQL Enterprise) Canadian e-Content Institute Client: SuiteWise™ Website Gallery
  32. 34. Standard of Excellence Web Marketing Association Inc. Client: Resorts Ontario Standard of Excellence Web Marketing Association Inc. Client: GenSci Regeneration Sciences Inc. Website Gallery
  33. 35. Website Gallery
  34. 36. Add Impaq to Your Business today! Call Carl Cassidy at 905-896-1672 Contact Us Carl