Step Into The Spotlight!


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Step Into The Spotlight!

  1. 1. STEP INTO THE SPOTLIGHT! ‘ Cause ALL business is show business! By Tsufit
  2. 2. “ No amount of technology, no amount of slick, no amount of glitz, no amount of professionalism can hold a candle to the power of creating a real connection.” -page 99
  3. 3. “ It’s not just about getting noticed. It’s about what you want them to do as a result of noticing you.” -page 138
  4. 4. “ I’d rather spend two hours in the dentist chair listening to Barry Manilow than trapped in a room full of people spouting out their benefits all over the place…It’s not what makes you a star! We need to learn to entice, not chase, new clients.” -page 100
  5. 5. “ [S]tories create intimacy. They’re captivating. And they create a connection between you and your audience. But most Importantly, they keep people interested. On your channel.” -page 103
  6. 6. “ Fan collecting is an art. Fans don’t want to feel like they’re being collected. They have to feel that they’ve had a genuine connection with you.” -page 148
  7. 7. “ Remember, the goal is to get your audience’s attention. How can you sell to them unless you can get them to stop on your channel?” -page 31
  8. 8. “ A business needs visibility and credibility. Advertising gives you one. Publicity can give you both.” -page 191
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