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Map And Compass


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M2 Sunnoto and Silva Compass and Map class

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Map And Compass

  1. 1. MAP AND COMPASS Learning the Basics
  2. 2. MAP AND COMPASS <ul><li>Where things are and how to get to them </li></ul><ul><li>Describe the shape of the land </li></ul><ul><li>Define and locate natural and man made features </li></ul><ul><li>Distance between two places </li></ul><ul><li>Direction from one point to another </li></ul>Topographic Maps
  3. 3. MAP AND COMPASS Primary highway Secondary highway Light-duty road Unimproved road Trail Railroad: single track Railroad: double track Bridge Tunnel Footbridge Overpass - Underpass Buildings School -- church Woodland Orchard Scrub Well water – spring Rapids March (swamp) Falls TOPOGRAPHIC MAP SYMBOLS
  4. 4. MAP AND COMPASS Map Problem It’s July. Let’s suppose you’re starting a hike at A and heading for Q. PROBLEM 1. For local information or in case of emergency would you go to B, C, or D? Why? ANSWER 1. C has telephone lines next to it. B is a school and probably closed in summer. D is a cemetery. PROBLEM 2.The Wahootchee River flows NW to SE. To paddle downstream, would it be safer to launch canoes at E or F. Why? ANSWER 2. Launch them at F. The map shows rapids between E and F. PROBLEM 3.Would you cross the river at G or H? Why? ANSWER 3. Use the footbridge at G. H is a railroad bridge. PROBLEM 4. Where would you most likely find firewood – I or U? Why? ANSWER 4. At I. Because I is scrub woods. U is an orchard Problem 5. Which trail would you take – J or K? Why? ANSWER 5. K. J goes through a swamp. PROBLEM 6. Which is the easier way to reach P – Trail L or M? Why? ANSWER 6. The closer contour lines of M show a steeper climb.
  5. 5. MAP AND COMPASS Direction of Travel Arrow Magnifying Glass Bearing Index Orienting Arrow and fluorescent dots North-south lines or orienting lines Compass needle – Red points North Dial or Graduation ring
  6. 6. MAP AND COMPASS THE SYLVA SYSTEM – Easy as 1-2-3 Point the baseplate to your destination
  7. 7. MAP AND COMPASS THE SYLVA SYSTEM – Easy as 1-2-3 Set Compass Heading
  8. 8. MAP AND COMPASS THE SYLVA SYSTEM – Easy as 1-2-3 Follow Your Heading