Certification iso 9000


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Certification iso 9000

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Certification iso 9000

  1. 1. Certification iso 9000ISO 9000 is a group of internationally recognized standards regarding quality managementsystems, laid down by the International Standard Organization. Previously divided into differentstandards like ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003, they are now revised and combined into onesimplified standard which covers all aspects, known as ISO 9001:2000. Another review is inprocess, but according to experts not many changes are expected.Viability for your Business:How important is ISO 9001 for your business? Or do you really need ISO certification? Theanswer to these questions depends on your nature of business and future plans. ISO certificationcan prove to be very helpful and is quite necessary if you are planning to go global. It providesyour business with much needed credibility and improves your companys overall impression. Ifyou are operating in a highly competitive market, ISO certification can be a competitiveadvantage. However, acquiring ISO 9001 certification is very expensive and it all depends onyour business nature, needs and more importantly the availability of funds.Will it improve your products quality?ISO 9001 certification has no direct affect on products quality; it mainly deals with qualitymanagement systems. Although implementing these standards may improve the final productquality and reduce cost, it should not be used to measure a products quality or businesssprofitability.Obtaining ISO 9001 certification:After the management has decided that having an ISO certificate can be fruitful for the business.Some senior person, who is well informed of ISO standards, should be made in charge of all thisprocess. ISO certification requires businesses to write down all procedures, job descriptions,different department functions, etc in accordance with ISO standards. Next step is theimplementation. Start with educating the employees; tell them about the importance andsignificance of ISO certification, once motivated, they should be directed on how they can help inacquiring certification? Perform internal audits frequently to check if everybody is following theprocedures. Make corrective actions when some error is found. If needed, you can hire anadvisory service as well.Issuance of Certificate:International standard organization (ISO) doesnt provide any certification itself. Thesecertifications are issued by registered bodies that are entitled to do so. After some business hastaken all necessary steps and their quality management system is in accordance with ISOguidelines, they can apply for the certification. Some representative from these registrationbodies will visit the workplace or factory and observe the procedures. If satisfied, they willprovide an ISO certification which is valid for three years.If you want to download over free 50 ebook for iso 9001 standard, you can visit:http://iso9001ebooks.infoBest regards